Friday, January 13, 2006

Brace yourself!!!

Well, I've gotten my braces already. Left school early to get to the dentist on time. Was almost late. So not good for my nerves. Bus was late, or I missed the previous bus by a second. Half-ran half-briskwalked to the dentist. My gosh. I almost died on the way. Grrr. Stupid drizzle.

I had to wait like crap just for my turn. Maybe it seemed like a long time to me, but when you are nervous, time crawls. She (dentist) attached those square like metal thingys to each of the top row of my teeth first. I think the most uncomfortable part of the process was that you had to keep all your teeth dry in order to stick those things on, and she literally stretched my mouth like nobody's business. That hurt like crap in addition to my dry chapped lips. UGH. Then I had to wait outside for the thing the completely dry. Took a long long time. Lucky I brought my n30 to read Narnia.

Grandpa came when I was waiting for it to dry, then I went in. Erm... One of those things came out from the back tooth. And thus, I had to wait somemore. Life is sad. Hahaha. When it was my turn to attach the wire thingy, the assistant ask me what color "rubberbands" I wanted. Pink wasn't available, so I chose the color that was next closest. Turned out to be hot pink. Hahaha. I swear it was purple when I chose it!!!

The wire felt weird, but it didn't really hurt much. Maybe it will start hurting tomorrow. Delayed reactions. Hahaha. All I know is that it is very difficult to eat because the food keeps getting stuck!!! Super troublesome to brush too.

My brushing equipment. Hahaha. Sort of.

Tata. Teeth-brushing time!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pizza Hutting...

Hahaha. We went to Pizza Hut today, for me to eat something hard now, before getting my braces tomorrow. Lol. So hard to eat with 2 missing teeth. Hmmm... Food was good. We ate the 3 cheese thingy. So cheesy!!! Hahaha.

I'm kind of scared about tomorrow, because a few of my classmates kept scaring me about how much it would hurt or actually hurt them. Because some already had theirs. My gosh. Stop scaring me!!! Hahaha. I'm having mixed feelings. I want to get braces, but I'm afraid it'll really hurt like what they told me.

And it's so close to CNY too. All my favourite foods are eaten around this time, and they are all sweet, sticky, chewy and hard. All not good for teeth with braces. *sigh* But who cares. All for the sake of my teeth.

Tata. I better sleep earlier to calm my nerves.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kachua, Hermes or Benoit???

Managed to skip school. Hahaha. Eueu didn't go too. Ti didn't want to skip because she said that if she did, she would have to stay at home and spring clean. Hahaha. It's still raining like crap. Went to Serangoon to check out the price for stuff to decorate the tank with. Checked out the prices for the sand too. Too bad I didn't get my poscket money today. Serious short on cash. Managed to get a thermometer, an acrylic sheet to act as a lid of the tank there. Went down to J8 next, because we thought the sand we cheaper. Seriously, HahaCrab's prices are there to suck the blood money out of you. Bought a CocoHut, Seashell Food Dish and a seasponge. Left with zero dollars. Hahaha. Poor us.

Incomplete tank, Day 2.

It's still pouring outside. I finally got my hermit crab!!! But... One only... *cry*
Went down to Serangoon (again) with Sis and Eueu this time to get the sand. Soooo much cheaper. Hahaha. But super heavy. Should have gotten my Bro to come along. It does help to have a guy come along when you go out. Hehe. Bought loads of stuff for the hermie. It was after that then I chose the hermie.

That crab is not shy AT ALL. LOL. Had a very hard time choosing only one, because they all look SO CUTE!!! Chose a ladybug shell design one because it looked kinda active crawling all over the other hermies trying to get to the top of the CocoHut. Hermies are supposed to be somewhat shy and stuff, but when that girl picked it up and put it on my hand, it didn't even hesitate and started crawling all around. So cute!!! I didn't hesitate in choosing it too. Bought 3 more shells for it too.

Now there's a problem.

What do I name it???
Sis and Eueu - Kachua (or however you spell it) meaning Cockroach. (eeew)
Ti - Benoit (tea brand)
Me - Hermes (as in the brand)

For me and Ti to choose such weird names... well, it came from Densha Otoko, a Japanese drama I watched the other day. It's based on a true story and is super cute. Hermes and Benoit were mentioned in the show so... Hahaha. You get the idea.

Front of box.

Back of box.

End of Day 3, complete with hermie. Spot the hermie!!!

Thierry trying to spot the hermie?

Hermie. So hard to take a decent picture of it when it's not hiding, and no flash too. Grrrr.

I love my hermie!!!

I had so much fun today.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wet wet fun fun birthday

"Celebrated" my birthday with Eueu. Somehow. Hahaha. I wanted to go out to hunt for tanks, because Ti said that the Cash Converter at Toa Payoh sells tanks for just $4!!! Ahahaha... I'm a super cheapskate, NOT!!! The tank they have at HahaCrabs is damn small, even for the bigger one. I want a tank that has as much floor space as possible for the hermies to run around, not a small tank.

It started pouring ever since like, 2am? Wonderful start of my 18 year old life. Wow. Met Eueu at J8 to see the crabs and ask some stuff and guess what we did? We had a manicure each!!! Hahaha... Superr funn, but it was very troublesome after that because we were afraid of smudging it, so our movements were retarded and very very sloww.

Image Hosted by
My nails. You can't see it, but it's those with 2 tones, and mine is pink and gold. I didn't notice the gold until she painted it on. Argh.

Image Hosted by
See?!?!?! Saded.

We went down to United Square to the Toys'r'us to check out the hermie thingy we saw the last time we were there. Too bad, no more. Hahaha. Sam's Pet and Aquarium shop there was retarded. The prices are skyhigh!!! Stupid shit. I'm only a poor student okay!!! Novena Square next to check out the pet shop there, Pets Kampung or something... No luck. Had ice cream at some cafe like shop on the top level. Very nice. They've got very special flavors. Rocher and Caramel flavours for me, and Rocher for Eueu.

Toa Payoh next, because of the Cash Converter there. Got lost? Hahaha. Not surprising, since we always get lost when we go out. When we reached, there were really quite a lot of tanks. But.... All 2 feet or bigger. How in the world are 2 girls supposed to lug a heavy glass tank home??!?!? Wanted to look for those type of glass bowl that curves in at the top. Erm... I don't know how to explain it, but that's what I want to get. But..... Nothing. Nil. Nada. Nothing caught my eye. The 2 feet tanks were slightly big, but they were still not bad. But the main thing was how to carry it home.

Ended up at AMK. LOL. One big round. Went round and round central to look in the appliances store for a glass bowl. The stupid widths are all not big enough. Had loads of fun in the appliances store. Lucky we didn't break anything. Went to the Cash Converters there instead, hoping for nicer tanks. Hahaha. The 2 by 1 feet tanks are all at $4. Freaking cheap la!!! Hahaha. Bought the $6 2X1 Tank.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

I love it. So much cleaner. But I still have to clean it. Bye!!! Hahaha... I'm going to go clean it out with Dettol. Haha. Still have to air it afterwards. Saded.

What a wet wet fun fun birthday spent.


On my 18th Birthday....

Well, I'm officially 18 as of NOW!!! Muahahaha... But as always, it's only after a full year then I'll actually enjoy being 18. Because you see, majority of my friends are born at the end of the year, being the same "age" and all. And I'm like one of those 1st few who turn 18 at the start of the year. Hehe...

A waste sometimes, because there're just so many things you do with a friend when their birthday comes, like watching M18 shows (lame, I know), buying alcohols without getting caught, being able to take driving lessons, so on and so forth... But if I were to actually wait for my friends to turn 18 1st before doing these, I'll be already 19... Saded sometimes... But still...


I just finish watching Kimi wa Petto with the last few hours being 17... Hahaha...

Happy Birthday to ME,
Happy Birthday to ME.
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

2005 just rolled past like as though it didn't take a full 365 days to do it. How time really flew... I didn't even realise it until it was well round the corner. Time just goes by and never does stop, does it?

Happy New Year!!!

Are your supposed to say "Happy 2005" or "Happy 2006"??? I don't know, but shouldn't you be happy that 2005 has passed? Or are your supposed to be happy that 2006 is here? Don't ask me why, but if you don't understand, it's fine. I don't either.

Haha. Have a fun time!!!

My new year's resolution(s):
-Attend church regularly.
-Hand in RJ on time.
-Stop keeping drafts in Blogger and just write them on time.
-Get a part-time job.
etc etc etc... They are countless... But I can always try harder...