Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Okay, I know Christmas is over, but hey, my birthday's coming!

Can I please please please have this?

Item can be found HERE. Costs about S$40+++ excluding shipping. Haha. Quite expensive. BUT SUPER PRETTY. There's also the Casio digicam, Epson lappie, calculator, their version of Uzap and air purifier (I think).

Haha. ALL SO CUTE!! HELLO KITTY!!! Lol. I already have an alarm clock in the shape of Hello Kitty. =X

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. Though this year has been rather different from previous years.

Just came back from my dad's godfather's funeral. Funeral on Christmas Day. Right.

It was eventful yesterday. Really. Sorry to all if I lost my temper. I didn't mean to.

And now, when I got home, there were pretty fucked up things waiting. Right. Whatever. Like as though I wanted to cause it. Like its my fault. What. The. Fuck. #$^&)$%#^&*

Sleep needed. Bye. I'm bloody pissed.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve!

Back on Saturday. Somehow sane today. Report's done, or so I think. This will have to depend on what Laoshi says. Haha. And Christmas celebration later! Yay! With the rest of the couples. Hehehe. Hope everything goes well enough. =D

Can't wait!

Christmas - My favorite 'season'. Hehe.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mad Rush

I'm blogging from my sis' lappie! So rare. Haha. Lent my lappie to the boyfriend because his crashed. And bloody reports are due soon too. Poor him. Haha. And I haven't finished editing mine. Nevermind, I'll do it when I come back. Don't care liao =X Not like I have much choice anyway.

Seems like with the sudden arrival of the holidays, everyt single day feels packed with activities. Damn. Where's the rest time??

I'm so going to miss him during these 7 days. Ahh. And to think I didn't even ask to go. =.= Weird twist of fate. But good because I get to do some Christmas shopping! Yay. Haha. I'm so screwed.

La di da.

Cookies and cream icecream in the fridge! Yay!

I wonder if I packed enough/too much. I really don't know what to pack for cold wear. Lol. All I have ever packed is for warm areas. The coldest being Genting. =.=

Can't wait till Christmas! I want to see the lights and pretty trees, but everywhere's going to be damn crowded I guess. Sian 1/2.

Have you ever experienced this weird thing where you seem to go deep into thought, but in actual fact, there are so many bloody things in your mind you don't even know where to being to decipher them? And thus, you get confused. By yourself. Then, you cry. =.= I feel quite stupid all of a sudden. Lol. Whatever.

Okok. Back to checking my luggage. I hope I packed all the essentials and won't freeze. Would I need to bring an umbrella? Gosh, weird.

Ciao. Back in 7 days. Probably not blog then. Lol.


I love you.

Friday, December 14, 2007


My eyes can barely open already. And tomorrow will be even worse. WHY OH WHY?! Why the hell did I sign up for the Open House shit. All for the sake of a T-shirt. And I have to torture myself =.= But it'll be the 3rd and last Open House T-shirt I'll be getting in RP! I've got a damn big collection of free T-shirts from RP. HAHA. Some are really nice to wear while some are... total shit. Lol. Hope the design is nice this year.

And I have to finish my 2nd draft of the report by tomorrow too. =.= Flying to Taiwan on Sunday morning. Oh my goodness. I'm quite dead. And I only have 2 days to re-re-edit it when I get back from Taiwan before the damned thing is due. AHH. DIE. HELPP.

PMS-ing. Oh no. Please do not spoil my trip, stupid period. =.= Rubbish.

I am so random. OK, report doing then sleep sleep sleep. Maybe just sleep. Report tomorrow. =D

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Excuse my insensitivity

Sorry about missing your call just now. And for calling back late too. >.< I feel so guilty. Ahhh.


Lab report's kind of sucky right now. The more I try to complete it, the more confused I get. Right. Help? Doubt so. Everyone's away somehow. It's due tomorrow, and I aimed to finish on Friday. It's like Sunday already. WTH.

I'm bushed. Lots of hugs and encouragement, please?

Ok. Back to report writing.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Personality test, PIGLET

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Saw Jas's blog and decide to try this out. Lol. Almost a total opposite from her result. =X I'm introverted!! Ahem. The previous test was also the same too, if I remember it correctly. Haha. Go take the test and see how you fare? It might be true though. Might not be too. Hahaha. This is quite cool actually.

I know this is a little backdated, but anyway, meet Piggie! I've liked Piglet since... long long ago, but I've never actually got one. So, this is actually my FIRST EVER piglet! Thank you =D

Meet Piglet!

Thierry is so small. Wayy smaller than my Piglet. =D

Happy Family! Piglet, Julius and Mickey Mouse in a furry suit that looks like either Aries or Capricorn. Lol.

Busy busy busy.

Report writing to finish, then log book to update. And that stupid online log to update. Shit. All have to be done before next weekend. SHITT. I want to enjoy my holiddayyyssss. Hmmph.

Ok back to Powerpoint making. Lol.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You Lyrics

The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You Lyrics

This is the clock upon the wall.
This is the story of us all.
This is the first sound of a new born child,
before he starts to crawl.
This is the war that’s never won.
This is the soldier and his gun.
This is the mother waiting by the father,
praying for the son.

Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Hung up on your wall,
For the world to see.
Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Remind us all,
of what we used to be.


There is a drug that cures it all.
Blocked by the governmental wall.
We are the scientists inside the lab,
just waiting for the call.
This earthquake weather,
has got me shaken.
Inside I’m high up and dry

Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Hung up on your wall,
For the world to see.
Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Remind us all,
of what we used to be.

Confess to me,
every secret moment,
every stolen promise you believe.
Confess to me,
all the lies between us,
all the lies between you and me.

We are the boxes in the ring.
We are the bells that never sing.
There is a title we can’t win,
no matter how hard we might swing.

Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Hung up on your wall,
For the world to see.
Pictures of you.
Pictures of me.
Remind us all,
of what we could have been.

Faith, Trust and Pixiedust

How I wish I had Pixiedust. And loads of faith. But it's running low at the moment. Trust... I don't know.

Watching the person's face fall when your eyes meet. Terrible feeling. Especially when just moments before it was lit with laughter from talking to other people.


Love care and concern. The main ingredients.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

La Di Da

Whee! I'm down to one last subject in driving! Now doing lesson reviews already. Test's next year though. Had the mock test thingy. Haha.I did super badly yesterday, but wayyy better today. 28points yesterday and 12points today. Lol. Improvement okay. I must pass.

I have finally updated the Genting trip. Fully updated!!
Read them here:
Genting Day 01
Genting Day 02 & 03

Can't wait to go on another trip! With my boy and the rest. =D

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Got bus-sick on the way home today. Lol. Managed on wobbly legs all the way home. Throwing up lunch felt horrible. But at least I wasn't that giddy anymore. No idea why, but the time from lunch till I reach home should have been at least 5 hours, but the food I ate were not actually digested. Right. Indigestion again?? Gosh no. I hope.

School's started after the one week break. And damn is it tiring or what?? Only 2 days of the week yet I'm super grossed out by school. Must have been caused by the number of times I had to go back to school for FYP during the break. Grrr. Hope this ends soon. Better start on the report. Bleh. Hate this.

Been anime-watching recently. Haha. School Rumble rocks!! Super funny.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

i try

Been trying to stay happy. Though when night falls, it gets tough. Don't know what's bothering me though. Seems quite hard to put my finger on it. It's just a feeling. No words to describe, yet... sad. Depressing, even. Tough luck.

Cough has been getting from bad to worse the past week. I've even taken to wearing a mask in the lab.

Yeah, me. Masked.

Eueu, after getting drawn on by Karling. She doesn't have a cough though. Not yet, not if the cough doesn't spread. =X

Badminton after FYP. Right. I almost died perspiring. And my right shoulder, arm, wrist, everywhere is aching like hell. =.=

Stupid faces.

Saw a full rainbow on the way home in the bus.

1st time seeing such a huge rainbow. This is only part of it. We actually saw the whole thing from end to end, from afar. Felt like it had ends that reached the ground. Lifted my spirits for awhile. Wonder if the pot of gold really exists.

If a rainbow forms when sunlight passes through a droplet of water at a certain precise angle, how does a rainbow stay there for that few minutes we saw? Especially since that droplet should have been falling... Wouldn't the angle change? And what about other droplets? Why not an array of rainbows instead?

That rainbow gave me some form of strength. To show me good things can still happen, even when I'm pessimistic. A moment of childish delight. Making us able to dream again. Because when rare things happen, people tend to think a miracle might happen to them too.

At least The Cat still sleeps well. Especially well on my HDD as his pillow...

Or even the library book works as well.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welcome to TAIWAN!

Ok I've booked my driving test!! 27th Feb 2008! Hope I can push it forward. Wahaha. Anyway, driving is fun. But when you get cramps in your right calf muscle for 2 days in a row, it's not bloody fun I tell you. But YAY!! I've booked my test!! And my next lesson will be next next monday! Which means I get to rest my poor feet. And myself, of course. *beams*

And another thing is... I'm going to TAIWAN!! Grandpa booked the tickets for him, Grandma, Sis and Bro. But had a change of date because of my 3 cousins wanting to go too... So erm, Sis couldn't go because of her school's orientation thingy plus she already got the approval on her leave. So I get to go instead (couldn't go previously because school is still on)! I shall be gone from 6th-22nd Dec.

Though exciting and visiting many places... plus shopping. I wish I was going with my Boy instead of grandparents + Bro + cousins. It'll be more fun with him around. >.< Hope the clothes there are not ALLL winter stuff. It'll be pretty difficult to shop for something decent for him if everything's thick like mad.

It's the holidays now. One week only. And I'm pretty tired. Had to go back to school for FYP. Damn. Better start on that report soon. Shittt.

Ok my hair's dry now. Sleep dudettes. Ta.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Thunders. Right. Of all times. And concern gets rebuffed. Right. How bad can my night get? =(

Simply don't know what to do anymore. Am I that bad? *sigh* Off to bed. Driving tomorrow. Hope the rain's not as bad as now.

And I have to endure this damn thunder. Much thanks.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

You make me wanna surrender my soul.

I finally got to sleep in a little today. It was good, but not as good as expected. I keep waking up between bouts of light sleep. That wasn't good. Nightmares nightmares. Plus getting used to waking so damn early in the morning recently. And suddenly I've got noone to talk to the entire day. I guess I should start doing something constructive or what, but then again, maybe not. It's like suddenly I'm all alone. Maybe it's the hormones acting up again.

I want to chat away, but it seems like I'm being irritating. Maybe, maybe not. Bahh. I don't know anymore. I hope this gets better, not worse. To think I have many more weeks to go before I can bloody hell ease up my schedule.

I strained my eyes a little too much in this dimly lit room of mine doing some handicraft. I think I might go blind afterall.

Oh I started watching this new series called "Gossip Girl". Haha. Exactly what the title suggests. Full of gossips and scandals. Cat fights. It's based on this novel/book series. I saw that book when I was in secondary school, but I didn't eve go near it. Lol. Wonder what made me watch that show and made me interested in finishing it.

Another show is "How I met Your Mother". Interesting. Very 'old school' settings if I must say. But the content is interesting nontheless. Just like the title suggests, it's about this man relating to his kids via tv/video tape/dvd in 2030 about how he met their mum, starting in 2005. And apparently, it's one long story, seeing as it's into the 3rd season now and running. Ha. I wonder when I might actually finish it.

OK I'm done typing. Jap homework, here I come~

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Ok. I'm bushed. Tired. Officially. Super drained.

Try having such a schedule (since last Monday):
Mon: Driving @ 8.15am - 10.15am + Dating
Tue: Driving @ 8.15am - 10.15am
Wed: Driving @ 8.15am - 10.15am + FYP (rest of the day)
Thu: School
Fri: School
Sat: Dental @ 9.50am
Sun: Jap class @ 3.30pm - 5pm
Mon: Driving @ 8.15am - 10.15am + Dating
Tue: Driving @ 10.30am - 12.30am
Wed: Driving @ 10.30am - 12.30am + FYP (rest of the day)
Thu: School
Fri: School
Sat: FREE!!
Sun: Jap class @ 3.30pm - 5pm

Okay. Granted driving does not take up the entire day, but it's the early waking that kills. And I was almost late the 1st lesson. =.= Couldn't even wake up. Gosh. Everyday is an early day. Although it is possible to go home and sleep, but when the damn sun is shining so bloody brightly and warmly into your room right onto your bed, it is not exactly as conducive for sleeping as in the morning. There are other things to do when awake. Just that if you don't wake, those can wait. Lol.

I'm going to spend my free day with him, if possible. I hope. =D More dates please! ^^

My eyeballs are drying up.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

=( =) =( =)

*don't know how to describe*

I'm being the lousy person I am, again.

How do you cheer someone up, when you don't have any idea how to?

How do you make someone important smile again, when it's all my own fault to start with?

I wish I could put your smile back onto your face, and have it stay for as long as I can keep it there. >.<

It's that time of the month. Damned cramps.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Water Babies!!

Ok I may sound psychotic, but I am NOT!! Haha. I read somewhere about 'water babies' some time ago, and via an online search, only came up with some stupid baby products. Anyway, they are supposed to be 'alive' and able to 'multiply'.

I finally managed to get hold of them when I saw them on Ti's blog, then called her to ask about it, and Shan (in my room) overheard and went "I'M ALSO LOOKING FOR THEM!!" Omgosh the excitement. Haha. Anyway, she read about them from a forum, and lo and behold, there were updates on where to get them. POPULAR BOOKSTORREEE!! Yay! So off we went! And laid our hands on them. Apparently famous with primary school kids. And yeah, we felt like one too. But hey, who cares. I finally laid my hands on them. Woo~~

What are these 'water babies'?

Actually, they are not really 'water babies'. Some idiot was apparently trying to sell them to some kids and came up with that name I guess. But hey, whatever rocks their boat, dude. It's some crystal jelly thing meant for plants. They absorb water and swell alot, then releases water when the plants require moisture.

BLABLABLA. Well, heck that. All I know is that some say those things actually
'multiply'. Me believes. Haha. And they are cute! So colorful. Me likie.

'Water babies' before going into the water. Hee. There were 4 colors with each color in one packet, but Shan and I split them up, thus the mix.

Woo~ 5 red 5 pink 'water babies' just immersed!

The other 'batch' of 'water babies' I tried with one each of all 4 colors. Pink and the clear ones look almost invisible. Red and blue looks nice! Can't wait to see them split up into many! Hope they do.

P.S: Genting trip Day 01 blogged! Scroll below to the entry dated 11th September to read! Enjoy! ^^

Friday, September 21, 2007

Eat your heart out

Okay. End of the 1st 'week' of school. 2 days count, okay!
Been such a wet blanket lately. Dampening the moods of others. Darn.
I'm sorry. Forgive me? (:

I guess waking up so bloody early has been taking a toll on me. Even if it's only two mornings a week. I can't fall asleep at night because I'm so used to sleeping late. And I think my tummy feels weird again. Feels like alot of gas. I keep burping. =X Indigestion again? Damn.

Back to doing RJ and quizzz~~


P.S: I guess I won't update about the trip anytime soon then =X

I'm dead beat.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stand up and shout

Hey there. Or maybe whoever is there, still reading my lousy blog. Lol.

Updates about Genting will most probably be done later/tomorrow/soon. When I have the time to upload all the pictures of the fishes of us having fun.

School officially reopened on Monday, but thanks to me being such a kiasu Singaporean, I've completed the necessary number of modules with only 2 more left. =.= So it's a 2-day week for me, and alot others. Thursday and Friday. It means I get to sleep late have more time to study on my own.

Class this semester consists of many familiar faces. Including my boy, Eunice, Yong Quan, yadda yadda. Hope we'll not just have fun all day long. If you get my drift. Study study. I wonder if 2 better grades this semester would even make a difference in my overall grade. GRRRAAARRGGHHH!!! Shall not ponder upon such stuff.

Anyway, the RABBIT SEARCH and DONATION are both STILL ON. Please donate generously to aid me getting a rabbit. Heh.
I'm still short of:
-Water bottle
-Pellet food
-Litter pan (rectangular type to fit the rabbit's growing butt)
-Litter (for litter pan)

AND a BUNNEH!! *ahem* Rabbit, I mean. I just need the money to get the set-up's accessories, and maintenance is pretty much easy. Money! Please drop from the sky! =X

Click for the original size. It's good if you want him as your wallpaper. Lol.

I was bored, and ahsia told me to do some thingy about her, so I created one myself too. Click here.
Go do it.

*edit* I added/updated some posts in the past entries. Blame me for not updating on time. Haha. Whatever. But yeah. Check them out. =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Genting - Day 02 & 03

Buffet breakfast at the First World Hotel's 'Restaurant'. Haha. The buffet consisted of English breakfast, some porridge, loads of bread and nothing much. Filling enough, though.

Okay. Let the pictures do the talking. LOADS of talking. =X

YongQuan's masterpiece after we all had our fill. All except him anyway. And he polished the entire thing off. It even had strawberry jam in it. Eww.

Buying the entrance tickets for the theme park after breakfast! WHEE! I think we bought both the indoor and outdoor theme park tickets!

YongQuan and SuXin.


1st ride was the Flying Coaster outside the Theme Park. Had to pay for those. Lol. We got our picture taken, but seriously. Everyone looked petrified that it was so funny.

*ahem* Hahahahaha. So apt.

Rolling thunder mine train. Or something along those lines. Lol.

Michelle and ZhongKai.

JieHao acting all emo. Lol. Nice scenery though. ^-^


They're going off the edge!! o.0 Just kidding. =D

Us. ^-^

ZhongKai and Michelle.

SuXin and YongQuan.

The Dinosaurland thingy was so... Overrated. Haha. Not scary at all. But the loud sounds did make me jump.

Nice scenery from the top of Dinosaurland.

Him and me! See the rollercoaster behind? It's the Corkscrew. Lol. We all went on the Corkscrew like twice, just to find out where the camera was. And managed a perfect shot on our second try. The first was super laughable. I bought a copy of the 2nd shot!

YongQuan and SuXin. Haha Height "difference". o.O

ZhongKai and Michelle~

Us girls! A very clear view of that monstrosity behind us. Lol.

Erm. The guys. HAHAHAHAHA.
Psst: ZK's armpit hair has been edited away~~

ZK took like... more that 20 pictures of the koi we fed. =.= These can be found in the water where the boats going to the Dinosaurland are in. Really many greedy ones. And some even slithered on top of the others above water. It was like so packed it became ground. Lol.

Him and me!

After many many rides which scared the hell out of JieHao (he has not taken any rollercoaster rides, ever =X ), we took the less scary ones. Like the merry-go-round. =D

Michelle and ZhongKai.

SuXin and YongQuan didn't join us on the merry-go-round because they went on the Spinner. Lol.

SuXin and YongQuan.

There were funny looking animal bushes/bonsai around the entire place. This, we assumed, was a pig. Lol.

YQ and SX, after coming down the Spinner. This picture didn't show it, but they couldn't walk straight. LOL.

ZK and Mich going for a try on the Spinner too.

Them, with SX and YQ behind. Lol. Crazy people.

Us both! While waiting for the others.

Lol. JieHao, with water going into his nose instead of mouth XD

Us! Aboard the Ferris Wheel, with Mich while waiting for ZK when he went to try the Space Shot. He's on his own for that. None of us went with him. Lol.

YongQuan and SuXin in the "balloon" before us.

Went to many other rides, though didn't take some. No go-karts though. Closed for maintenance. After we were done with the games outside, we went indoors for food. Lol. Claypot pig's trotters and bak kut teh. Not bad. We tried some of those indoor rides like the Rio Float (fun), Euro Express (fun), Adult Bumper Car (super fun) and 4D motion Master (this sucked like hell).

In my whole Genting experience, I've never ventured into the Ripley's Believe it or Not or the Haunted Adenture. These 2 take up quite a bit of space in the indoors. We went ahead and bought tickets!

Haunted Adventure was freaky. Lol. Some 3D thingy. Van Helsing? 3D glasses and dim lighting. I was pretty freaked out when some people jumped out from the shadows. Though I must say that the people infront of us didn't exactly want to move forward, thus leaving those behind stuck inbetween. Irritating. I was 'shielded' throughout the entire ordeal! ^^

Next up, Ripley's Believe it or Not. There were... SO MANY BLOODY THINGS INSIDE!!! Seriously, I forgot to bring my camera out, otherwise I would have been happily snapping away. Some things were just wayyyy cool. Some were just plain gross. We spent a few hours inside the place without knowing. Lol. And when we realised, we weren't even near the end.

One really funny thing was that at a point in the place, there were these toilets, facing each other across the corridor. JieHao was quite outraged, because there was this guy inside the female toilet, and hurried me away. Lol. I wanted to push the door open =X Afterwards, we told the rest about it (we all walked at different speeds), and SuXin and YongQuan said they tried to push the door open too, but the door was stuck. Hahaha. WAX FIGURES!!! XD

Picture of Mich trying to support the tower of books, not. Lol.

Many interesting things inside, worth the money. Not the Haunted Adventure though. Shopping afterwards! Couldn't remember what I bought. Felt like many things. Lol. Went back to nap, bathe, refresh ourselves then come out for dinner. Though nobody was hungry due to late lunch. Haha.

Coffeebean it shall be then.

Mocha-latte (hot) for me, Chocolate fudge cake for us, and a chocolate something (long long name) for him.

SuXin and YongQuan's

ZhongKai and Michelle's.

And we went for foot reflexology! Haha. Not very very cheap, but hey, that was the 1st time any of us had foot reflexology!! So interesting. JieHao and I were half-tearing with laughter. Sensitive soles, the bane of our lives. Lol. But it was good, really good. Even though my feet felt as though the skin was scraped off. Lol. But it didn't hurt after awhile.

Somehow, I got quite scared in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep. So all 6 of us went to play cards in YQ and SX's room. I'm so sorry about that. Went out to the McDonald's for supper. The porridge was really really good. Calming. Why don't we have it in SG anymore?!!

JieHao and I bunked in YongQuan and SuXin's room afterwards. I apologise for my crazed mind. Must have been the caffeine. And JieHao didn't sleep well because he was waking up every 5 mins to check on me. Thank you my boy. <3

Day 03

Packed all our stuff, then checked out. Went to put our stuff at the luggage place where we can collect them afterwards. Had brunch at this little place called "Flavors". Lol. I quite like the food there. Especially the lobster thingy. SOme deep fried thing with fish cake-like stuffings which were supposed to be lobster. Haha. I think it's the mayo that makes it nice. Then went shopping around to wait for the time to go board the bus. Lol. Finally, after a long wait, we get to board the bus and well, home sweet home!

Julius and Papa sleeping. =X

I remembered to bring Julius home okay. And 13th September is his 1st year birthday!! ^^

P.S: Updated on November 25th. Took me ages to upload the photos. XD Sorry for the lag. ^^

P.P.S: Updated and added Day 03 into this entry. Haha. 25/11/2007