Sunday, June 29, 2008

'Western' lunch.


Lunch was good. Very very good indeed. Grandma cooked her version of western food (西餐).

The previous one was awhile back? But it was also realllyyyy good. =D Home-cooked western food with loads of love from Grandma. DEEEELICIOUS!!


Dad's one had more stuff in it though. Haha. But it doesn't matter. I'm full to the brim just eating mine alone, with a bowl of Campbell's mushroom soup. =D



Dinner yesterday night at NYDC at Bugis was not as good as expected. Haha. But the company was good =D Loads of chatting and chatting. Whee~

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Retards, we all know one

Thumper = King of the Bed! Will be explained later. Anyhow, 'ella is now Thumper. Thumper is male, unlike 'ella, who was previously thought to be female. =.= Long story.

All pictures were taken weeks ago, because I haven't got much time to take more pictures recently. Anyway, Thumper is now scabies-free. I just hope it doesn't come back. =.=

This is the reason why Thumper 'owns' the bed now. No longer Thierry's...


Caught in the act of terrorising Thierry.

Haha poor Thierry. And he still doesn't really like Thumper. Though they both roam around in the room when I'm around, but still... No hissing, which is a good sign.



Thierry trying sneakily to swipe Thumper. =.= When will these 2 ever learn??



In all the pictures (they're in chronological order btw), Thumper's size changes throughout. He actually looks smaller at the end of April than during March. =.= And it's so difficult trying to capture a clear picture of him. Lol.



Thierry looking cute =D

Thierry showing off his "paw-eating" prowess.

They should be friends.

Retards, we all know one.
But I have 2 in my room.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Non-working day

It's a Thursday! And I'm not at work. I've taken ill, to explain it in simpler terms. Anyway, when I went to the doc's, the doctor told me "you have upper respitory tract infection". I was like, "Okayyyy...". I guess I was just too blur to think but felt that the term sounded familiar. Jiehao told me later on that another name for that term is "Common cold". I feel so cheated!! I thought I caught some really cool virus for a moment. CHEYYYY

Ignore me. I'm kind of drowsy after the millions of prescribed meds I downed. =.= I do hope my nose stops leaking though. Like really soon, because its peeling already.


Me needs a hug, badly.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Essence of Chicken

Essence of chicken from the dearest. =D

Nice warm start to the day. <3

Sunday, June 22, 2008

See you soon

Sent Jas off at the airport. She's off to Australia to study~~ Hope she has fun there. Lol. Jiayou ah woman. Come back with angmoh boyfriend ok? =X

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia, now mine.

Ahem. I managed to cross another thing off my wishlist!! Now I own the bookset of The Chronicles of Narnia!! The entire set!!! Although the box looks really damn ugly with the prints of Prince Caspian + the Pensieve kids from the Disney movie, the books are the old covers type. Paperback, non-colored illustrations. Because the colored one costs so much more. I'm a very very happy person, though this set did set fire to my pocket. (Gosh, I'm such a bookworm)

Now I can read all 7 of the books without having to read them from my n30 (btw, it crashed oh-so-long-ago)!

Apparently, (this is super outdated news) C.S Lewis did not write them in the order that you were supposed to read them. The HarperCollins Children's Books came in the order of:
The Magician's Nephew
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
The Horse and His Boy
Prince Caspian
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Silver Chair
The Last Battle

This was arranged in chronological order so as to have a story flow, I guess. I remember reading The Last Battle and crying my eyes out. =.= I don't think I'll get sick of these books that fast. All my books have been read at least 5 times, so it wouldn't be a problem. =D

The movie Prince Caspian was a letdown though. Too fast-paced, too little details. And not exactly following the book. I usually prefer the original work's version. =)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cornflake cookies

I baked cornflake cookies!! My favorite sort of cookies, along with chocolate chip cookies. Though I might even say I prefer cornflakes cookies over choc chip cookies sometimes. I've been hunting high and low for this cookie recipe for a long long time now. And I got it!! Yesssshhhh!!! And they actually turned out pretty tasty, though a little pale.

The oven's temperature is difficult to control. It keeps hitting the range of 200-250 degrees celcius no matter how I adjust the knob. Damn. Maybe it's time to persuade mum for an 'upgrade'. This oven was supposed to be a temporary one anyway. But I do realise that I kind of like baking, so... Take it as a form of 'investment', I suppose? =X Depends. I need to see if it can be adjusted. The heat is very uneven. I either get burnt things, or uncooked things. Like hard on the outside, still soft inside. =.=


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ice-skating madness

Today we (Me, Eueu, Siti, Kar, Jas, Laoshi & her Laogong) met up at Kallang Leisure Park to help throw a farewell 'party' for Jas because she's leaving for Australia in a week's time. It's my 1st time at Kallang Leisure Park, and truth be told, there's nothing much there, unless you already know what you're going to do there.

Major things to do:

The arcade's pretty much boring, nothing much, just your usual video games, a few kiap kiap machines which were super cheat money type (super loose grip). So don't bother. Unless you're waiting for your show to start or something, then go play mario kart or daytona.

Bowling is quite expensive, like really really expensive kind. I don't think its worth it. And the place is rather small. It would be good for kids because they have the barrier thing for kids not to throw the ball into the gulley/drain (whatever you call it) for all the lanes, so you can request for it and not wait for a particular lane with the barrier thing to be empty then play. But it's still espensive.

The movie theatre... Well, it's some company not seen in your normal shopping malls (Cathay cineplex, Golden Village, Eng Wah Cinemas, etc etc), but some other movie theatre which has this really weird name (can't remember).

K-box takes up the highest floor, practically the entire top floor anyway. And some rooms along the corridor has entire glass walls which you can look into from the outside. The rooms are huge, but its kind of embarassing to have eyes on you while you sing (I guess). There are buffet dinner packages I think. We saw people queueing up to take food from the stations outside. But it's rather costly (from my point-of-view, since I'm no fan of K-box or karaoke for that matter).

Last but not least,
The rink here is new (like duh) and the blades are rather new. Tickets entitle you to stay in the rink for 4 hours, and 'fines' will be imposed if you exceed. If you don't want to ice-skate, you also have to pay a small amount to go in to watch. I think because you're like 'using' their air-con. =.= Best to avoid the re-surfacing timings though. But they last no more than 15mins, so it shouldn't be much of a problem just that they will not compensate you the lost time.

SOOOOO.... We went ice-skating in the end. =.= Being the noob I am, Eueu even tied my laces for me. =X Among us, only Siti, Eueu and Jas knew how to ice-skate. The rest of us can't. It was also Kar's, Laoshi's and her Laogong's 1st time. I'm the only one who has been ice-skating before, yet still does not know how to ice-skate (yes Shan, stop laughing).

Laoshi's Laogong went on his own round the rink s few times, attached to the barrier. Then he ventured out without holding on, and could ice-skater without help soon enough. So that was how guys learnt. Hmmm. Interesting.

While me, Kar and Laoshi didn't do as well as he did. I chickened out within the 1st step out into the rink and sat on the benches for some time to calm my nerves. Hahaha.

Kar was braver, and went round the rink (although she was grabbing it for dear life) several times. Laoshi, on the other hand, was screaming for the life of her. =.= being guided by Eueu, Siti and Jas must have been really scary. I've had the experience of being guided by Eueu, Siti, Shan and Diane, giving me the phobia of ice-skating, so you can imagine how scary they were (they even dragged me out to the centre of the rink and left me there before).

So I ventured out there in the end, and managed quite ok. I just looked really weird trying to ice-skate, like some duck waddling. At least I didn't fall down. =X Laoshi did, while holding on to Eueu and Jas. =.=

In the end, Kar and I figured out how to skate without holding the barrier. But... can't brake!! Laoshi's still scared, but doing better than at first. Hehe. I hope I'm not too scared the next time we go. Lol.

Oh highlights of the day was that this guy ice-skated up to Jas and (I think he couldn't stop) hugged her. Then he fell down. Everyone (of us) saw. =X Happy eh, Jas? =P And also, Kar had to sit in the boot of the car because there wasn't enough space in the new Honda Jazz of Laoshi's Laogong's. Lol. So Karling became 'Kargo' of the day. =X

Went to Suntec's Swensen's for dinner. We seem to have been to Swensen's on the previous gathering too?! Lol. Weird. Had a giant earthquake to end our day, then it was the bus home. =)

Very very very tiring day. I think my legs still have the marks of the skates where they were tightened. =.= Bruises. Gosh...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Watch!

Remember this? Well, after serving me for more than 2 years, it finally broke. =(

The plastic part connecting the plastic and metal parts together gave way and broke off, as seen in the above picture. =( AHHHHH!!! Can someone please find the exact same model of watch for me, pleaseeeee???? T.T I really like this watch. And yes, my watch is damn dirty. Plastic will yellow anyhow, so it doesn't matter. But if you find it, please let me know!!

Anyway, now we've got a couple watch!

Colors are exactly like the ones above~

Brand: 25 Hours
Model: A8M27
Rectangular Stainless Steel Case
100 Meter Water Resistant
Model comes with White & Blue dial face

Hehe. It's not easy finding a set of couple watch that matches both the guy and girl I suppose. Really happy with this set. =D He's not much of a watch-wearer, but I feel that all guys should have at least one man-ly type of watch ba.

Although the watch has no bling unlike the previous one, I still like it! ^-^ Whee~

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Olive Theory

Ok "The Olive Theory" is based on something the couple (Marshall and Lily) from How I Met Your Mother came up with. (Go watch the show btw, it's really good) Anyway, They came up with this theory that they make a good couple (i.e High compatibility) because Lily loves olives, but Marshall hates them. Because opposites attract I guess.

Ted (the main guy in the show, friend of Marshall and Lily): People either love olives or they hate ‘em, right? Very few undecideds out there. So here’s the spooky thing I’ve observed: in every great relationship, there’s an olive lover and an olive hater. It’s like positive and negative ions. Perfect symbiosis.

Maybe this is true, though it is known that in the show, Marshall confesses that he likes olives actually, which makes The Olive Theory invalid. But if you think about it, there is bound to be something that one likes, yet the other dislikes. So The Olive Theory does exist afterall. I suppose there has to be similarities between both and opposites too, so that both can complement each other well.

The rest is up to ourselves to work/iron out. =)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Very Special 2nd Year Anniversary


Today is a very very special day =D It is our 2nd year anniversary, and also, I drove alone for the 1st time today! Hehe. Alone as in alone in the car for awhile, but just for a little while to go from home to workplace to pick him up =D

After which, we headed to his home to pick up some stuff~ We got there safe ok! Then, we headed to J8, wanted to catch Kungfu Panda, but because of my extremely slow parking, we reached the queue when the show was about to start, and the queue was ridiculously long. Haha. We parked like at some really ulu place, super duper far away from J8, though we were still at the right carpark, but it's just the extreme end of it. Heh. =X Anyway, WE HAD A BLAST AT THE ARCADE!!! We caught like 5 toys! Lol. Super duper cute ones!! For only $50 Hahahaha. =X And we caught a super big one, one that we would never have thought we would actually catch. We were so lucky I guess. =D Really really lucky!

Snowie in the driver's seat!

Snowie with the duck (permanent passenger of the car), all strapped in. Can you see the duck trying to get out? LOL.

Snowie with ears as hands on the steering wheel.

4 other little ones sitting at the back seats.

Snowie with one whale under each ear. =X

Played Mario Kart for the 1st time today too. Hahahahahaha. Very fun. Though its very very different from actual driving. Lol. Went to Sakae Sushi's Teatime Buffet, and ate a truckload of sushi. Haha. SALMOOONNNN~~~ *drools* Played one more game of Mario Kart, but didn't catch more toys. =X

Went to pick Sis up from home then she drove to pick her 'stupid man' up to go to the airport. She's going to Japan with him. *jealous* Haha. I want Hello Kitty! =X

So from the airport, we dropped them off and Sis, her 'stupid man' and tried to navigate our way to East Coast Park. Ermmm... I missed a turn, and ended somewhere weird. Lol. =X Lucky he can help navigate =D So, we found our way back to East Coast Park, but not before dropping by the petrol kiosk. ERMM. I burnt a huge black hole in my pocket there. Petrol is freakin' expensive (yes, everyone knows that). It was my 1st time topping up ok. We finally got to East Coast Park!! And... I parked some distance away from McDonald's (our destination), so to prevent people from waiting for me to park. I hate to block the way. We got off and walked towards McDonald's, but after walking like 1/2 an hour, we realised we were nowhere near, and found out from a jogger that we were walking in te wrong direction, and McDonald's was really farrrr away. =.= Hahahaha. Didn't go in the end =X

We went home, with him in the car next to me all the way until we parked at the carpark near my house. Hee. =D Bestest boyfriend!! ^^


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Changi Airport T3, Ikea Tampines

No work today! Took the day off. =X

In preparation for Friday, where I would be driving without Sis in the car, we had a mini road trip! To Changi Airport Terminal 3! I have never been there before. =X

We (Sis, JieHao, Me) got there safe and sound!!! Haha. Walked around the terminal, which I must say is really big and empty. Not many shops, and those I wanted to go to were inside the boarding area/whatever you call it. Didn't snap any pictures of the place though.

But we did eat something, which was at the Earle Swensen's Restaurants. The more expensive version of your usual Swensen's? The menu was rather tempting with all the seafood and steaks. But... We only wanted something light... So...

Some meatballs.

Erm. The meatballs were rather disgusting though. =X


The Earthquake was the same as the one served in the normal outlets, but we thought the scoops were smaller? And served in a different kinda bowl.

After T3, with meatball cravings and all, we headed to Ikea Tampines! Haha. Food!!! Meatballs, salmon, and hotdogs. Yum yum.

Driving was tiring though. Haha. Tired leg.

Afterwards, Sis dropped us off somewhere near Novena? We couldn't really decide what to eat there and went elsewhere instead. Lol.

But!!! We had a stowaway!!! In my bag, from the car.


He put it inside my bag before we got dropped off. Hmm. I wonder if Sis noticed... Lol.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I have no idea what this is all about even now, but heck, JUST GO VISIT!! I need more population!!!

Though I doubt I'll have much population judging from my blog stats... =.= Oh gosh. How pathetic. =(

Haha. Taking off tomorrow!! Whee~~ Driving driving!! Hope I don't do anything stupid.

Oh drove Eueu around yesterday, when all she wanted was a quick trip home. That quick trip took 1 hour 15 mins. =X Hahaha. OH OH OH Sis made me drive through that Devil's Bend place?! I tell you, it was freaky. Super bendy road!! I was going at about 40km/h. Scared shitless. Hahahaha. I hate windy roads. And it was dark, with Sis sitting next to me, telling me and Eueu ghost stories. WAH PIANG! I was utterly freaked out. Lol. Sorry about the lousy ride. Heh.

To Eueu: Don't worry k? Everything is going to be alright. At least you survived the ride. HAHA