Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Muji's Cotton Candy

Look what I bought the other day (actually ALOT of days ago la =X).

Muji's Cotton Candy!

This is the 1st time I bought this in SG. I tried it once in Taiwan. Lol. All thanks to Karling who told me about "that white cotton candy". I was curious.

Popped into Muji at... Bugis(?) that day when doing CNY clothes shopping with The Boy and The Rest. Lol. Anyway I showed them excitedly that pack of white rectangular shaped stuff, and THEY SQUEEZED IT. =.= There goes 2 packs. They said it looked like cotton pads. You know those type you use to remove makeup? Yeah. Those.

But anyway, I find it really fuffy and sweet. Which is interesting especially when tey come in such weird packagings. Heh.

The above pictures simply tell you how fluffy the cotton candy is. I love cotton candy. They make me feel as though I'm eating the clouds, everytime. Sweet! And fluffy. But I still like the looks of the 'pasar malam' type. It's pink. But Muji's one is really fine and fluffy.

Unlike the normal ones where you can see some bits of sugar and it feels rough in your mouth, Muji's one is really smooth and melts in your mouth.

Just make sure you finish it ASAP and don't leave it lying around, because once the big bag opens, the individual packs are not exactly airtight. You get deflated cotton candy. Feels as though you're eating cotton pads. Serious.

Monday, January 21, 2008

手足II / Kinship II

Again. I'm a TV freak. Haha. Turning into an 'auntie'. 20 going on 40. =.= Anyway, therer're pretty many quotes from the show that I like. Pardon me.



Awwww... I'm such a Channel 8 girl. =X

Thursday, January 17, 2008

手足II / Kinship II

Just finished watching today's episode of 手足II. Why did Meixue have to die?!! WHY?! But nevermind, I already read the spoilers HAHAHA. Go here to read the episode synopsis. =X But they only have till episode 25, which is tomorrow's one. Saded.

Anyway, something Chen Anping (Yao Wenlong) said today made me laugh pretty hard.


Super duper funny if you understand it, and actually watched the show. =X

Ladida. I'm feeling better now! Thank you for being such a wonderful shoulder to lean on XD

Monday, January 14, 2008

Rush me off my feet

It's been bloody hectic these few days. What with the holidays being over and us going back to school, i.e waking up super early, FYP presentation (YESHHH it's OVER!!), Jap test (I hope I pass), UTs. It's crazy I tell you, simply crazy. I need my beauty sleep.

Driving test on the 15th of February. Lol. Change of date. And somehow, I seriously regret it now. Although the adrenaline rush when trying to rebook the test date was quite exciting, but then again, it's bloody peak hour. Sometimes I don't think at all. =.= All I can do is just hope for the best I guess. Everyone, please go to town on the 15th and leave the YCK/AMK area alone. Let me pass then you guys can come back. =D

I need more sane moments. And lose a bit of weight before buying CNY clothes. Haha.

Crazy stuff.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Come home soon - Pug Jelly

Come Home Soon by Pug Jelly

It's been two days and I'm missin' you already
Never really thought you could mean
So much in such a little time

Think about the nights when I'm lyin' in your bed
With my chest resting your head
Now that you're gone I'm here to stay

I think I'm fallin' down. Down down down
With a bad case of love. Love love love
I think I'm falling for you. You you you
I think, I'm falling in love

Verse 2
When you come back all I wanna do is hold you
Have a blast even though there's nothing to do
Hold you close and look you in the eyes

So just come back and I'll tell you how I feel
Never knew how easy you could steal
My heart I miss you come home soon


I think, I'm fallin' in love
I think, I'm fallin' in love

Cause I know that you won't be home when I call you
You're in England now, I hope that you'll be home soon
Cause I know that you won't be there when I call you, NOW


I think, I'm fallin' in love
(slow) I think, I'm fallin' in love


Love this song. I still have it in my playlist. =D Sweet sweet memories.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

20th Birthday!

Ok ignore my previous post. I was being emo-ish. =X

All's fine now. Stupid period. =D

Love you so much my dearest!
Thank you all dudettes and dudes!

Sony Cybershot T70 from Mummy and Sis~ T20 has been discontinued. =.= Lol. But this is pretty too! (Same color as my bedsheets)

The one on the left from Ti. Lol. TWINS!!!

Tigger from the "couples gang". Hee. SO ADORABLE.

The Little Golden Book's CINDERELLA!! I had the EXACT SAME ONE when I was a kid, but I think my mum threw it away. Lol. Thanks Karkar.

Piglet hand puppet, also from Karkar. So soft and nice to touch. =D

Sunset! Nice~~


Thierry, again. Lol.

That's all for now~~

1st day back to school. RJRJRJRJRJRJ!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

I wish...

I wish...

for many things. Lol.

Birthdays seem like a passing phase. The older you get, the lesser number of people will actually remember and celebrate it with you. Even though the older you get, the more people you meet.

Is it because of the frequent change in friends/cliques? Like as though people can't be bothered to maintain friendship for longer than the school semester. And then everyone becomes just an acquaintance to you. From best friends to "hi-bye" friends. A single nod from each other when you meet, and sometimes I don't even remember their names anymore.

I'm going nowhere with this topic. Lol.

I remember when I was in primary school, my friends were my everything. Birthdays were always important, always celebrated and every single gift was cherished. But with the change in schools, where unlike in primary school, the time we spend socializing is reduced from 6years to like... 2-4years (depending on where you go)? So maybe the bond isn't that strong, and it is where everyone learn how to be a bitch and backstab (-.-). This is so totally unnecessary, but true.

Now, birthdays are sometimes clean forgotten, not celebrated with who you once called your 'besties' and well, gifts are getting more and more difficult to buy.

So with the coming of age NEXT YEAR, how am I supposed to decide who to invite if I were to have a party? Inviting a small number, yet they come from different groups of friends and phase of my life. Do you expect them to mingle with each other? How do other people do this anyway? Why can't someone throw a party for me instead? Headache. That's partly why I hate organising parties. Nehh. The thought of all the trouble is nauseating. Ugh.

I've typed ALOT ALOT!! Long long time since that. HOHOHO.

I want to catch up with some people, but it's not easy to arrange a date where all are free. How liddat?!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

1st ever prawning session!

So we planned to go prawning for ages!!! And today we did!! Hahaha. Very very very fun. Eueu, Siti, Kar, Jas and me! Fyp outing.

Prawning place!!

"Stunned-tio" face.

Giggly girls prawning for the 1st time. Hahaha.

Loner Kar. =.= Ownself sit one corner. Tsk tsk


Actually, we caught many before this picture. But this was picture is... funny. =X


Kar trying to step on the prawn's claws. Lol. Apparently most of the prawns there has those majorly huge claws that can 'kiap' people, so our resort is to step on them and break them off. Hehe.

This picture is a classic. Hahahaha. *prawn waving claws madly around trying to fend us off*

Fold the claws down (but we much much prefer to break them off),

then attempt to twist prawn around to locate hook,

try to get hook out. If all else fails, aiyah, just yank the hook out. The prawn's going to die anyway.

Eueu starting fire. See the NPCC woman at work. Hahahaha.

Our catch!!

WOOOO!!! So many huge prawns!!

Me with the prawns!

Siti with prawns!

Kar with prawns. She's already imagining them in her tummy. Lol.

Jas about to start skewering the prawns after we've washed them and added salt. Hohoho.

The brave one with the 1st skewered prawn, alive. =X



AFTER!!! Yummmyyyyy.

BBQ-ed prawns with salt are super scrumptious. Especially the head. Hohoho. I lurrvvveee fresh prawns. Although Dad says that the prawn type they use for prawning is totally not nice to eat, not like the type we can buy at the market, but but. I don't care la! They taste so good to me. Maybe it's the taste of our own effort for catching them. Though it's kind of expensive to prawn. Lol.

"Mummy, I wanna go home"

Echo came too, but... we were all too engrossed in prawning. Poor Echo was just sitting there entertaining himself.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Busy Bee

I've been busy these few days. CAN DIE AHHH!!! Sis finally decided to change her room furniture, and being the nice sister I AM(!), I helped out! So... We went to Ikea to get the bookcases, and all helped to clear out her room's stuff.

Dec 30th
Jap class!!
Meet him!!
Hohoho one really busy, but satisfying day! ^^

Dec 31st
Installed bookcases + throw out old furniture + books + paper + RUBBISH. It's damn crazy how my dearest mum can HOARD so many freakin' things. We found A FEW BOXES of books of Sis'... And they were like... From her Primary and Secondary school days?! And she's like... 23 now?! Those things are bloody ancient, dude. Lol.

Jan 1st
Throw more things to make way for the new wardrobe to be installed the next day. Huh. So messy.

Jan 2nd, TODAY
Wardrobe came, same as mine! Lol. But Sis wasn't home. Schools just reopened? Lol. Crazy teacher. Anyway, the clothes are... TOO MUCH LAAA!! Cannot fit everything into one wardrobe. Puh-lease... From a total of 6doors of clothes, to compress into 4 doors. Lol. Nuts. There used to be ONE 3-door, ONE 2-door, ONE 1-door wardrobe in her room. Full of clothes. Hahahaha. Mine included, because I bathe there, so my home-wear clothes are there. =X Now the wardrobe is like... Mine? 4 door? Lol. I wonder how she's going to fit everything in. I tried to help already, and its... BURSTING!! o.0

Ladida. His 1st day giving tuition's going to end soon! Hope it went well. =D


Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year!

Many many MANYYY things happened in 2007!

Anyway, I'm too bloody lazy to type them all out. Just go read my archives if you really want to know what happened in 2007. LOL =X

With the new year upon us, as always, there's a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION!! For the life of me, I can't remember what 2007's one was about. LOL. I shall go check it out.

*disappears for awhile*

Ahem. I don't think I managed to achieve 1/2 of them. =X


FOR 2008!!!
1) I will be a better girlfriend!
2) Go on a graduation trip!!
3) Be a nice person

I don't know what else to add. Lol.

Happy New Year.