Saturday, October 27, 2007

You make me wanna surrender my soul.

I finally got to sleep in a little today. It was good, but not as good as expected. I keep waking up between bouts of light sleep. That wasn't good. Nightmares nightmares. Plus getting used to waking so damn early in the morning recently. And suddenly I've got noone to talk to the entire day. I guess I should start doing something constructive or what, but then again, maybe not. It's like suddenly I'm all alone. Maybe it's the hormones acting up again.

I want to chat away, but it seems like I'm being irritating. Maybe, maybe not. Bahh. I don't know anymore. I hope this gets better, not worse. To think I have many more weeks to go before I can bloody hell ease up my schedule.

I strained my eyes a little too much in this dimly lit room of mine doing some handicraft. I think I might go blind afterall.

Oh I started watching this new series called "Gossip Girl". Haha. Exactly what the title suggests. Full of gossips and scandals. Cat fights. It's based on this novel/book series. I saw that book when I was in secondary school, but I didn't eve go near it. Lol. Wonder what made me watch that show and made me interested in finishing it.

Another show is "How I met Your Mother". Interesting. Very 'old school' settings if I must say. But the content is interesting nontheless. Just like the title suggests, it's about this man relating to his kids via tv/video tape/dvd in 2030 about how he met their mum, starting in 2005. And apparently, it's one long story, seeing as it's into the 3rd season now and running. Ha. I wonder when I might actually finish it.

OK I'm done typing. Jap homework, here I come~

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Ok. I'm bushed. Tired. Officially. Super drained.

Try having such a schedule (since last Monday):
Mon: Driving @ 8.15am - 10.15am + Dating
Tue: Driving @ 8.15am - 10.15am
Wed: Driving @ 8.15am - 10.15am + FYP (rest of the day)
Thu: School
Fri: School
Sat: Dental @ 9.50am
Sun: Jap class @ 3.30pm - 5pm
Mon: Driving @ 8.15am - 10.15am + Dating
Tue: Driving @ 10.30am - 12.30am
Wed: Driving @ 10.30am - 12.30am + FYP (rest of the day)
Thu: School
Fri: School
Sat: FREE!!
Sun: Jap class @ 3.30pm - 5pm

Okay. Granted driving does not take up the entire day, but it's the early waking that kills. And I was almost late the 1st lesson. =.= Couldn't even wake up. Gosh. Everyday is an early day. Although it is possible to go home and sleep, but when the damn sun is shining so bloody brightly and warmly into your room right onto your bed, it is not exactly as conducive for sleeping as in the morning. There are other things to do when awake. Just that if you don't wake, those can wait. Lol.

I'm going to spend my free day with him, if possible. I hope. =D More dates please! ^^

My eyeballs are drying up.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

=( =) =( =)

*don't know how to describe*

I'm being the lousy person I am, again.

How do you cheer someone up, when you don't have any idea how to?

How do you make someone important smile again, when it's all my own fault to start with?

I wish I could put your smile back onto your face, and have it stay for as long as I can keep it there. >.<

It's that time of the month. Damned cramps.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Water Babies!!

Ok I may sound psychotic, but I am NOT!! Haha. I read somewhere about 'water babies' some time ago, and via an online search, only came up with some stupid baby products. Anyway, they are supposed to be 'alive' and able to 'multiply'.

I finally managed to get hold of them when I saw them on Ti's blog, then called her to ask about it, and Shan (in my room) overheard and went "I'M ALSO LOOKING FOR THEM!!" Omgosh the excitement. Haha. Anyway, she read about them from a forum, and lo and behold, there were updates on where to get them. POPULAR BOOKSTORREEE!! Yay! So off we went! And laid our hands on them. Apparently famous with primary school kids. And yeah, we felt like one too. But hey, who cares. I finally laid my hands on them. Woo~~

What are these 'water babies'?

Actually, they are not really 'water babies'. Some idiot was apparently trying to sell them to some kids and came up with that name I guess. But hey, whatever rocks their boat, dude. It's some crystal jelly thing meant for plants. They absorb water and swell alot, then releases water when the plants require moisture.

BLABLABLA. Well, heck that. All I know is that some say those things actually
'multiply'. Me believes. Haha. And they are cute! So colorful. Me likie.

'Water babies' before going into the water. Hee. There were 4 colors with each color in one packet, but Shan and I split them up, thus the mix.

Woo~ 5 red 5 pink 'water babies' just immersed!

The other 'batch' of 'water babies' I tried with one each of all 4 colors. Pink and the clear ones look almost invisible. Red and blue looks nice! Can't wait to see them split up into many! Hope they do.

P.S: Genting trip Day 01 blogged! Scroll below to the entry dated 11th September to read! Enjoy! ^^