Friday, September 21, 2007

Eat your heart out

Okay. End of the 1st 'week' of school. 2 days count, okay!
Been such a wet blanket lately. Dampening the moods of others. Darn.
I'm sorry. Forgive me? (:

I guess waking up so bloody early has been taking a toll on me. Even if it's only two mornings a week. I can't fall asleep at night because I'm so used to sleeping late. And I think my tummy feels weird again. Feels like alot of gas. I keep burping. =X Indigestion again? Damn.

Back to doing RJ and quizzz~~


P.S: I guess I won't update about the trip anytime soon then =X

I'm dead beat.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stand up and shout

Hey there. Or maybe whoever is there, still reading my lousy blog. Lol.

Updates about Genting will most probably be done later/tomorrow/soon. When I have the time to upload all the pictures of the fishes of us having fun.

School officially reopened on Monday, but thanks to me being such a kiasu Singaporean, I've completed the necessary number of modules with only 2 more left. =.= So it's a 2-day week for me, and alot others. Thursday and Friday. It means I get to sleep late have more time to study on my own.

Class this semester consists of many familiar faces. Including my boy, Eunice, Yong Quan, yadda yadda. Hope we'll not just have fun all day long. If you get my drift. Study study. I wonder if 2 better grades this semester would even make a difference in my overall grade. GRRRAAARRGGHHH!!! Shall not ponder upon such stuff.

Anyway, the RABBIT SEARCH and DONATION are both STILL ON. Please donate generously to aid me getting a rabbit. Heh.
I'm still short of:
-Water bottle
-Pellet food
-Litter pan (rectangular type to fit the rabbit's growing butt)
-Litter (for litter pan)

AND a BUNNEH!! *ahem* Rabbit, I mean. I just need the money to get the set-up's accessories, and maintenance is pretty much easy. Money! Please drop from the sky! =X

Click for the original size. It's good if you want him as your wallpaper. Lol.

I was bored, and ahsia told me to do some thingy about her, so I created one myself too. Click here.
Go do it.

*edit* I added/updated some posts in the past entries. Blame me for not updating on time. Haha. Whatever. But yeah. Check them out. =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Genting - Day 02 & 03

Buffet breakfast at the First World Hotel's 'Restaurant'. Haha. The buffet consisted of English breakfast, some porridge, loads of bread and nothing much. Filling enough, though.

Okay. Let the pictures do the talking. LOADS of talking. =X

YongQuan's masterpiece after we all had our fill. All except him anyway. And he polished the entire thing off. It even had strawberry jam in it. Eww.

Buying the entrance tickets for the theme park after breakfast! WHEE! I think we bought both the indoor and outdoor theme park tickets!

YongQuan and SuXin.


1st ride was the Flying Coaster outside the Theme Park. Had to pay for those. Lol. We got our picture taken, but seriously. Everyone looked petrified that it was so funny.

*ahem* Hahahahaha. So apt.

Rolling thunder mine train. Or something along those lines. Lol.

Michelle and ZhongKai.

JieHao acting all emo. Lol. Nice scenery though. ^-^


They're going off the edge!! o.0 Just kidding. =D

Us. ^-^

ZhongKai and Michelle.

SuXin and YongQuan.

The Dinosaurland thingy was so... Overrated. Haha. Not scary at all. But the loud sounds did make me jump.

Nice scenery from the top of Dinosaurland.

Him and me! See the rollercoaster behind? It's the Corkscrew. Lol. We all went on the Corkscrew like twice, just to find out where the camera was. And managed a perfect shot on our second try. The first was super laughable. I bought a copy of the 2nd shot!

YongQuan and SuXin. Haha Height "difference". o.O

ZhongKai and Michelle~

Us girls! A very clear view of that monstrosity behind us. Lol.

Erm. The guys. HAHAHAHAHA.
Psst: ZK's armpit hair has been edited away~~

ZK took like... more that 20 pictures of the koi we fed. =.= These can be found in the water where the boats going to the Dinosaurland are in. Really many greedy ones. And some even slithered on top of the others above water. It was like so packed it became ground. Lol.

Him and me!

After many many rides which scared the hell out of JieHao (he has not taken any rollercoaster rides, ever =X ), we took the less scary ones. Like the merry-go-round. =D

Michelle and ZhongKai.

SuXin and YongQuan didn't join us on the merry-go-round because they went on the Spinner. Lol.

SuXin and YongQuan.

There were funny looking animal bushes/bonsai around the entire place. This, we assumed, was a pig. Lol.

YQ and SX, after coming down the Spinner. This picture didn't show it, but they couldn't walk straight. LOL.

ZK and Mich going for a try on the Spinner too.

Them, with SX and YQ behind. Lol. Crazy people.

Us both! While waiting for the others.

Lol. JieHao, with water going into his nose instead of mouth XD

Us! Aboard the Ferris Wheel, with Mich while waiting for ZK when he went to try the Space Shot. He's on his own for that. None of us went with him. Lol.

YongQuan and SuXin in the "balloon" before us.

Went to many other rides, though didn't take some. No go-karts though. Closed for maintenance. After we were done with the games outside, we went indoors for food. Lol. Claypot pig's trotters and bak kut teh. Not bad. We tried some of those indoor rides like the Rio Float (fun), Euro Express (fun), Adult Bumper Car (super fun) and 4D motion Master (this sucked like hell).

In my whole Genting experience, I've never ventured into the Ripley's Believe it or Not or the Haunted Adenture. These 2 take up quite a bit of space in the indoors. We went ahead and bought tickets!

Haunted Adventure was freaky. Lol. Some 3D thingy. Van Helsing? 3D glasses and dim lighting. I was pretty freaked out when some people jumped out from the shadows. Though I must say that the people infront of us didn't exactly want to move forward, thus leaving those behind stuck inbetween. Irritating. I was 'shielded' throughout the entire ordeal! ^^

Next up, Ripley's Believe it or Not. There were... SO MANY BLOODY THINGS INSIDE!!! Seriously, I forgot to bring my camera out, otherwise I would have been happily snapping away. Some things were just wayyyy cool. Some were just plain gross. We spent a few hours inside the place without knowing. Lol. And when we realised, we weren't even near the end.

One really funny thing was that at a point in the place, there were these toilets, facing each other across the corridor. JieHao was quite outraged, because there was this guy inside the female toilet, and hurried me away. Lol. I wanted to push the door open =X Afterwards, we told the rest about it (we all walked at different speeds), and SuXin and YongQuan said they tried to push the door open too, but the door was stuck. Hahaha. WAX FIGURES!!! XD

Picture of Mich trying to support the tower of books, not. Lol.

Many interesting things inside, worth the money. Not the Haunted Adventure though. Shopping afterwards! Couldn't remember what I bought. Felt like many things. Lol. Went back to nap, bathe, refresh ourselves then come out for dinner. Though nobody was hungry due to late lunch. Haha.

Coffeebean it shall be then.

Mocha-latte (hot) for me, Chocolate fudge cake for us, and a chocolate something (long long name) for him.

SuXin and YongQuan's

ZhongKai and Michelle's.

And we went for foot reflexology! Haha. Not very very cheap, but hey, that was the 1st time any of us had foot reflexology!! So interesting. JieHao and I were half-tearing with laughter. Sensitive soles, the bane of our lives. Lol. But it was good, really good. Even though my feet felt as though the skin was scraped off. Lol. But it didn't hurt after awhile.

Somehow, I got quite scared in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep. So all 6 of us went to play cards in YQ and SX's room. I'm so sorry about that. Went out to the McDonald's for supper. The porridge was really really good. Calming. Why don't we have it in SG anymore?!!

JieHao and I bunked in YongQuan and SuXin's room afterwards. I apologise for my crazed mind. Must have been the caffeine. And JieHao didn't sleep well because he was waking up every 5 mins to check on me. Thank you my boy. <3

Day 03

Packed all our stuff, then checked out. Went to put our stuff at the luggage place where we can collect them afterwards. Had brunch at this little place called "Flavors". Lol. I quite like the food there. Especially the lobster thingy. SOme deep fried thing with fish cake-like stuffings which were supposed to be lobster. Haha. I think it's the mayo that makes it nice. Then went shopping around to wait for the time to go board the bus. Lol. Finally, after a long wait, we get to board the bus and well, home sweet home!

Julius and Papa sleeping. =X

I remembered to bring Julius home okay. And 13th September is his 1st year birthday!! ^^

P.S: Updated on November 25th. Took me ages to upload the photos. XD Sorry for the lag. ^^

P.P.S: Updated and added Day 03 into this entry. Haha. 25/11/2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Genting - Day 01

Okay, I'm finally blogging about the trip. XD Anyway, just for notes, the entry is dated as per the trip date, and this was written on 3rd October. Hehe.

So here it is, DAY ONEE!! Sept 11th~~ Woo~~

Grasslands bus thingy. Had to wake up at some crazy time like... 5am?? I can't remember. Haha. Reached Golden Mile complex at like... 6.30am? Or was it 6am? Haha. All I know was that I was 'sleepwalking'. Too early for my brain to function.

Exciting! To be going on a holiday without any parents. Literally. =D

Us, while waiting for the bus to arrive. I just had my haircut a few days ago. Don't laugh. =(

There were so many aunties and uncles milling around the place, it was kind of weird. We 6 seemed like the only ones who were under the age of what, 40? The bus finally came, and well, OFF WE GO!!

Mich and ZhongKai playing scissors paper stone game with the black and white biscuits. Mich won the last one. Lol.

Julius came along! Well, I packed him into my bag. ^^

Julius watching the trees go by.

We reached GENTING at about... 1-2pm? I was carsick by the time we reached. Haha. So after we checked in, we went to have food! *hungry people*

Kenny Rogers! My 1st time eating at Kenny Rogers, whether at SG or Genting. Well, not exceptionally good I must say. Nothing special.

YongQuan and SuXin at Kenny Rogers!

My 1/4 chicken with 3 side dishes (macaroni and cheese, garden salad and whipped potato). No exactly fantastic or filling. Just... normal. Bahh. Not worth the money. I think that was the worst choice of all our meals the entire trip. =X And the service was really bad.

Up in the clouds! So near yet so far.

Out in the open, discussing about... plans? Lol. For Day 02.

Us, again. Haha. Imagine the cold wind on your face. I WANT TO GO GENTING AGAIN!! I miss the cold air. =(

So we went walking around the First World Hotel plaza thing and tried to do some form of shopping. But hey, of all things, the damned Bum City had to be under renovation. Ohmygoodness. Of all times. There went all my shopping chances.


(click to see details about restaurant)

The restaurant was pretty hidden, but we managed to find it. Heh. We were all pretty cold and hungry by then (8-9pm). So well, FOOD!!

Each person picked a dish, so we had a total of 6 dishes. More than enough for the group of us. Thank goodness the manager/waitress who took our order was really nice. Otherwise we might have had unknowingly ordered super huge portions. Lol.

Night entertainment next!
Exciting, because I've never gone to a pub/club ever before, and what's more, me first visit at the super nice looking one at Genting! Yay!

(click to see details of pub/club)

The neon light pillars at the entrance changes color! Me likie. There were not many people there, but not exactly easy to find seats enough to fit 6 of us comfortably. Haha. But after waiting and some shifting from place to place, we managed to get settled. Nice.

My first time ordering drinks (alcoholic)! Haha. =X I'm such a noob. But it was fun with him trying to pick one for me. I guess the girls were all quite lost when faced with ordering of drinks. Lol.

Margarita and Mai Tai. His and mine. Both tasted not bad according to me. Lol. But I prefer Mai Tai. Sweet. But I only finished 1/2 of it.

Zk and Mich's Harvey Wallbanger (not sure how to spell). I don't fancy the taste.

YQ and SX's Tequila Sunrise, already mixed. Tasted like cough syrup to me. Lol. =X

View of the entrance from where we were sitting. =D

That's the end of the 1st day! Oh yeah. The Deluxe Room w/o view (i.e cheapest) at First World Hotel is really really small. Serious. Way smaller than my room. 2 super single beds, a dresser, no wardrobe (just hangers and a rail), a toilet (no bathtub, just shower). Haha.

Day 02 coming up! Not so soon. When I've got the time. =X

BBYEE!! It's now 6.30pm. I started writing this since 3.45pm. =.=