Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fine and dandy

Thumper has resumed eating already! All fine and dandy. He should eat more. His tummy was like deflated on Friday night and Saturday morning. Got me really worried. Luckily, he's such a pig he can't resist dehydrated apple treats, and when that started him chewing, I think he just couldn't stop. =X

So now he's eating, but has problem jumping into the big haybox I put in my room outside his playpen full of hay for his happiness. I think it hurts him to jump inside. Poor boy.

"Mama sayang la hor"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Eventful day.

Today, I DROVE ALOTTTTT~~~~ =X Firstly, I sent Sis to school, then came back home. Then, I packed Thumper into the carrier and sent Mum to the MRT station then headed off to pick Eueu up. She was to be my 'GPS' just in case. It's always good to have a passenger when I'm always getting lost. Hehe.

Then... when we reached Namly Animal Clinic for Thumper's appointment to get him neutered... It was still closed. =.= We were 1/2 an hour early. Gosh. And and!!! My 1st ever parallel parking since getting my licence!! Hahaha. Cam-whored a little with Thumper. =X I realised he liked to climb onto my shoulder. Last moments as a male rabbit with 'accessories'. =X

Thumper on my shoulder! He's shedding weird patterns in between his eyes. =.=

Thumper attempting to drive. Lol. He's not big, he just stretched.

Thumper on the steering wheel. Lol.

After dropping him off, we headed to AMKhub to park the car and eat McDonald's breakfast (like finally!). Hehe.

Guess what's this?

*ahem* Eueu's 'special mix'. Ask her.

Went to post the school's letter thingy at the post office, then went to pick Echo up!

"I'm so excited!"

Went to The Animal Resort to see see (because we've always wanted to go there other than Pet Movers'). Erm... It was drizzling, and the place is very very inaccessible. There were many many geese, turkeys and whatnot roaming around inside the fenced up area where the place was. Scary. Will geese chase people?? O.O The bunnies there were cute though. But didn't stay for long. That place smelt like the zoo. =X

Many places were drizzling today. =.=

Sis' red octopus. Easy to spot this car. =X

"Are we there yet?"

Went to ECP next!! Just for the fun of it, and because there was nowhere else we could bring Echo to. Lol. We wanted to rent a double bike, and put Echo in a basket, but but. His butt was too big, so he couldn't fit into the only basket size they had. =.=

This gives me the feeling that Echo is 2D. Like he's a sticker and was pasted onto that picture. =X

Sim Char Bo.

Waves!! Me likie. Though after like 3mins in contact with the seawater, my legs started itching. Sensitive skin. =X

Echo acting emo (because he can't fit into the basket).

He looks like some daschund here. Short legs? Heh.

Super macro of his mouth!!! I like this pic.

Us! Me with my crazy 'pom!' hair.

Finally, after being bored for 20mins with nothing to do... We decided to risk it and try putting Echo into the babyseat they use for bicycles. Hahahahaha.

This was the result. We even buckled him up!

"Please don't buang"

Let's just say that we both cycle double bikes. We just rented it out of fun. We had... alot of trouble moving off. I think we took about 10mins to move away from the front of the rental shop? =X People could probably hear us from far away. We were screaming and shrieking like nobody's business. 3 lives were at stake, ok!

After successfully moving and actually doing some really cycling for some time, we decided to stop and take photos. =X


Echo, Eueu, me!

We returned the bicycle and went to pick Thumper (the poor boy) up from the vet's then drove around before sending Eueu and Echo home then heading home. =D

P.S: We didn't get lost today! Hohoho.



Thumper... has just came home from the vet's. Neutered! =X

He looks pained. I think he even cried a little, because I found wet, matted fur around his eyes. >.< So sorry Thump-thump.

You'll get better soon. =)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The whole world is talking to you.

So Eueu and I came up with this really retarded thing. Changing the MSN nickname to "The whole world".

Imagine when you sign in, the popup says "The whole world has just signed in."

When you talk to someone, the popup says "The whole world says..."

When you nudge someone, the popup says "The whole world has just sent you a nudge."



I'm playing solitaire showdown with 'the whole world'. =X

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2008

Mum gave me tickets to watch the Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2008! It was for the 2nd day, with the Korea's exhibiting their fireworks for us to watch! Plus, the last time I saw any fireworks up close was during Primary 5/6(?) when we had the school excursion thingy to watch the national day parade rehearsal. That was aeons ago. The other time was when I watched from my house's stairwell (fireworks can be seen from here), but it was really really tiny. =( So I was really excited to watch it this time, with him.

Tickets! Courtesy of Mummy's workplace.

The weather was not doing us any good. =( It was drizzling all the way. Ugh. How I hated the weather yesterday.

I was too wilful to insist on watching it. Sorry.

I didn't bring any tissues, and the toilets did not have any paper either. Stupid. There were stalls selling food under the seating area of the floating stadium, with games and stuff, but none sold tissue. Seriously, next time people should just set up a stall and sell those, I bet they'll earn big bucks.

Anyway, our seats sucked. We were seated at the far right, dark blue seats. Which was... kind of irritating, because 1/2 our view was blocked by this really huge tree just outside the right side of the seating area. So we only saw 1/2 the fireworks display. =(

And also... the organisation of the whole thing pretty much sucked. The 'entertainment' provided before the display was thoroughly disgusting.

Before the display, there was this military band (Tanjong Pagar Sec?), but... there was no coordination. At all. See the mini screen there? It 'showed' the 'entertainment' earlier on. =.= SO FAR HOW TO SEE?!! And so small.


Most of the fireworks' photos were captured using frames from the videos I took. Though not very clear... BUT BUT!! NICEEEE~~~

I like these type the best! The 'tail's glittery, if you get what I mean. PRETTY.

Pretty globs of fire. =D

This looked like those sparklers, just 1000x magnified, plus its very pretty.

Glittery tail!!!

His favourite is when it just leaves the 'cannon' thingy which fires the firework, when its just a small glob with a fiery tail. Very very nice! But nice things don't last I suppose.

Some of my favourite shots of the fireworks, not from the videos I took, but from actual captures using the camera. =D There's actually a 'fireworks' mode! Hee.

Love the way the globs look, though its not clear. Haha. They have that 'diamond-y' shape. Niceeee.

My 'favouritest' picture.

All I can say of the fireworks, IS THAT THEY ARE SUPER PRETTY! Spectacular! The fireworks was in time with the music. Heh.

The amount of smoke fireworks give off... Wow. Hahaha. Behold!

See the difference between the pictures? SMOKEEEE.

SMOKEE!!! Global warming. Tsk tsk. But the display was nice. Hehe.

The walk out was very very very crowded. Crazy walking. Stupid Singaporeans. Argh. But thankful that when we finally reached the busstop, though we missed the very very full bus, the next one was an empty double decker! So we had a comfortable ride home. =D

Favourite picture of the day!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Slow week =(

This week has been kind of a slow week. *sigh* Although I did take an off day on Thursday to go to the dentist's. But that appointment was at 4pm. =.= Plus, I had diarrhea early in the morning (like 5am??). It kind of sucks, you know? Haha.

Might get to go somewhere later, but it's not confirmed. So when we actually go... I will definitely blog about it. Heh. Provided I manage to capture some nice pictures. Lovely camera, please dun fail on me. =X

You can really tell that I'm bored now. I seriously have nothing to blog about at the moment.


Ikea's Meatballs

Meatballs as per mentioned here.

Sis bought the meatballs + cream powder + lingon berry jam awhile back, so we decided to just prepare some to eat. The pack of meatballs is really huge. =.=

The meatballs were... DELICIOUS!! I don't like the berry jam, but Sis loves it. Weird. I like the sauce with the meatballs though. And when you cook it at home, you can have as much sauce as you want. Hehe. The only thing missing was potatoes. Shall try to remember to cook that. Lol.

Homecooked style meatballs. Nice, but troublesome. Its cheaper too! You can make alotttt for parties. Lol. It'll be nice. =D

Monday, August 18, 2008

My condolences

When a relative of someone close to me passes away, I don't know what to say or how to react. I think I might say the wrong things. I don't know what to say. It's rather confusing.

Sorry about your loss. >.< *hugs*

I want!!

I've been going to AMKhub's arcade often. =X

Ahhhh!!! I've tried countless of times to catch one of these little chicks, and NOOOO, I haven't gotten one yet. Nehneh. I'll get you one day. Hmmph.

Look at the major rows of Gachas!! Outside along the wall near the movie ticketing area?? Lol.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've been sitting in the dining room using my lappie lately. My room has very very very weak internet signals, thus the move.

Anyway, Dad was watching Olympic games out in the living room, and we saw this on the TV screen (I quickly used my phone's lousy camera to snap a picture before it's gone):

There's this little boy's head shaved to show the word "Beijing" in Chinese, and the top of his head has the Beijing Olympics logo. Hmmm.

It's good that he's young. Young people have the ability to try weird hairstyles. Wonder who's the stylist. Lol.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm a car!

Was at United Square with Sis the other day, when I noticed that the carparks had these little lights above it where after you park the car in the lot, the light above it changes from green to red? Usually there isn't the sensor, so we all assumed that the light changes based on weight on the ground(?). But the one at United Square has these white thing above the middle of the lots, and so I tried standing under it.

See the green light? Look along that white pipe thing and you can spot the white thingy above the center of the lot.

I'm a car! =X Yes I look fat. It's the clothes. Comfy for change after swimming with Eueu that day. =D