Friday, March 24, 2006

I've got my precious one... finally.

Since this post.

AND I FINALLY GOT IT. After waiting for SO MANY FREAKIN' MONTHS FOR IT TO COME IN STOCK. Wtf. I can't believe I actually waited so long for a dumb watch.


But it's worth it.
I love my mother.

I saw another watch that I would like, but not sure whether or not I should get it, if I actually have the money.


And there's this bracelet from Swatch too, that I like. Because I'm trying to get a new bracelet to replace my current Perlini one, so I went to check out the bracelets Perlini has, but all doesn't look too good. And the one from Swatch is PWOAR! I like.

Type: Bracelet
Design: JBM028

I want I want I want.
There's actually a set of earrings, ring, bracelet and necklace. There's also a matching watch! But wearing all together is too overwhelming. I just want the bracelet, earrings and ring. Not much. LOL.

I've been shopping excessively recently. Need to cut down. Oooh! I want to buy!!!
Oops! Haha. I just can't help myself.


I'm off to dreamland, where I've got lots of money and lots of things to buy!

Muahahaha. Sweeettt Dreamssss.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My addiction...

Salmon salmon salmon. Oh how I love Sakae's salmon sushi.

Damn chio picture of Thierry.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Photowhore of a kitty

Sony Ericsson camera phones are notorious for their loud click of the camera whenever you try to try a picture. Thierry actually changes his position when he hears the click go off. I took the following pictures consecutively, with little time in between other than time for a better angle to capture the pictures.

He doesn't do this often, only when he is in a good mood, and most probably 1/2 asleep. He just simply reacts that way sometimes when I try to take pictures of him while he's sleeping. Weird cat.

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I have a certified photowhore for a cat. LOL. Damn cute.

P.S: I don't know why there're so many white dots. Maybe I should upload them again...

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Monday, March 13, 2006

That one Cat who took my breath away...

"Sigh, stupid owner..."

How much cuter can he get??!?!

Looks so "princely"... LOL.

"Drunkkk... not.."

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thierry's newest furniture

I finally managed to get a tall scratching post for Thierry darling!!! Hahaha. It has been my wish ever since... well, ever since. Haha. I love it! The color is like, freakin' hot! Woohoo! Can't get over my joy. Lol. Got it on impulse. Because I can't get a dog, so I went to Joy Doggy to get a piece of furniture for Thierry instead. I wanted a new playmate for my darling, but nobody allows. Hmmph.

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Top part.
See that dented in part? It's soft, like a hammock. Super nice to touch. Hope Thierry likes to sleep in it.

Image Hosted by
Bottom part.

OooOOooOo... I love the scratching post. I just hope Thierry likes it too.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

My 1st ever Japanese lesson. HA!


Met Ti early because we needed to get pens. LOL. Been ages since I've used a blue one. My estimation of time sucks like shit. We reached like about 45 minutes early? Hahaha. Went walking 1 bus-stop down to look for the Adam Food Centre. Damn far. Adam Road's meaning of one bus-stop distance is the usual 2 bus-stop distance at normal areas. My gosh. So f-r-e-a-k-i-n' far.

Went to get a drink, then walked back. Half decided that we'll go back for prata later. Guess it's just a craving-of-the-moment kind of thing. Hahaha.

Was really very nervous when we got into the Japanese Association. My gosh. You should have seen the set of rules they sent to us via snail mail. LOL. A full page long! The place is really very nice, big. Haha. Damn hard to find our way around. Asked the receptionist, because there wasn't any map/escalator around. Hahaha. Before I even asked, she said "3rd floor". LOL. Bet alot of them asked already.

Class was interesting. A native teacher! Oya sensei! She speaks a-l-o-t of Japanese. Like when a person mumbles to herself to remind herself stuff. Hahaha. Her instuctions had all replies like, "HUH?", "What?", "Did she just say something?" Hahaha. Damn fun. Her English pronounciations are, well... she gave it alot of effort. Hee. I like her. Bet her class is going to be even better as it progresses.

We actually had homework to do! So fun.

Had LaLaRamen for dinner! So shiok. I actually like it. Hahaha. Damn spicy, but nice la. All 3 times I ate that, with Ti. Hahaha. She ate different ones everytime, but all spicier. Hee. SALMON SUSHI ROCKS! I LOVE! Muahahaha.

Ciao. I shall go do my homework! Muahahaha. Been such a long time ever since I said the word "homework". LOL.