Thursday, February 23, 2006

My 2nd sexy baby!!!

My new love after Rain (no one can beat him, only Thierry, but just a different category).


Hahaha. I can't wait for King's Men to show in Singapore!!! I want to SEE HIM!!!

So hard to fins his information on the net. Different spellings for his name.

Lee Joon-Ki. Lee Jun-Ki. Lee Jun-Gi. Lee Joon-Gi. SUPER HARD TO FIND!!! Argh. But nevermind. I managed to dig up tons of photos. Hahaha. Not going to post all... Must keep for myself! Hehehe. Freakin' hell. He looks good both as a guy AND a girl. My new lover. Hahaha. Heard that he's the hottest thing now in Korea. Because of "My Girl" and "King's Men / The King and the Clown". WHEEEE!!! That means more pictures of him for me!!!

Tata. I'm going to picture surf somemore.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm bored... I want to watch "My Girl", AGAIN!

I'm superr bored. Should I watch "My Girl", again? Hahaha. Finished it on Monday night. Actually got it on Sunday night from Ti. Lol. Cabbed down to her house just for a show! Things I do for shows to watch... My gosh. I rushed through the whole show!!! HAHAHA. But DAMN NICE!!! So freakin' funny!!! Imagine hearing sudden laughter in the middle of the night, around 2am. My poor neighbours.

One of the cast!!! SO HOT LA!!! LEE JOON KI!!! My new love! Hahaha.. But cannot win Rain. Bleh. Lee Joon Ki is very very very pretty! His face! OMGosh.. *drools* And he's 24 years old! Cannot see it la! Wah lao. HOT HOT HOT!

Lee Joon Ki = HOT

My Precious Sexy Babies *grin* :
1) Rain
2) Lee Joon Ki

Others (same ranking):
Yamashita Tomohisa
Oguri Shun
Kamenashi Kazuya
Matsumoto Jun
Kwon Sang Woo
Hyun Bin
Song Seung Hun

Hahahaha... Notice something? They're all either Korean or Japanese. Ooops! Hehehe.

Finally squeezed an entry outta me. Phew.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Image Hosted by

I thought my blog kind of lacked in the more professional Thierry pictures recently, so I dug through all my folders and decided to upload one! Hehehe. I can be a professional photographer. Good enough.

Superrrr CUTE LA!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sorry? Did you say something?

I know I haven't been blogging for some time. Oops! Hahaha. I shall just ignore the fact that those days really existed once upon a time in my life. Or maybe blog only when I'm free. I'm totally busy these days.

Ti and I rushed to town like mad people today just to get our passport-sized photos taken. For? Well, for signing up of the Japanese Elementary 1 course!!! Hahaha. We signed up already!!! It was kind of rushed because we only knew about it yesterday, because that idiotic guy only emailed me then. No prior notice. Grrr. I think know it's going to be fun, but also tiring.


I managed to get a course transfer from Biotechnology ---> Biomedical Sciences!!! YAY!!! Hahaha. Then to go Monash, I also need to take up 2 extra electives, and have to go to school on Wednesdays. *cry* It was supposed to be a rest day for us!!! But nevermind. I suppose I'll be extremely busy real soon, starting from the 5th of March, when my lesson starts. Hehe.

I need a job. Really. Can someone please help? Hahaha. My expenses has really hit the roof.

Things I have to pay/save for:
- w800i $488 (minus $150 voucher and trading in of my k700i, $150)
- Japanese Elementary 1 Course ($160-$180??)
- Lappie RAM upgrade 512 ($110?)
- Something flowery *secret* ($50)

I don't have that much money. Hello? I'm not that rich, okay? Hahaha. Hope everything turns out alright.

My hair is turning into a mess. Ugh.