Friday, June 30, 2006

A little something I wrote...

...last week for Biochemistry's RJ. Lol. Tangent has the weirdest questions, but are fun to write, unlike those facilitators with no creativity. Bleh.

Question: Write a RJ by completing the following sentences: I am a newly born urine molecule. Here in the warm and cozy bladder of my master, I met many "friends from all walks of life"...

I am a newly born urine molecule. Here in the warm and cozy bladder of my master, I met many "friends from all walks of life". There were others like me, inside the bladder of my master. When I awoke, I was in a daze. Then I realized that the other urine molecule next to me was stirring, so I gathered my courage and started chatting with him. He was really friendly, and he knew a lot of other urine molecules, and introduced them to me. While we were chatting happily, getting acquainted with each other, and wondering what we were doing there in the bladder, there was sudden movement around us, and everyone started panicking! It felt as though there was this force sucking us downwards, and we tried to grab hold onto each other, but some of them lost their grip, and got lost. I was so confused, from the weird falling feeling to worrying about my newfound friends. Then I realized that the screaming got louder, but there was a sound like a waterfall too in the direction we were headed. Suddenly there was no longer a tunnel we were in, but were starting to freefall. Whoa! I got the fright of my life! I thought I was going to die! Then I hit something in a bowl, and went "splash", and saw my friends inside! We were all in shock, and then realized that we left our master! Next thing we knew, there was a swirl and we were sucked down into another tunnel... Bye master! T.T

Haha. Felt like a p-schooler's composition! Super funny. Cannot stop laughing everytime I read it. Did I really write that? Must be because I wasn't feeling well, then I wasn't thinking straight. Remember I puked that day too, and I even came home late. LOL! Such creativity from a sick person. *tsk tsk* HAHAHAHA!!!

I'm going to bed already. Freakin' hell. I finally made it to school, because my body wasn't aching as bad as yesterday's. Hee. So many things happened today. Sweetness. Now the class knows. LOL. >.<

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I hate this.

What's wrong with me these days? I should be enjoying my life, not staying at home, sick in bed. Like WTF?! Why can't I just get well? Why does one illness come after another? Previously, during the 2 week break, it was sore throat and heatiness and all that usual crap. Then when I started to feel better, I started puking. Last Wed, Fri, Sun, this Mon, and Wed. Freak man. Then I went to the doc's on Mon, Wed, and most probably today again. Bleh. 1st 2 doc's the usual one I go to, then later on, most probably a chinese doc. I hate chinese docs. Bitter meds. Eeew.

Yesterday was like the worst. My shoulder muscle. Hurt like nuts. From the 2nd meeting, all the way till after school. I even slept on the class floor. Damn uncomfortable the whole day.

I came home, ate dinner, meds, then slept all the way till this morning. Waking up in between sometimes, for a short while. I didn't even do my RJ. I'm like so freakin' dead now. Pharmaco sucks.

I hate myself for being so weak. I want to get well soon.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Erm... Late post?

Haha. It's been like so damn long ever since I last blogged! Oh no... My blog is like almost officially dead to the world!! LOL. Went Genting for 5 days 4 nights during the 2 week break, then after I came back, went out practically every single day. The trip wasn't that bad, except that my mum's siblings treated me like a mobile map for the whole time, and I wanted to come home asap. >.< And I even remember I wasn't feeling well before I went, and was worse after I came back. How bad is that? Haha.

This is like the 2nd week since school started, and I'm sick, again. Been puking like nuts.

But life's good. =)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back from Genting!

Boo! I'm back! Haha. 4 days of natural airconditioning and about a day of numbing my arse off in the bus.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


MY GOSHHH!!! My throat's getting worse. And to think I've downed gallons of water. It isn't helping, AT ALL. And I haven't finished packing. I don't have enough sleep too, though that can be easily solved in the bus journey tomorrow. I'm so freakin' dead! Oh no.


- sore throat
- dry cough
- sun burn
- lack of sleep

Seriously, I'm going to go to the doctor's when I get back, if I'm still like that. OH NOOOO... NO HEATY FOOD!! AHHH!!! I WANT!!! T.T

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tiring day...

Went out till quite late yesterday... 060606! Cool date huh. Love it. But! I hit my head against a damned power box. Wonderful. Now my head has this hugeass bump. Lucky it's not my forehead. >.<
Chocz's chocolate fondue. Yum. Marshmallows are behind!! I like! >.<
During. What a mess we made. Wasted. LOL.
After!! Nothing left!! Haha. Sweetness.
Oh yeah oh yeah!! We saw 3 rainbows! Near one another! Small ones, and couldn't catch them on camera, so... BUT BUT BUT!! SO NICE!!! And there're 2 chalk artists outside Esplanade. Soooo cool can. Nice nice nice. I think I walked alot yesterday. But who cares? I had fun. That's all that matters.


Almost couldn't get my arse out of bed today. I actually prayed that it'll rain. Wow. Because... That woman wanted to go to Wild Wild Wet! To get tanned. Why do I have friends who can't get tanned, but always want to go out in the sun, just to tan, AND HAVE TO DRAG ME ALONG?!! I tan easily. Like what the hell. Thanks ah, Eunice. You win. Lucky it wasn't too sunny. I would have died there. LOL. Next time, please, for goodness sake, don't go swimming when you want to tan. You just turn a shade of dirty greyish-brown I think. Super gross. We shall go Sentosa next time. Hee.

OH YAAA!! And I hit my head again. ^%^$%(*$#!! That damned float behind me turned over, and the handle hit my head. Thanks alot. Now I've got 2 bumps on my head. Win liao.

My face was like red when we were still out in the water, but after I bathed, my face was freakishly pale. LOL. Wonder what happened. Now it's red again. Idiot. Pray I wouldn't peel. Didn't get much of a tan though. THANK GOODNESS. Haha. I'm still indecisive. Should I just go ahead and tan, or stay my color? Hee. I don't know.

Crayfish thingy Spaghetti from Swensens. My dinner. Yum.

I shouldn't have eaten so many heaty things these few days. Freakin' hell. Now my throat hurts. So rare for that to happen. Oh nooo... I have no wish to fall ill!! Especially during the holidays. This sucks. Better drink more water.

I still want to go Genting in good condition, not with medications. Bleh.

-Shan't say anything more-


Let's just leave it as it is now.

Thou shalt not assume things without real answers.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rollercoaster emotions

Seriously, what's happening? Me getting all upset over a small matter. PMS is a major thing for all women I guess.

Was watching "Quill" again and chatting. Spent like more than an hour just finishing up Disc One. Shed a few tears, as usual. Wonder why animals make me cry more than watching a drama? Maybe it's because they can't act as well as humans, and their expressions are written all over their faces. I mean, when I watch a drama the 1st time round and cry, possible. 2nd time, highly impossible. But no matter how many times I watch shows about dogs or other animals, I will tend to cry. And this is like the umpteenth time I've watched "Quill". I wasn't being angry with you. It's just that... I don't know. I was feeling kind of down from watching Quill... When I'm happy, it's kind of difficult to upset me. But when I'm down, a small thing can make me even more upset. That armor's gone for a moment, that's why.

I hate it when I cry, but I love the show. So what the hell am I supposed to do??!

I haven't been able to sleep well since the start of the holidays. Like what the hell?! I'm supposed to be having a SUPER FRUITFUL holiday, catching up on my sleep. What do I get? Insomnia. Thanks man. And when I finally manage to sleep, damned the construction going on in front of Deyi; you woke me up. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!! I'm still sleeping dammit.

I think I know why I'm so cranky. I don't have enough sleep. Fuck.

I don't like it when my emotions go out of my control. Too many things I feel. I don't like to assume things anymore, because I might be wrong. Just tell me the answer.

It's the little things that make up the big picture. They count.

-Make me smile-

P.S: Lovely date, by the way. 060606. LOL. Bro's going to be back in like less than 5 hours' time. 10 days without him... Bliss. Just kidding. Wonder what he looks like now.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


...I feel like hugging someone and crying in the person's arms. Have you ever had the urge? Wonder what it feels like... Hmmm. Food for thought.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pet Movers again...

Thanks ah, Eueu. Making me go out on the 1st day of our precious school holidays (two measly weeks nia). I could have slept more. But being the nice person I am, I went out with you, to this stupid place you call "heaven". LOL. SUPER LONG WAY TO WALK THERE CAN?!!

It's just at the end of this road. Yeah, like you can actually see the end...
We actually waited for the damned road to be emptied (it was kinda busy at certain times, like a lot of cars will suddenly come, then no more. Weird), then run out to the middle of the road to take a picture. Nuts, I know. Because the cars came from behind almost immediately after taking this picture. LOL.

The way out... Only the start of that road can be seen... The road just goes on and on and on...

Both pictures were taken halfway between the main road and Pet Movers. Endless endless road. All for the sake of her wanting to see the dalmation puppies. Not very cute I must say. All had these black patched on their eyes. Like pandas. Imagine when they grow up. EEW.

BUT BUT BUT!!! There was this EXTREMELY CUTE BLACK TOY POODLE!! OMGOSH!!! CAN TOY POODLES GET ANY CUTER?!?!?!! They have curly fur, unlike the exploding types of the normal poodle you see, toy poodles have curly curly soft soft silky silky fur!!! SOOOO NICEEE LAAA!!! And this one's fur was covering it's eyes. BLACK FUR COVERING BLACK EYES!! Totally can't see the eyes!!! SO CUTE LAAA!! I swear I'm going to have at least ONE toy poodle in my life. They are like the cutest little things!!!

I think I'm going nuts. Throughout the whole journey there and back on the train (after taking a bus from Pasir Ris interchange <--> the stop at Farmway 2), when listening to my mp3 with Eueu, we started singing very very off-key to Blue's songs. Maybe it's just me. Haha. But we were laughing like crazy. In the train. Loudly. How much more embarrassing can we get? Lol. Crazy things happen when I'm with her. Like seeing Steven Lim whenever we walk past Tangs. Always. Only when we go together. Like if someone else we know was there, we wouldn't see him. Otherwise, yeah. WE ARE LIKE SUPER SUAY LA!! Whatever. Totally out-of-point. Lol.

Maple is lagging like nuts. Think it's my internet connection that's acting up. THIS SUCKS BIG TIME. I hate it when this happens.

-I want to spend the holidays wisely. Teach me how-