Sunday, September 28, 2008


Thumper likes Kismet, alot. Alot alot. Hahaha. So finally, we managed to catch some pictures of them together. =D

Kismet always appear blur. I wonder why. Is it because she's black-ish?? Her fur doesn't have that black-tipped look like Thumper's so the camera has nothing to focus on?? Weird.

Thumper acting cute and snuggling up to Kismet. Lol. He keeps trying to do that, but Kismet will always stand up and walk away, ignoring him. Poor Thumper.

Round wabbit noses!!! Same shape! Utterly adorable. =D

I was told that it's different having just one rabbit and more than one rabbit. It's true I suppose. But the problem is that they're still not housed together, just back in my room, side by side. And they keep pooping all over my floor. =.= Thank goodness its just pooping inside the playpen, not the entire room floor. Though Thumper's really affectionate and keeps trying to groom Kismet, the favour's not returned. Haha. But they get along fine without scuffles. =X

I'll attempt to house them together soon. Lol. In like 2 weeks?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

1st day of school

Today's the 1st day of my 'university' life. Though it's just part-time, but I forsee much work to do plus major studying/cramming. Lol. Jiayou! Anyway, we (Eueu, Ti, me) were there early (I drove!), so we went to collect our student passes. Only Ti's and mine were ready though.

My pass!! =D

PSB Academy. My school for the next 3.5~4 years. =.= Eueu says it looks like a primary school's building. But the inside is not. Lol. I'm officially taking a degree in Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) from The University of Western Australia. =D Many many lab sessions!! Yay!

My lecture notes + Laboratory manual + 2 Exercises on the 1st day. Already. @_@

My laboratory manual.

Very very very very thick stack. =S

1st day went well, but the only thing that got me angry was the timing. =.= I tore coupons enough to last us 4 hours ($1/hr) from 2pm-6pm (lecture time), but lecture ended around 4.45pm. =.= WASTED MONEYYYY!!! =( Shall take the MRT to school next week. Lol.

The lecturer himself was quite lame. There's rather alot of work to do + revision to cover. So... STUDY STUDY STUDY!!


Friday, September 26, 2008


Okayyy. School starts tomorrow! Went for the orientation just now. Erm.

Excited? Maybe. Quite. =X

I'm a university student now! The realization is still kicking in. I don't feel the change, yet.

This is really weird. From regular full-time studies to part-time night studies. I wonder how I'll be coping with the change. I'm going to try really hard this time round. =D


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pedigree Dogs Exposed

I was watching this show "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" on youtube, and well. It's really sad how dogs these days are. Especially when you compare to what they originally look like many many years ago. Makes me think again about getting a pure breed dog. Watching them suffer is like... hell. Imagine your dog with loads of pain, then crying out because it hurts so much 24/7. It's so painful to watch.

Playlist of parts 1 - 6 here.


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Okay it's been almost 2 weeks since we found Kismet, and I will now post pictures of her. =D She is now officially ours, since nobody claimed her.

Day 01

After coming back from the vet's.

I shifted her into my room after I bought the additional pieces of playpen that afternoon.

But apparently, though she pees in the litter pan, she does not poop in it. =.= And Thumper followed suit. Then, later at night, Kismet stopped pooping major amounts on the floor and Thumper pooped ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

Day 02

After clearing countless amount of poop, I separated them. Thumper remained in my room while Kismet shifted to just outside my room door. The weird pooping-on-the-floor phenomenon stopped at Thumper's, but started at Kismet's. Seriously. They need to learn how to poop in the litterbox, both of them.

I gave Kismet a bath for the 1st time, because the vet did so yesterday. It was quite hellish. She gives quite a mean kick I must say. Plus, her nails are realllyyyy long. I managed to cut off a little bit of the matted fur, but didn't dare to do much because she kept moving and I didn't want to cut her.

Day 05

Kismet pees in her litter box all the time now. YAY! But. She poops everywhere else. And she drinks alot of water. Possibly 3x more than what Thumper drinks. Her wounds are not red anymore. I sure do hope her fur grows back fast. Because there're other parts of her body waiting to be shaved because of the matts. =X

Day 13

Before going to the groomer's at Pet's Gantry.

See the amount of reddish brown fur decrease? Lol. *happy*

Tongue!! Hahaha. So cute!!

Lalala. She's going to take a few more washes to get rid of the stains. =.= Agnes says that Kismet looks like a pure holland lop! Omgosh? Why would anyone want to abandon her?!! =( And she should be between 6mths - 1yr old. Hmmm. YOUNGGG!!! Like Thumper. Lol.

A few more weeks and I can put them together without worrying about baby bunnies appearing suddenly. =.=

Oh Thumper went for his 1st full grooming too! I think he's angry with me now. =( He refuses to come when called, even with his favorite treats. Oh no. =X

Friday, September 19, 2008

Last day of work

Okayyy. So today was my last day at work. My 2nd temporary full-time job. And this job actually lasted for 6 months!! Wow. My longest ever. Hahaha. They treated me to Jack's Place @ Parkway Parade. Nice. =D


But not everyone was present in my department that day.. =( My in-charge wasn't around. Saded. Nevermind. I shall go back one day to look for her. Haha. I hope. =X

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival 2008

Sunday was the Mid-autumn festival. Or as we call it, 'Lantern Festival'. =X

Like I told the girls that night, "Mid-autumn festival is the one time pyromaniacs can come out and play with fire without people giving them weird looks."

This year was slightly different from previous years. We have Shan, Eueu, Siti, Kar and me attending. Diane was uncontactable. =.= Plus, this year, we had a few 'rules'. Everyone brings one lantern + one mooncake! Because we didn't have any last year, and I felt that last year's one was... short of something.

There were alot of changes in plans because of the location and rain, so we ended up at Shan's void deck's BBQ pits. Lol. We even bought a pomelo. =.= Because Kar said she could make a flower from the skin. Lazy to upload those pictures. =X

Shan finally made and lit her name up. Lol. She always failed to do so every year. I wonder why...

Next we had Kar making a mushroom. =.= Everyone helped to light it while I stood by, taking pics. Lol. Camera-woman for the night. Used the old cam, and ended up with tons of blur pictures! Lol. Better than nothing. =D

Part of the reason why I didn't want to light it was that I didn't want to burn the hairs on my arm. Lol. =X

Done! But one candle went out though. =(

Another view.

Shan was super unglam that night. See how she squats?! Chao ahlian. =X

Haha weird expression!!

Candid shot. =.= There were many many pictures of Shan. Maybe because she was the only one free enough to entertain me taking pictures. The others just ignored me and continued lighting more fires. =X

I can conclude that lanterns' quality drops these days. Almost all those newly bought ones from Taka's Mooncake fair burnt after the candle inside finished. There was another older lantern of the same kind, but it didn't catch fire. =.= Weird.

Burning up...


One more lantern down. =(

Kar trying to light her name. Lol.
"Red bull gives you wings."

My name!


We tried something stupid. Putting the sparklers together with the matches, and see if it would explode.



But no. It didn't. Lol.

Shan bbq-ing? Nope. Just alot of smoke coming out from some sparklers she was holding. Hahaha.

Then we played with sparklers.

And decided to try making words. Because we wasted quite a bit, we only had enough to make one word...

1st try..

3rd try?

Last try before the sparklers went out, and we got it! LOL.

Heart!! ^^

Went to 'visit' Diane after that. Lol. Long time no see. =.= Her house is still as messy as I could remember. Lalala.

This year's celebration was fun. We should do this every year!! Lol.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Welcome home!!! XD Finally finally finally. Yay!!



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am very very very very angry.

I'm seriously pissed off. I don't know how/why/whatever, but Thumper has been behaving like a... Stupid retarded asshole.

He chewed my charger.




My rabbit ate Kar's rabbit. =.= Clay rabbit somemore. Lucky its non-toxic. I hope.




He ate 1/2 the base of my bear. =.=

I MADE THAT BEAR CAN?! I took like 2~3hours to make that, and HE ATE IT.

Seriously, ever since he found out how to get onto my study table, he's been destroying things. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


This happened JUST NOW. Like. WTH?!!! The stuff on top did not make me very angry, but this seriously pissed me off.


The cracked glass of my precious watch.

I found my watch lying on the opposite end of the room from my table. Face down. RIGHTTTT...




Counting down till the day you come home,

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I miss you so badly. =(
Can't wait till you get back.

Counting down till the day you come home,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chew this!

I need a new phone charger.

Like seriously.



Thumper chewed my charger into 2 clean pieces. Thanks ah, rabbit. =.= Lucky the electricity wasn't on. I wonder how much money it'll take me before he learns not to chew.

Counting down till the day you come home,

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who stole the cookie...

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Who, me?
Yes, you.
Couldn't be.
Then who?

Pictures are really blur, because that little thief was eating away so fast. =.= Kept bobbing his head and digging in the hay. My little piglet. O.O

Counting down till the day you come home,