Friday, November 30, 2007

The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You Lyrics

The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You Lyrics

This is the clock upon the wall.
This is the story of us all.
This is the first sound of a new born child,
before he starts to crawl.
This is the war that’s never won.
This is the soldier and his gun.
This is the mother waiting by the father,
praying for the son.

Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Hung up on your wall,
For the world to see.
Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Remind us all,
of what we used to be.


There is a drug that cures it all.
Blocked by the governmental wall.
We are the scientists inside the lab,
just waiting for the call.
This earthquake weather,
has got me shaken.
Inside I’m high up and dry

Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Hung up on your wall,
For the world to see.
Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Remind us all,
of what we used to be.

Confess to me,
every secret moment,
every stolen promise you believe.
Confess to me,
all the lies between us,
all the lies between you and me.

We are the boxes in the ring.
We are the bells that never sing.
There is a title we can’t win,
no matter how hard we might swing.

Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Hung up on your wall,
For the world to see.
Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Remind us all,
of what we could have been.

Faith, Trust and Pixiedust

How I wish I had Pixiedust. And loads of faith. But it's running low at the moment. Trust... I don't know.

Watching the person's face fall when your eyes meet. Terrible feeling. Especially when just moments before it was lit with laughter from talking to other people.


Love care and concern. The main ingredients.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

La Di Da

Whee! I'm down to one last subject in driving! Now doing lesson reviews already. Test's next year though. Had the mock test thingy. Haha.I did super badly yesterday, but wayyy better today. 28points yesterday and 12points today. Lol. Improvement okay. I must pass.

I have finally updated the Genting trip. Fully updated!!
Read them here:
Genting Day 01
Genting Day 02 & 03

Can't wait to go on another trip! With my boy and the rest. =D

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Got bus-sick on the way home today. Lol. Managed on wobbly legs all the way home. Throwing up lunch felt horrible. But at least I wasn't that giddy anymore. No idea why, but the time from lunch till I reach home should have been at least 5 hours, but the food I ate were not actually digested. Right. Indigestion again?? Gosh no. I hope.

School's started after the one week break. And damn is it tiring or what?? Only 2 days of the week yet I'm super grossed out by school. Must have been caused by the number of times I had to go back to school for FYP during the break. Grrr. Hope this ends soon. Better start on the report. Bleh. Hate this.

Been anime-watching recently. Haha. School Rumble rocks!! Super funny.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

i try

Been trying to stay happy. Though when night falls, it gets tough. Don't know what's bothering me though. Seems quite hard to put my finger on it. It's just a feeling. No words to describe, yet... sad. Depressing, even. Tough luck.

Cough has been getting from bad to worse the past week. I've even taken to wearing a mask in the lab.

Yeah, me. Masked.

Eueu, after getting drawn on by Karling. She doesn't have a cough though. Not yet, not if the cough doesn't spread. =X

Badminton after FYP. Right. I almost died perspiring. And my right shoulder, arm, wrist, everywhere is aching like hell. =.=

Stupid faces.

Saw a full rainbow on the way home in the bus.

1st time seeing such a huge rainbow. This is only part of it. We actually saw the whole thing from end to end, from afar. Felt like it had ends that reached the ground. Lifted my spirits for awhile. Wonder if the pot of gold really exists.

If a rainbow forms when sunlight passes through a droplet of water at a certain precise angle, how does a rainbow stay there for that few minutes we saw? Especially since that droplet should have been falling... Wouldn't the angle change? And what about other droplets? Why not an array of rainbows instead?

That rainbow gave me some form of strength. To show me good things can still happen, even when I'm pessimistic. A moment of childish delight. Making us able to dream again. Because when rare things happen, people tend to think a miracle might happen to them too.

At least The Cat still sleeps well. Especially well on my HDD as his pillow...

Or even the library book works as well.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welcome to TAIWAN!

Ok I've booked my driving test!! 27th Feb 2008! Hope I can push it forward. Wahaha. Anyway, driving is fun. But when you get cramps in your right calf muscle for 2 days in a row, it's not bloody fun I tell you. But YAY!! I've booked my test!! And my next lesson will be next next monday! Which means I get to rest my poor feet. And myself, of course. *beams*

And another thing is... I'm going to TAIWAN!! Grandpa booked the tickets for him, Grandma, Sis and Bro. But had a change of date because of my 3 cousins wanting to go too... So erm, Sis couldn't go because of her school's orientation thingy plus she already got the approval on her leave. So I get to go instead (couldn't go previously because school is still on)! I shall be gone from 6th-22nd Dec.

Though exciting and visiting many places... plus shopping. I wish I was going with my Boy instead of grandparents + Bro + cousins. It'll be more fun with him around. >.< Hope the clothes there are not ALLL winter stuff. It'll be pretty difficult to shop for something decent for him if everything's thick like mad.

It's the holidays now. One week only. And I'm pretty tired. Had to go back to school for FYP. Damn. Better start on that report soon. Shittt.

Ok my hair's dry now. Sleep dudettes. Ta.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Thunders. Right. Of all times. And concern gets rebuffed. Right. How bad can my night get? =(

Simply don't know what to do anymore. Am I that bad? *sigh* Off to bed. Driving tomorrow. Hope the rain's not as bad as now.

And I have to endure this damn thunder. Much thanks.