Friday, April 27, 2007

Things to do over the weekend.

HAH. As if I have so much time to spend during the weekend. I do hope so though. Work on Saturday, though I soooo feel like quitting. =X And I shall try to watch as many episodes of House as possible. Hee. I'm watching Season 2 now!! Wahaha. I managed to finish Season 1 in like 1 week? I think. Or maybe it was 2. I'm not sure. Lol =X And there's cycling with Eueu on Sunday. I think the weekend is going to be one busy one.

My lappie's been acting up lately. Maybe because I don't let it rest at night. Hahaha. Late-night downloading. It's not my fault that school doesn't let Clubbox run. =P

I'm so bored. And my team's the last one to present. Now we're only started. Damn. I want to go home.

Retarded things said by yours truly:

"They have the same pronounciation but they just sound different"

"Unicycle... Bicycle... Tricycle... Rectcycle???" LOL.

Maybe I shall go entertain myself with my Bomberman. =X

Thursday, April 26, 2007


It's the 2nd week of school already! Omgosh, I'm a year 3 student!!! Time flies. Blablabla. The same old crap. Lol. And I'm blogging during a meeting. =X

Anyway, classes are kind of crappy. Though some are fun. Like Medical Microbiology. Hahaha. Quite interesting. Though I do dislike Proteomics. Gross. Can you tell I'm bored? Yeah, because it's Lab Management today. *cries* It's super boring. I hope it gets better.

Stress is soooo not good.

Anyway, have you ever slept in the bus before? Like leaning backwards to sleep on the handle behind your seat or something like that? Have you realised that when you sleep like that, your jaw will hang open? Hahaha. And you'll end up sleeping with your mouth open...

Like that.

And like that. =X

Hahaha. I guess we were really, really bored. Paiseh to the uncle without his dentures =X He just happened to be the perfect example to the discussion. HAHAHA.

Oh yeah. And I saw this other uncle taking a nap at the void deck while walking home that day, and there was this stray cat sleeping next to him to. Haha. I thought it was kind of cute because they don't know each other (I think) yet able were to sleep so peacefully together. Trust. Hmmm.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You know I'm a...

You know I'm a SAKAE SUSHI maniac, when I start getting stuff like...


HAH. Thanks mum!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, dear

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Jiehao
Happy birthday to you


Friday, April 06, 2007

Out, everyone.

It's supposed to be Good Friday. And I had to go back to school for lab. Damn. But anyway, it ended quite early, so I was kind of glad about it. It's going to be a superbly busy wekk next week. I wonder how I'm going to plan my time. Anyway, Ti, Eueu and I went to Mac for breakfast. And the place was packed to the brim. I wonder why =X All families. Waking up specially for the breakfast timings. I wonder when was the last time my family did that...

Went to AMKhub with Eueu and looked around the place. Ti went to work. The place is quite big actually, though we did finish walking around the entire place in like 45mins, or maybe lesser. It was fun actually. Then we 2 dumbdumbs went to NTUCxtra. =.= Wrong move. Forgot that it was Good Friday, again. The place was packed with families, again. Aunties buying jeans, Dads pushing trolleys, Mums buying groceries, kids buying titbits... Wow. I'm jealous.

Went to J8 to meet The Boy and have lunch together. =D Bentos at Tori-Q! Tako Yakis as side dishes! Wahaha. Fun I must say. Went home after that to rest. Was kind of lonely waiting for the bus. Maybe it's just me.

I thought there would be like people at home, since it was a public holiday and all. And noone told me anything about them going out. And I saw them all sleeping when I left this morning. But I opened the door to an empty house, again. *sigh* Kind of expected. Though Sis was home, next door, sleeping. Not much difference since she went out after dinner. But at least I slept my time away from 4-7.30+++. Not sure about it.

And now it's almost 11.30pm. Noone's home yet. Except the cat. He's always here. Thank goodness. Otherwise I wouldn't dare be alone. =(

Happy 10th month, baby. Thank you for being here for me. =)


personality test

Click to see the actual size.

Quite true though. Haha.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Omgosh!! *faint* THEY ARE SO BLOODY CUTEEE!!! And did you see the part where they separated and came back to hold hands AGAIN?!! Seriously. DUPERRR CUUTTEEE!!! They do know what they were doing right? I hope they are of the opposite sex or something. Lol. And they do look like the same otters from both videos. Yeah man. THEY ROCKKKK!!!