Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sick with nothing to do at home... Except... SLEEP.
Me don't like. Although many may beg to differ whether or not I like. I know I'm a sleepyhead. Don't remind me.

But try sleeping with blocked nose and breathing through your mouth the entire time. Not easy I tell you. Maybe I've mastered that feat, maybe not.

I went to the doc's in the afternoon, and got prescribed some meds. Eww. I hate. But all's fine other than the damned flu bug. Crappyyyy. And it's that time of the month. =.= All in one, why not? Stupid stupid.

All I want now is a hug and maybe a nursemaid to look after my every whim and fancy. Oh and maybe a hot chocolate, thank you very much. Ok maybe just warm milk will do.

I bought a new battery for my Tamagotchi, and now it's alive! He actually. Haha. He's called Pigoo. Try reading that out loud.

Oh and I had frog legs congee yesterday! Wheet! My first ever taste of frog. Hehe. It tasted pretty... different? Like chicken, yet not quite. Didn't dare imagine much about the legs. =X I don't want to throw up. But it was really quite good. The congee was sweet. =)

I'm pretty incoherent. But blame the meds, and maybe the amount of sleep I've had today. Damn am I lethargic.

I want to be looked after, just like small kids are when they're sick. I also want the care and concern. I don't want to stay at home alone. But I don't want to go out either. I am difficult, am I? Being ill is no longer an incentive with Mum at home looking after me.

Get well soon bah. =(

School tomorrow. Dreading it.
But hope I'll be well enough though.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Okay, THE holidays started LAST THURSDAY!!! For THREE weeks ONLY, but heck, it's still the holidaysss!!

Oh and my professional profiling report has been APPROVED!! Muahaha.

And... I'm ill. =( Sore throat and then slight fever, with the addition of runny nose. =.=

It must have been those chocolate cornflakes I made on Friday. BAHH. But they were really good. The chocolate tasted like nutella though. Yummy.

Bloody tempting.

Pizza hut on Saturday!! With my boy, of course. Though it was like the first time we went to Pizza Hut together. Haha. And and! 200th date! XD

Hmmm. Let me see. It's like all heaty food? No wonder the sore throat and slight fever.

Sunday was kind of exciting though the EARLY RISE AND SHINE. =.= Sis had somewhere to go in the afternoon, thus, we had to go early for the DOG SHOW at expo!! Picked Woman + Echo up around 1045?? And to think I actually woke up at... 945?? o.0


But *ahem* look at the emo dog. =.=

Sis: "It's not my fault we got lost OKAYYY??!!"

*sigh* whatever.

When we finally reached, it was pretty empty. Lol. Obviously. But there was also a CAT SHOW in another hall!! Too bad we didn't go. =(

We also saw the biggest dog ever!! Just kidding, but look at the massive sizeeeee. It's bigger than the average German Shepherd and St. Bernard.

Picture isn't clear because they cannot stop bloody moving. =.= But look at the size comparison. Poor Echo scared out of his wits. Heh.

Didn't ask for the breed though. Japanese lady owner. Yeah yeah. I'm taking Jap, so why can't I ask? Ermm.. You don't exactly learn how to ask a dog's breed in Japanese classes, do you? Maybe I should go look it up, just in case. Bleah.

There were so many prams in that place, you would think it was some baby convention. But noooo. All those prams had DOGGSSS in them.

While there were also some with interesting ways of bringing their dogs around.

Haha. Echo had like so many new treats. Hope he eats them though, that fusspot. Oh and!! He went to the vet this morning to get *ahem* neutered. Poor boy. Haha. Now he'll be like Thierry. =X Hope he's fine though. That Woman doesn't want to reply my message. =.= Guess she's busy attending to her baby.

Shan came over at night together with a bottle of Almond Drink from ZTP medical hall. Lol. Zheng Tzong Ping?? I have no idea. But apparently it's supposed to be good for the throat. Not much help though.

Had another bottle of that yesterday at AMK before meeting Shan and going out with her. Haha. Been long since I last dressed up with makeup. Damn I feel old already. Went to town to walk around. Haha.

Not nicely done, but hey, I tried, okay?

Anyway, I think Shan spent alot of money yesterday. Lol. Bought so many things. Lucky I didn't =X Genting! Here I come!!

It's like 8pm now. I went to eat and watch tv from 7pm until now and well, something came in the mail!!

Whee! $10!! Haha. =X

Comes with a butterfly-shaped keychain too!

Well. This post is certainly 'long enough'. Shall blog some other time, when I'm free. =X

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Pink Prank Project

Okay. This is crazyyyy, but hey, it's a damn good prank. Lol. Imagine going on a holiday and coming home to... a single colored home. Heh. Takes your breath away, doesn't it? =X Just kidding.

These guys took like 6 hours to wrap every single item, which is impressive. From what I calculated, they spent approximately S$470? Lol. Goodness gracious. All for the sake of a prank. But well done I must say.

I can SO IMAGINE that guy who owns that flat, coming home to *shock!* a pink house!! And he has to UNWRAPPPP EVERYTHING!!! This teaches you to be NEAT, and probably not pass anyone your house keys when you go away.

P.S: Watch the video. It's super funny, though it is like in... Sweddish? Lol. I have no idea.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


"Cats are rather delicate creatures and they are subject to a lot of ailments,
but I never heard of one who suffered from insomnia." - Joseph Wood Crutch

The Infinite Cat Project
The Infinite Cat <-- This is the main webbie.
HERE <-- This is where you can start seeing all those thumbnails starting from #1! But if you're crazy enough, why not try looking at the pictures from front to back Page 1 or back to front latest at this point of time?

Really interesting. I might just make that fat roll of fur that looks like a cat do it. =X


Monday, August 13, 2007

Of all things bright and beautiful...

Ok I'm bored. It's been a long time since I last blogged I suppose. Well, life's been... Okay. I think. Lol. It depends on which day you might be referring to, or more specifically, the time of the day. Mood swings alert!

Met Mich yesterday at Chinatown to shop around those bead shops. Lol. We spent... Approximately 6 hours in Chinatown! Gosh. And walked LOADS. There are just so many beads/wire/findings/Swarovski/charms shops around. I think I spent quite a bit of money, though I still pale in comparison with Mich.

And Sis came back on Saturday from Bangkok with many acrylic beads and stuff. Lol. *hugs*

I hope I churn out something soon. I need inspiration. How do you make your design 'YOURS' when there are SO MANY out there? And they all tell you to NOT copy. Are there anything else out there that can be wired yet be original? Hmm. Tell me when you think of one.

So far, only simple stuff done by me. Mich and Shihui has pretty nice ones though. Haha. Please do buyyyyy!!!

Bijouterie. Creations to love <-- Here!! Haha. A little cheesy, but hey, who isn't? XP

Friday, August 03, 2007

Professional Profiling

Do not panic. DO NOT PANIC!!


Counting down approximately ONE FREAKIN' MONTH LEFT!!!

Oh no OH no OH NO!!!

Shit. I need to sooo hurry up and get this over and done with. F*CK. OH NOOO. Thank you very much, but NO, I don't want to be RETAINED just because of ONE STUPID INTERVIEW. Damn. But I still have no idea what questions to ask. DAMN damn DAMN.

OK. Stop panicking. BUT!! Oh no. I need to sit down and THINK. UGHHH.

Wish me LUCK!!