Wednesday, May 31, 2006


This just came up in my mind suddenly.

B1: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B2?"
B2: "I think I'm thinking what you're thinking, B1"
B1: "I'm thinking of blablabla, are you, B2?"
B2: "Yes B1! That's what I was thinking of!"

Sounds abit off from the original, but I don't care. It's just something I remember from too much television in the past.

How I wish this was true in real life.
Everyone'll be truthful.

Is this right?

I don't know what to assume.
Maybe I should stop thinking.
*becomes an airhead*
This is seriously confusing.
Thou shalt not probe further. =X

Thank goodness I skipped school today.
Less thinking done, since I slept till 12.30pm.

*smile smile smile*
Oops. Can't.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Grandma's birthday *edited*

*edited* New pictures added below...



*mumble* "I don't wanna read anymore... Zzz..." *mumble*

Damn the rain.

Was extremely lazy today. Ha. Woke up late because of the damned heavy rain in the morning. Just went straight back to bed until about 12? Was super super tempted to just skip class and go back to bed. But because I'm such a person with so much responsibility *ahem*, I managed to get my arse to Toa Payoh. Just kind of later than usual. Love ya Ti! So sorry for making you wait so long. =X

My breakfast + lunch.

Class was a headache as usual. Thank goodness you-know-who didn't come. I would've skinned her from my lousy mood + her stupid ramblings. She should be thankful. My head was full of fluff by the time 5pm came. Fuzzy woozy stuff. I'm going to be the 1st one in history to flunk Elementary One.

Nice sunset. So rare nowadays, since I'm not even home when it sets. =P

Off topic:
There's something that puzzles me, because sometimes when I look out of my room window (Deyi Sec's across the road, downstairs), sometimes there's this room in one of the blocks that keeps the lights on. Weird. A little freaky. But... I'm curious. Haha. Contradicting, I know. But I'm naturally curious, so please please please always finish what you start saying, otherwise I'll keep thinking about it.

Kinda bright now, but I haven't had time in the middle of the night to get a better picture.

That idiotic room. How I wish I knew what's going on.

Back to topic at hand: Grandma's birthday dinner.
Went to Aunt Tricia's shop after class, since the shop is at Toa Payoh and they're going too, and I was too lazy to travel all the way home. Luckily, Grandpa was there, so he drove me home. Yay! At least I wouldn't be late (Aunt Tricia + family = always late).
Dinner was at the usual place, somewhere in Toa Payoh. Haha. Grandpa just loves to eat there. Wonder why.

We are all narcissitic. Haha. Since Sis brought the digicam, why not? LOL.

Me + Sis. Do we look alike? (Please say "No")

Jojin + Me.

Me + Janice. Her bunny ears are lop-sided! My hair's messy. >.<

Me + Grace. Love the both of them. So well-behaved, unlike some "monster" kids.

Jojin + Jino.

My Grandparents.

Janice looks so sad trying to finish her slice of cake. =(

Jojin carrying Sis's handbag with her cardigan over his shoulder. Haha. And he doesn't mind!

Oh yeah. When Aunt Tricia + family arrived, we were all kind of puzzled. In order of their position *think snake*: Aunt Tricia, Uncle Steven, Jojin, Jino, girl. Lol. Weall thought she was Jojin's girlfriend until they came closer, then we realised that Jino and the girl were holding hands. Interesting. Because the last time we saw them, was during Grandpa's birthday (can't remember when, but not very long ago). And he wasn't attached then.

Haha. Jojin sat at our table then the rest of them sat at other one, together with my grandparents. Poor girl. Must have had such a fright. I would have freaked out if it were me. Everyone started grilling Jojin then. LOL. Should have seen his face. He didn't even know Jino (his younger brother) was attached until today, when he went home and saw the girl in the house (they stay above the shop). We then started betting how long they've been together. Uncle William is kind of slow, he guessed 6months - 1year? Lol. He totally forgot the last time he saw Jino (= unattached).

Here's the list of "bets" from our table:
6mths to a year - Uncle William
3 mths - Ryan + Daddy
2 mths - Sis
1 mth - Me
2 weeks - Aunt Ai Kheng + Jojin

Guess who won? 2 weeks. -.-" Lol. Next target was all at Jojin, asking him why he didn't bring his girlfriend along, etc etc. Poor thing. But he's really very gentleman. Haha. Bet it's because of his mum, Aunt Tricia. Both sons are very very well-mannered to girls. Cool eh? Open doors, help carry bags (even handbags), helps take food, peels prawns!! Too bad. But... too nice is also not a good thing. Haha. Women are such hard-to-satisfy creatures.

Ahhh.. Such is sweet young love..

Dinner was like normal, those dish-after-dish type. So fattening. >.<" Now I have to get the pictures from Sis. Idiot. Just give me the stupid memory card la. Then I can blog in peace. d-.-"b I'll edit after getting the pictures. I hope.

Picture of the 4 of us from Grandpa's birthday! >.<

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Need sleep soon...

I seriously need to catch up on my sleep, or I'll be gone before the holidays arrive at the end of next week.

Recapping the week (or so):

Watched Over The Hedge! Dammit. That show's so funny, you'll never regret spending your money on it. That is, if you like lame shows. Or shows that crack you up with their antics. Had fun. ^-^

Dental appointment. Wonderful. I'm now lime green. LOL.

Went to Marina Square to "window shop". Fun fun fun. But tired. Haha.

Got caught for eating in class by that b*tch of a security guard. Of all the times, when this is one of the rare few times I ate in class. Wow. How much "luckier" can I get? While I was filling out my information and stuff, she caught me wearing slippers. Like WHAT THE FUCK?! I'm just thankful there's no fine, and I was in a "nice person" mode. I would've clawed her eyes out otherwise. I shouldn't have written my real information. Should've filled my name as "Mrs Claus" or something. Dammit. Argh. Trying not to recall that embarrassment. *blush* LOL.
Think happy thoughts...

Oh yeah. The RAIN after school. What the hell. It was only drizzling, but the damned walkway was flooded. Serious. No joke. I didn't realise it until... well. I was waddling in the "pool". It's almost deep enough to be a baby pool. Argh. Gross.

Went to do my nails with Eueu. It's now translucent pink! So sweet... With nail art on my thumbs. I like. Hee.

Fri (today)
Pharmacology UT1. Total piece of shit. I'm going to flunk all the way I think. >.< Went to watch X-men III after school at Lido with Ti, Eueu and her dad. Eueu's daddy had 4 free tickets, so we went. Haha. Some bank thingy. It was in the upstairs theatre!! The extremely huge one to be exact. Cinema 2. Haha. Nice nice nice. Had someone to walk home with after that. =D

I'm one happy girl. Haha. I think. Lol. Other than the dental and UT, this week would've been perfect. But the problem is, I've been looking worse everyday in class. I don't know why either. Just feel very drained and moody. Feel very sick too. Don't know how to describe this feeling. Think it's the school. Stress? But I don't feel as though I've been doing any work these few weeks (not days). I'm such a slacker.

Have you ever had this bouts of mood swings? I don't know whether "mood swing" is the correct word, but when people talk to you, you smile. When you turn around and are alone, you feel down almost immediately. Within the snap of fingers, your mood changes drastically. And the whole point is, sometimes you really meant it when you laughed, but your "mood meter" still drops after that. Weird.

I've got this bad habit, which is whenever I feel tired, I'd just squat down. It doesn't really matter where I am, because I just have no wish to faint. I remember I squat down like 3 times today. LOL. Once outside class, on the way to the toilet. The another time in the toilet, next to the sink. After that was in class, along the empty wall. Do I really look very ill? Guess my classmate are observant, or very caring. The girls were trying their best to make me laugh the whole day. Nice people. Hee. Thanks for the concern!

I think I'll be better after a very very long rest tomorrow.

I think I'll wake up on Sunday instead. Kinda cool, eh?

-I'll try to smile like I really mean it, really-

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tagged by Myra Cheng Wansia!!!

Stupid woman. I didn't see your tag until just when I was blog-hopping!! Shouldn't have seen it. Now I have to tag too. Rawr. And Myra!! You were supposed to tag me on my page!! Didn't even "inform" me. How I know? Lol.

Q1. specify the gender of my perfect lover
Q2. list down 7 qualities of my perfect lover
Q3. tag another 7 bloggers on their page. so if you are tagged by me, you will have to do the same thing.

A1: Male. Like, duh. LOL.

A2: I don't know? Maybe I should just copy some points from Myra. =X I don't care.
- Kind
- Tall
- Caring
- Love me
- Gentleman
- Good looking
- Able to communicate well with me and my good friends

This is full of bullshit. LOL.

A3: Who who who???
- Ti
- Eueu
- Joceyz
- Siying
*edit - MYRA edit*

I DON'T KNOW!! Other than these 4, I don't know who else to tag. Myra, can I tag you again? Then you fill in again, can? Haha.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Opposite Day!!

Hahahaha. Couldn't stop laughing early in the morning. We planned this yesterday!! It's not a coincidence. I didn't expect it to turn out so hilarious! Lol.

Same m)phosis skirt, top frm Zara too. And we bought both on the same day during the holidays. Just opposite colors. But there's a difference! My top is full length sleeve, hers is 3/4. SO THERE IS A DIFFERENCE OKAY!!! Hahaha.

Thank goodness my hair isn't straight or short anymore. I cannot stand people calling us twins/sisters. I don't want to look abit LIKE HER... =X Lol.

Were we very obvious? Kind of embarassing to walk together. Lucky there was Ti. Haha.

Was my skirt very short? I don't know, but a handful of girls from class told me that. Hmmm. They should've seen the shorter ones I wear. That was already longer than usual. Haha. I doubt I'll wear a skirt to school anymore. So embarassing.

Sleep sleep sleep.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Understanding Tests...

Understanding tests, my arse la. Seeing all these dates just make me feel sick. 2 down, 18 more to go. My most dreaded one, Applied Chemistry, coming up on monday. I'm so freakin' gone.

04/05 - Biochem UT1
05/05 - Genetics UT

15/05 - Applied Chem UT1 <--- AHHH!!! I.a.m.s.o.d.e.a.d
19/05 - Anatomy UT1
26/05 - Pharmaco UT1

30/05 - Biochem UT2
02/06 - Genetics UT2
23/06 - Applied Chem UT2
26/06 - Anatomy UT2
04/07 - Pharmaco UT2

10/07 - Biochem UT3
14/07 - Genetics UT3
21/07 - Applied Chem UT3
24/07 - Anatomy UT3
28/07 - Pharmaco UT3

04/08 - Biochem UT4
07/08 - Genetics UT4
14/08 - Applied Chem UT4
17/08 - Anatomy UT4
22/08 - Pharmaco UT4

How I wish this is over.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I suppose I'm better now. Slept at 3am. Had a "competition" with Eueu to see who would stay up the latest. She slept at 2.30am. Muahaha. I win, again, like always. I woke up at 4pm? Or maybe 3.30pm. But I went back to bed again, then woke up totally at 4pm. I have no idea how I can stand not eating, since the last time I ate was yesterday, at 6-7pm? Cooked spaghetti to eat as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It's 6.30pm, and I've been thinking ever since I woke up, on whether or not I should move my ass to the hairdresser's, and cut off the curls. They've been bothering me. Even though my usual teammates say it's nice, I think it's starting to "uncurl", if you get what I mean. The curls aren't as well-behaved anymore. I should cut them off, then I can get more sleep. I wake up at 5.30am every single weekday just to wash my hair, because when I wake up, it's one hugeass of a mess.

Had a chat with a very distant friend just now on Msn. Glad I could. Managed to get some form of advice from him, and he made me forget my frustrations for a moment. =) Thanks. At least I found someone to ask from the opposite sex. Hahaha. The thing about chatting with him is that well, I'm very sure I won't see him. =X

Homework homework homework.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cheesecake Day!

Woke up late. Was supposed to meet Ti at 10am. Ended up meeting her at 11.30am. Today was Cheesecake Day! Well, Ti decided that she wanted to try making a cheesecake... So I joined!! Haha. Had loads of trouble just looking for a recipe. Then when we have it, we couldn't decide what type of cheesecake we should make.

- Old-fashioned Cheesecake
- Marshmallow Cheesecake
- Chocolate Cheesecake
- Oreo Cheesecake

Ended up with Old-fashioned Cheesecake. Seriously, next time when we get a recipe, I think it's better we double check the ingredients. We didn't even know what half of the ingredients looked like!! And since the book wasn't from Sg, quite a few of their items are... well, not available. Someone helped. Thanks, otherwise I'd have a panic attack.

I think the process was kind of fun, but tiring. I feel very stressed when cooking. It always happens. I'm too much of a perfectionist. The type who would want her surroundings to be perfect, but when unachieveable, would totally give up, because I don't like to fail.

Fell asleep on Ti's sofa while waiting for the alarm to ring. Two "cheesecakes" were made.

In the oven.

All I can say is... We didn't try it. I don't dare to. I was very scared about how it'd turn out, because it was wobbly when out of the oven. Thank goodness it started to harden when cooled. Now it's too hard. Argh. I hate baking.

A portion removed...

and it looks like crap.

The whole base is stuck to the pan!! Ahhh... I don't care anymore. I tried one tiny bit, and well... I'm not going to eat it. Bleh.

Went house-hunting with grandparents, siblings and aunt + uncle. Viewed 4 houses. All around Lor Chuan that area. Chuan Link, Chuan Drive, Chuan whatever. Grandparents liked the house that I didn't like. And they don't like the house I had my eyes on. Great. I don't know, but they've been house-hunting very seriously these few weeks. And the property agent actually came up at 9.30pm. They're going to give these 2 flats 3 weeks, and if it can get sold for the price they want, we move. If not, we won't. They're taking the chance, just like tossing a coin. Just that this "coin" takes 3 weeks to "land".

Wonder what will the outcome be like. Part of me wants a change of environment, the other part doesn't want to move, because I don't like that house. Wonder who will win.

I feel very frustrated now. Feel like biting the arm of someone, anyone. I have no idea why I'm so frustrated. Maybe it's just PMS. It'll pass. I think. Yeah, right. Time will tell.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mixed feelings

I'm back!! I think. The week's been really hectic. Thanks goodness tomorrow's a public holiday. That simply means that it's a 4 day school week this week. I loathe going to school. The stupid aircon is really out to get me. At least they somehow increased the temperature for yesterday and today. Not that freeze-your-butt-off cold, but just well, cold cold.

Have been wearing Sis's orange Nike jacket. My windbreaker does nuts for keeping me "warm". I actually brought the new cardigan to school. Received positive comments from the girls and such. But!! It's not easy trying to get clothes that match!!! I can really go crazy just over one detail. =X At least this week has been kind of "fun". Surprises.

I feel so stressed out recently, I think I'm going crazy. Seriously, sometimes crying does relieve stress for a moment, but the tears just refuse to flow. That's maybe the reason why I turn to dramas to work my tear glands. At least it makes me feel as though I'm not crying because I have a problem. I'm simply using the storyline as an excuse to feel sad. I think I'm too used to "looking on the bright side of life", being on a "neutral" state than being "unhappy" or "happy". Happiness is vague. A few have already asked me to "think happy thoughts". I can't find a truly happy one. I face everyone with a smile because I think it's better for them to be happy than gloomy because of me. There's no point in getting one more person gloomy when one is enough. I like bringing smiles to people's faces. Who will do it for me?

When will there be a truly happy moment in my life that I'd think of immediately when someone asks me to "think happy thoughts"?

There's this thing about being stressed. I don't even know what I'm stressed over. I feel as though I have alot on my mind, but I just can place a finger on what's bothering me. There're so many things, I don't even know where to start. And it kind of bothers me because I don't know how to phrase anything. I think I'm losing my touch for English. Damn.

I can't seem to be able to get my appetite back. People who know me well should know that I can't stop eating. I've never been on a diet for as long as 2hours. =X Now I don't even have breakfast, and end up with one meal a day. I'm so going to die soon.

Moodswings on the go. Do not piss me off. You've been warned.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Damned the injection

It got worse today. I puked like a total of 3-4 times? I don't know. I lost count. All I remember is rushing to the toilet very very often.

I wasn't very productive today. Thank goodness there're nice people in my team, otherwise I'd be dead meat. Thanks people. I was totally wasted during the 3rd meeting. Even Heikal (the faci) said so. Was it so easy to tell?

I finally gave in and went to the doc's just now. I'm just thankful I didn't faint on the way there, otherwise Eueu would have a panic attack. Lol. That damned doc gave me an injection on my arm. Because I haven't eaten the whole day, and even water came up too, so he said it's highly possible that medicine wouldn't stay long enough in my stomach to digest. So... I've got an injection. Stupid doc. IT HURTS LIKE CRAP CAN?!?!! Ugh.

It's really not my fault I've got no appetite recently. But Eueu wanted to go to Mac, so I accompanied her. I ended up getting double cheeseburger. Lol. And the wonderful thing is that I finished the whole thing, except for the fries.

Now I feel kind of stuffed. Hope I won't puke anymore. Bleh.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weight loss

Since the start of the week till now, I've lost 4 kg!!!

51kg --> 47kg

Wow. Wonders what being ill can do for you. It's not my fault I don't have an appetite.

Click here to go calculate your BMI.
Double wow.

Try tempting me.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


choc mousse
the wild
sent me home

is this my first date ever?

I feel very sick...

I don't know what's wrong with me, but ever since 3 days ago, I've been feeling extremely sick.

Summary of the past few days:

Wed - Pharmacology and Toxicology
Breakfast - 2 Polar chicken pies.
Felt very lethargic during meetings. I though it was just the long weekend's fault. Ended up going to the toilet to puke up an almost empty stomach.
The temperature in my classroom is really wonderful. How much colder can that get??!!
1 Panadol extra with Vitasoy.
Cabbed home with Eueu.
2 weird chinese medicines from Grandma. EW
9 hours of sleep.

Thurs - Biochemistry
No breakfast, just water chestnut and sugar cane juice.
1 Panadol Extra
Stupid UT made me so nervous.
Rushed for meeting for FOP games.
Went off almost immediately because meeting Sis.
Ate dinner at Yoshinoya, my only meal for the whole day.
Cabbed home.
Had difficulty breathing and felt giddy.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm bored.

I'm so bored that the amount of boredom inside me is collecting so much, I'm going to burst real soon.


Someone, please entertain me if you see me online.

Beta just simply refused to sign me in using my hotmail account. Dammit. I have to use gmail at the moment. I even reset my damned password.