Saturday, April 29, 2006


"Mummy mummy! I want to eat Pringles'!!!"

"What flavour do you want?"


". . ."

Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm so stressed out...

Week 2 out of 16 weeks has just ended.

To summarise the start of school till now, it's been one %$^*($# of a start. For starters, the whole atmosphere is totally different from that of when I was in Year 1. Everyone feels so smart, they make me feel stressed.

The school is new (like, duh), so the air-con is well, new. AND THEY JUST HAVE TO FREEZE THEIR PRECIOUS SAS STUDENTS.The whole place is freezing, like a permanent freezer. I know there's a Cold Room on level 1, but there is NO NEED to turn the whole place into a freezer. And guess what? W3 is the freakin' coldest. The other blocks have normal temperatures. Like ^%*( can?!?! I should start stocking up on winter clothings. Damn. And to think the hottest season is round the corner.

I somehow wasn't used to coming back to school after the 6 weeks of holidays, and well... I got a fat C for my 1st day module. RAWRRR. But nevermind, he gave me a B for this week's work. I did quite badly for the 1st week (2Cs in week 1, wow), so I decided to work harder this week. Well... All I can say is that I've been improving. Hehe.

But the whole problem is that I think I'm going to fall ill. Too much stress, too little sleep and too much killing of my brain cells. Life is sad. I'm going to try to hold out until week 14, then see if I can skip the last 2 weeks. I'm not going to go to school unless my grades suck. Too bad I can't skip now, because I'll just end up more lost than ever the following weeks.

I didn't think I would actually blog, but for now, I suppose I'll only blog once a week or something.

P.S: this is seriously much much much longer than my RJs..

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lost souls day?

Hahaha. It's certified!!! Today, April 27th, is Lost Souls Day!

You know, I know.

Must celebrate every month!!! Poor poor people...

4th Thursday of the month!

Poor souls who were lost.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Goong fever!!! (for me, because I'm slow)

I think my blog died. I think so.

I was super bored the day before, so I was surfing youtube for shows to watch. Watched DBSK's short shows and clips and stuff, and went to search for dramas instead. HAHAHA. Don't ask me why that happened suddenly. It just did. I went to look for "Goong" because Ti was going crazy over it, but refuses to burn into dvd because all the subs are not out yet. I read the manhwa (Korean version of the Japanese "manga") before only.


I'm going crazy. When I started watching, it was already night. And I watched 8 episodes in one shot until 7am. LOL. I'm crazy, I know. I just finished watching until episode 19, which is the latest subbed episode. I WANT TO WATCH EPISODE 23!!! THEY KISSEDDDD!!! Haha. I cheated, and just watched the non-subbed episode. CANNOT HELPPPPP ITTTT..... Hahaha.

I want I want I want!!!


I'm suffering from withdrawal of Goong!!! EEEK!