Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bad things, all in one day.


Today has been one of my record days. The day when nothing much goes right.

1. I failed my driving test, again.
2. Prawning sucked? 13 prawns for 5 of us after 3 hours. And 4 was donated by some random person. How pathetic.
3. I made him worried/angry, twice.

Right. How much worse can this day get?

I'm just plain stupid I guess.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

'ella, Cinderella (ala James Bond-style)

Hi, I'm, 'ella, short for Cinderella. Because I'm grey. =X And my new parents can't think of a name for a grey bunny, thus... And my mummy like Cinderella anyway. So here I am, 'ella. I came over to the new home 2 days ago, on the 23rd of March. EASTER! My birthday's on February 7th, 2008!

This is a picture of me that the lady who was selling me sent to my new mummy via mms. Ahem. I'm too cute for words right? =X Love at first sight I guess...

I spent the 1st night in the cage. For safety purposes.

Thierry doesn't attempt to bite me or scratch my eyes out, but he does get a little peeved when I go near his igloo, the one daddy won for him in the SPCA marathon/race. He's still trying to get used to me. Jealous monster. =X

This is me, in the play pen on the 2nd night.

I think mummy is worried I might pee all over the floor, for her to clean up. WAHAHAHA. But I'm good, I only peed outside my peepan, a little. Just a little.

Oh and daddy said I was shy, not very active, blablabla. But but. I'm nothing like that. I've been spending most of my time when mummy lets me out of the playpen to dash across the room floor, jump over boxes and pillows, discover the dark area below mummy's bed, and many many more!!! So many more things to see, so little time!!!

Ok. Exploring time.

P.S: Mummy says she'll try to take more pictures of me when the sun is out. Nicer pictures. Wonder what that means.

P.P.S: My name is now Thumper~

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Alive and kicking

Hi dudettes,

Yes, I'm still alive. Haha. Not updating because... I have nothing to blog about I guess. Lol. Let me think of something then I shall update once again.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Back from work

Okay today is my 2nd day at work. And I'm home! It's fun when you don't have to pay for transport since it's provided. Heh. And and and! I actually like the job. I do mundane data entry, filing, chopping, letter opening, blablabla, but I quite enjoy it. Lol. Even when I sit alone in my cubicle with noone to talk to except for the auntie lady sitting next to me. Time passes quite fast too. Easy money!! =X


But anyway, my aim towards my very own bunny is coming true soon! As soon as my 1st paycheck comes in. HEHE.