Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year

'Happy' Leap Year.

I wonder how would the next Leap Year be like in another 4 years.

Pray it'll be better than today.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Woodcraft construction

Remember when I used to be younger, Mum would buy such things for us. Woodcraft constructions. Saw these going on sale at CWP. Bought the ferris wheel and carousel. Pretty pretty. I want the entire amusement park set! And a big big house that can fit miniature furniture!

Anyway, a huge surprise was that I finished making these both in 2~3days. Woo! Nice nice. Aren't they pretty? They're very detailed too! The ferris wheel and carousel spins! Though the ferris wheel spins better, the carousel looks prettier. But the things keep falling apart from the carousel. Ferris wheel is more stable. Haha.

Roo sitting on a ferris wheel seat!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Release of the Final Semester's Results.

So. Results were released today. The last semester ever in RP. For some, that is. Anyway, seems like today is pretty depressing. One thing I don't understand is that why does the school even want to grade their students like crap for their FYP and somehow cause their students' GPA to drop like crap? Oh so our school will have the lousiest students. Right.

What a load of bull.

I don't know how to console people. And nobody consoles me either. GPA dropped pretty much. I guess chances of getting into a local university will be pretty slim already. And overseas university will most likely not be an option either. Short on funds. Serious. I'm not kidding. So I guess NUS and NTU are my hopes. Otherwise, PSB here I come. And most probably a day job. Bahh...

Good riddance to bootlickers.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Life, as it is.

Went back to RP today. Went back to collect his testimonial from one of the facilitators. Well, had lunch with the FYP team + laoshi too. Nice timing. Lol. Lunch was fairly okay. Not excellent, but fairly okay. I'm just being mean. But well, everyone knows about it anyway. So there was the hoo-ha about the FYP grades at the other end of the table where I was sitting at chatting happily with Eueu and Titi. Well, expected. But who the hell cares anyway. It's all over and done with.

We had activities planned after lunch, but well, got there later than expected because of the 1-for-1 sundaes at Swensen's. Didn't really enjoy it much. Strained.

Prawning after that! That was well, the high point of the day. I like prawning, alot. We can just sit there and chit chat, though it's pretty expensive chatter. Prawns were like soft-shelled today. Lol. But not bad, at approximately $2.50 per prawn. Heh. Expensive things they are. But overall, relaxation at its best.

Oh well, sometimes, it's better not to trust people too much with my words. Especially some people.

I need hugs.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Date date

Woohoo. So we spent more than half the day together. I might be exaggerating, but you'll never know. Hohoho.

Pizza Hut at AMK is getting wayyyy below standards. A disappointment, to say the least. Really many trainees. And after they take your order, another regular non-trainee staff comes back to take it again because the trainee "couldn't catch what you wanted to order". Right. So tell me again why she was the one who took our orders? Although I still love the curry chicken lovers' pizza, there was an unidentified object in his Pepsi. It actually was pretty gross. Service was substandard.

Oooooooo! Look what his sis brought home for the week! Hee.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wow videos.

"Wow" videos. Ahem. Hahaha. WATCH THEM!!!

Clever Littel Girl - Funny video clips are a click away

Oh and some really interesting articles. How a Man acts Vs How a Woman acts and "Why..." (some questions you never asked. Lol. Read read!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh crap.

Ahem. I failed my Traffic Police Test. Oh What In The World.

And I didn't commit any immediate failures like Ti and Eueu. =X I just accumulated ALOT OF POINTS. O.O

Most of them were safety checks, so rest assured, this road hazard here is still not legally allowed on the road. YET. I will pass. One day. Oh and I almost got hit/hit a cab. You have been warned. LOL.

I was a nervous wreck before the test. Extremely actually. Really freaked out. Palpitating heart in my throat. So close to hyperventilating. Lol. Exaggerating, but it felt true at that time.

I will try harder to pass next time.

Siti + bf, Eueu, Sis, parents, grandparents all didn't believe I flunked at 1st. They all thought I was kidding. Do I look like the type who lie?? =X Haha. At least Jiehao believed me. Haha. He didn't expect me to pass anyway, judging from my past records from the basic and final theories.

Try harder next time then.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all you people out there.

This year is different. Didn't get the chance to even get a glimpse of The Boy the entire day. Because he had to work and after his working hours, I had tuition with my cousin. Damn tuition.

And I was so looking forward to today. Dammit. I'm quite upset as you can see. Hope we can celebrate this occasion some other day. =D

But still, it's Valentine's Day. Hope other people did get to enjoy this day with many many flowers. And of course with their loved one.


I love you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY 2008

CNY eve

CAR WASHING!! Okay, not really. Just polishing and vaccumming the inside and polishing the outside. Haha. I DID HELPED OKAY~~~


Grandpa polishing and most probably thinking why was I taking so many pictures and not doing any work. BUT BUT!!! I did help after that!! My arms were so sore~~~ And I fell asleep when I reached home because I was EXHAUSTED! =X

Okay look at the table full of food for reunion dinner my Grandma prepared!

*munch munch munch*

Day ONE!

Us 'kids'. Term used loosely. =X

Bro, Sis, Grandma, Me.

Sis and I in Dad's car. Hohoho.

Pictionary at night! Didn't really gamble this year. Haha. Pictionary was fun!!


Sweet sweet candy he bought for me along the River Hongbao. Hee. Rabbit! My fav~~

Monday, February 04, 2008

Graduation High Tea + random stuffs

3rd February.

A picture from the SAS Graduation High Tea.

The rest was a blur. Lol. Too many pictures, lazy to upload. =X It was rapid piture-taking by people with no skill for my camera even with the anti-shake function. The place really must have been dim. =.= Oh well, check out the blogs of others, if you know who they are.

In the flurry of events, 3 years have passed. School officially ended on Friday, yet the high tea is so soon. All because of those who were leaving for Monash I guess. =) Nice day, bad weather.

Look! I've got the entire set already! Thanks to him. =D Lucky Pooh was found before this series really is sold out. Wahaha.

They are all seated above my new desk!! Yay! Lol.

The other Special Piglet sleeps with me at night. XD


This is really random but I was deleting some smses and then... Look how many. @_@ From my outbox. HAHA. Crazyyyy.


Been having cravings for BEEF CHILLI CHEESE FRIES from CARL'S JUNIOR recently. HEH. That explains the massive weight gain. =X


Pretty pretty picture shot using my camera. Hohoho.

Friday, February 01, 2008


So today marks the end of my RP life. Feels kind of weird. Like it hasn't ended yet. Like as though there should've been more. More time to do more things.

I don't want to graduate so soon, but I don't want to stay back either. Maybe I just want to live as a student. I don't want to face the working world too soon. It's scary.

Now for the application of universities. Well, conditional offers are in. But I want to stay in SG preferably. Cheaper. And I'll be at home.

Last RJ of RP's that I'll do tonight. >.<

I had fun these 3 years.