Sunday, October 30, 2005

Super sunday?

Got pissed off in school. Nobody raises their voice at me. Period. Despise you. Enough said. Met up with Mad Manda to catch up. It was really very fun, exchanging new lame stuff and story-telling. A good way to end a bad start of my day.

It was shitty. Literally. Made plans to go out with Mummy and Sis before meeting Shan to go church, but ended up getting diahrrea. The worst thing you could have to end such a wonderful day. Didn't get to go anywhere except for the loo. I want to go shopping!!! Especially with Mummy, since she'll pay for EVERYTHING I get. But, alas. Woe is me.

My day could only get better. Went shopping with Eunice for her pair of shorts. Hahaha. Very fun. Took 3 neoprints. So retarded, but it was really very fun. Eunice wore a skirt!!! Amazing, since she never did so far when she went out with me. She bought the black Perlini's ring. VERY NICE. I want! But, no money. And it's supposed to be a "couple ring". Hahaha. I just love crapping and "laming" with her. So much fun.

We look oh-so-retarded lah...

Well, saw that small drummer again. Singapore's youngest busker. He is sooooooo cute and talented!!! But, he looks a bit too serious for his age, truly. I think kids his age should be out having fun, not performing out in the streets, under the hot sun. But then again, he's talented. That explains everything, I guess. Hmmm. He really has alot of strength to hit the drums. It was absolutely deafening. Nice.

About to go home after loitering around.

Managed to get a new shirt. MY 1ST BLACK T-SHIRT!!! WOW. From NWO. Nice? I like. That stupid reflective strip's from Sis' Crumpler bag. I want one too!
My 1st black shirt eh~!!!
I am so proud of myself. I shall wear more black shirts, since I think I'm fatter and black makes people look slim.

Reached home at about 7pm++? Went out again at 8.30pm with Mummy and Sis, just because Mummy felt like eating sushi. d-.-"b Good for me, because she bought me a new pair of leather slippers, the same pair Ti and I saw when Ti was looking for a new pair of slippers. I like. Very me. Hahaha.

Hahaha. Happy happy Sunday...

Happy Halloween!!!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chicken baked rice...

Accompanied Eunice to Funan to get something done. Ended up lost there. Couldn't find the shop. Went around hunting for RAM instead. So expensive. All I ask for is to up the speed of my lappie. It's seriously lagggggingggg....

Gave up and went to Swensens instead. Cannot resist. Wanted to eat just icecream, but ended up with dinner and no ice cream. Saded. Took loads of pictures instead.

Mummy? What should I eat???

Hehehe... I know what! Cheeeeken baked rice!

Shiok ah!


Let me try...

Wah! Hot!!!

Aw my tongue!

Try again...


Clean plates. No need to wash also can!

Breathing thru a cup.

I finally bought a new lappie bag! Hahaha. Yay. Going back again soon to look for that retarded shop Eunice wants to go to get something done.


Sunday, October 23, 2005


Went out shopping with Sis today. Fun. I managed to get the bag that I saw with Ti on Friday. Hahaha. Nice. But we had to go to 4 outlets before we could find the bag that I wanted. projectshopBLOODbros. When we got to J8 1st, all we could see was the last bag being bought by some woman. My gosh. How unlucky can one get?!?!?! Anyway, Wisma didn't have it. Neither did Taka. Lucky Paragon still had it. I love my new bag.

Went to Suntec afterwards... So bored. Sis wanted to buy a pair of sandals, but too bad. No more. Heh heh heh. Dinner at Pastamania. I so totally missed the food there. Too bad Ti can't eat and Eunice don't like. Beef Bolognaise, mmmmmm... Perlini's next, because I needed to polish my earrings. I have no idea why, but I used to be sensitive to everything that wasn't gold when I was younger. If I wore a silver necklace, the area around my collarbone would have severe rashes that wouldn't go away. For earrings, my ear would actually itch, swell then have pus. Sick. I know. That's why I love gold, white gold and diamonds~~~ Haha. Guess I've outgrown the allergy, though my ears still have those same reactions when I wear those cheap metal earrings. What can I do? Those designs are n.i.c.e. Now silver just simply changes to a black color.

While waiting, Sis and I looked around. Saw the mens' collection. NICE. Very very cool. I finally found the ring Eunice wanted (it's a freakin' $63). Hahaha. Guys' ring. But it's really very nice. Took a fancy to 2 of the mens' bracelet. NICE NICE NICE, I like. Hahaha. Sis bought one for me to "persuade" me to go home because her friend just asked to go play pool. YAY! I win! Muahahaha. Who cares if it's a mens' bracelet or not? As long as it looks good, and I like, nothing is impossible.

I love Meiji Strawberry Yoghurt. Soooooo much better than the Marigold one. Duh.

Nice nice day.

School tomorrow.


-I'm just crapping-

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I might have just saved or maybe, killed two kittens. After going out with Ti, on the way home, 2 blocks away from home, I heard distress cries from a box underneath a block. Found 3 kittens, 1 dead. All looked as though they were newborns, eyes not even opened. Mother was nowhere in sight, and judging from the state of the dead one, she hasn't been around for quite some time either.

Thank God I had the SPCA's number in my phone. Called, guy told me to wait while he contacts his driver. Fine. But the white kitten looked pretty much weak and about to go. Was pretty anxious about it. The other sibling was alive and kicking, and sounded as though it made a vow to wake the whole neighborhood.

SPCA located driver, on the way down to pick the kittens up. Called Bro to get him to come down and accompany me. Passed him the hyperactive one.

Image Hosted by
Palm-sized kitten.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
The hyper one.

When the SPCA guy came, he actually gave me a receipt of some sort. So cool. But I seriously hope that they will not put those two adorable ones to sleep. But still, I guess they can't really help it if they have to do it, right?


Sleepless night, here I come.


Friday, October 21, 2005


Argh. Guess what?! I'm in class now. It's SEVEN THIRTY for goodness sake. Why why why?! All I asked my dad to do was to send me to AMK Mrt station, because I was too lazy to walk there. Anyway, when he turned out of the carpark, he was supposed to go right, not left. Guess what he told me?! "Aiyah... I drive you to school lah..." ...... Thanks alot. Really appreciate that. BUT! I meet Ti and Eunice every morning to go to school together. But, heh, at least I've striked off another "must-dos before we move to Woodlands" from the list.

-Take mrt to school.
-Take bus to school. (more than 1hr on bus 132)
-Take cab to school.
-Dad drive me to school.

What other transportation means are there? DO NOT tell to me to CYCLE. I'll break your limbs before I will actually cycle to school.

Poor me, in class at an unearthly hour. SD asked me to call ZY to chat, since ZY comes to school early. Hmmm. Shall do just that.

Sorry Ti, sorry Eunice... Why should I apologise? It wasn't my fault. Blame Daddy.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Beautiful watch...

I was surfing the City Chain webbie, and I chanced upon this beauty. Click here to see. I'm in love. I'm going to get it if it's the last thing I do. Erm... Maybe not. See how it goes. If it's available in Singapore, that is. I don't know why, but I just like the design. Hahaha. SOLVIL ET TITUS EH! I like I like I like.

Hehe. Praying for anyone to get it for me. I'm going to hunt for it, and when I see it in Singapore, I'll go and bug Mummy. Maybe. I still love the antique looking watch I have at the moment. Cheap, but stylish. I don't care about the price, as long as it looks nice on me.

This is also nice.

Forever Friends.... Nice?

Click the pictures to view the information at the City Chain webbie.

-There are just sooooo many things a girl can want.-

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm crazy, I'm cranky...

I don't know what I've been doing these past few weeks (blogging hasn't been in my agenda), but it seems to me that time has just passed me by. I really don't understand how this could have happened when I was not noticing.

So many things have happened, but I guess the only thing I actually remember doing, is watching those dramas. So many dramas, so little time. I also realized that quite a number of my classmates are drama-freaks too. Hahaha. Love it. Now there're more people to share the shows with. Unlike Eunice who doesn't read or watch dramas, my 2 most favorite activities after sleeping and eating.

Wonder whether Manda's promos are over? Sms me and remind me. I want to go out and get more comics. There is just no reason for me to get my butt down to Central, other than comics. And since comics can be delayed, it seems like I'm not going to get one anytime soon.

I was extremely bored for the past few days, but thank goodness Ti passed me Sang Doo! Let's go to School! today. There are just an endless amount of shows that I want to watch.

Mon and Tue, 7.30pm, Channel U - Trick 3
Mon - Fri, 9pm, Channel 54 - Expressboy

I just found quite a number of shows Fujiki Naohito acted in before, and I guess I'll just try my best to lay my hands on them soon.

I simply love dramas.

Now all I want is to complete Sang Doo, Let's go to school!. Ti has it in DVD format, 3 episodes per DVD. CAN DIE AH!!! It's a total of about 3 hours non-stop per DVD. Thank God for the "pause" button/function.

Not blogging long entries for a long time has made my fingers retarded. Maybe I should start blogging more regularly. RJ's getting very short....




Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Myra's 17th Birthday...


Hahaha... Did up a blogskin for her, BUT... there were problems. I have no idea why, because when I tested it, there were no problems. Hmmm. Eunice and I did the blogskin, while Ti did a "movie", using all the pictures of Myra that I sent her. Hahaha.

Oh ya. And the Lamers finally got a group picture yesterday.

Love it.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Daddy's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday DADDY~!!!

Went to celebrate yesterday, since it was his lunar birthday or whatever you call it. You know when you calculate your chinese birthday, you add "1" to your actual age or something? Hehe. He was 50 yesterday, 49 today (today's his actual birthday).

Well, the jokes of him getting "younger" everyday... *ahem*

Anyway, we went to some place for dinner yesterday at Toa Payoh. 3rd time this year. The last 2 times were for my grandparents' birthdays. Anyway, food was great, as usual. Lobster, can't remember the name, Sharks' Fin soup, suckling pig, steamed fish, baby abalones(???), Prawns, ARGH!!!!! I can't remember what we ate!!! Hahaha... Was utterly bloated.


Got Daddy a DVD player. Hahaha. He was deee-lighted. He had been wishing for one since aeons ago.

Life is good.

Rainy day

Was supposed to go out with Eunice today. Shopping. BUT.... it RAINED... Thanks alot. That was all I needed. Something else to dampen my mood. Saded.

Ended up slacking around the whole day.


I love TV.

I want more shows to watch!!! Watch watch watch. Watch more dramas!!!


Tata. I shall go slack somemore.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Went out after school yesterday, with Ti and Eunice. Finally got a chance to relax. Fun fun fun!!! It started pouring like mad after school, but nothing can bring us down! Not even Eunice losing her slipper to the flows of water in the middle of the road of Phoenix Park and Tanglin. =X For more information, please click here.

Went to NLB @ Orchard to "dry" ourselves. Hahaha. The inside of our shoes were dripping wet, all except for that "one" who almost lost her slippers. Went book hunting, which the-one-who-almost-lost-her-slippers absolutely detests. Yay~ Love it. I love the smell of books. Papyrus, here I come! Found 2 interesting looking books and we actually managed to get a spot to sit at. Hahahaha.

Retarded secondary school girls are the worst. They were sitting across the library, "whispering" to one another. You know the type of whisper that goes "PSST PSST PSST" in a VERY LOUD manner and the whole world actually knows what the hell they are whispering about expect that they think they can't be heard?! Yes, they were that irritating. Couldn't stand them. Couldn't wait for them to leave, because they were sitting in a corner of the library, which had a sofa bench of sorts. We wanted that spot. Thank God they left.

Eunice and Ti.

Image Hosted by
Our stinky and dripping wet feet.

Image Hosted by
Ti's super wrinkled toes. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! =X

Hahah. Fun fun fun. I love walking around aimlessly with those 2 women, though my bag's freakin' heavy. Things I do for friends. Hehehe.



Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A very rich man had his pool filled with pirahnas. Later on that day he threw a party, and invited anyone who wanted to attend.
He said he'll give any man $10,000 if he dares to swim from one end to the other.
No one took the offer.
"Ok, I'll give any man $10,000 and a brand new car". Still no one to the offer.
"I will give any man $10,000, a brand new car and any lady of their choice at this party".
At the end of the pool, a man jumps in and swims fast across to the other end.
The rich man shakes the man's hand and asks, "do you want the money?"
"Do you want the car?"
"Then you want the lady of your choice?"
"Then what is it that you want???"
"I want the little bitch that pushed me in!"

Saturday, October 08, 2005


The 1st week of school's over, for now. I realized that I haven't been putting my all into doing work, but I just cannot seem to find that enthusiasm in myself to do it. I guess the amount of dramas I have been watching the whole week explains quite a bit.

I've got 3 new Taiwanese dramas, 2 that have just started airing in Taiwan. Darn. Guess I'll have to wait for one episode a week. *grrrr*

It started with a Kiss - episode 2.
Express Boy - episode 5.
Devil beside You - episode 14, finished.

Well, these shows are pretty good for laughter, but if I were to rate them according to my standards for a Taiwanese drama, Devil Beside You will take 1st place, followed by It Started With a Kiss then lastly Express Boy. Maybe because I like the type of shows that are a mix of witty lines and romance, and Express Boy has more fighting in one episode compared to the others added.

Retardness is rampant in all 3 shows. The dialogue is extremely stupid, with all the dumb sound effects. I guess comedy/romance dramas are more my type than sad/sappy/no happy ending ones. =)

All 3 shows have been adapted from Japanese comics. Wonder what the deal is with all the Taiwanese dramas being adapted from comics. Must be the craze ever since Meteor Garden. But still, I feel that Meteor garden is the only show that I don't feel sick of even after watching it more than 20 times. I simply love that show. Hahaha.

My life is boring, ain't it? But who cares. I just love watching shows. They just intrigue me. Curiosity killed the cat. Guess I'm the cat in this case, because I will not relent until I finish watching a drama I'm interested in. Hehehehe....

I'm not going to sleep again. My neighbor just lent me a new Korean drama Miss Kim Makes 1 Million. Darn it. Sleepless nights, here I come.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is the Earth spherical or flat???

Blogging during presentations should be a no-no, but who cares anyway? (Thank goodness it's a wall behind me, instead of the class. Hahaha) I guess classes are getting better now, more friendly now than on the 1st day.

Problem solving today. Retarded topic.

"Is the Earth spherical or flat???"

What. The. Hell.

There is actually a "Flat Earth Society". For goodness sake people, THE EARTH IS SPHERICAL!!! No doubt about that.

........ I've got nothing more to say. How can Earth look like that?!
Look closely, there's only Europe and Africa. WHERE IS SUNNY SINGAPORE?!

........ Both digitally produced....

But THIS...

is a freakin' photograph. It's the truth!!!


Sometimes I feel like strangling whoever came up with this sort of problems for us students.


But well, I'm going to get more shows from Myra later...

Happy happy day, maybe.


P.S: Stupid Ti. You lost the Winnie the Pooh I got for you!!! Thanks ah... Hahaha... Nevermind. Let's go and buy another one later, okay? Hehehehe....

Monday, October 03, 2005

1st day of school???

1st day of school for the new semester... Time flies. It's been so long already?! One semester is OVER?! In a flash, nonetheless...

Oh well, for the record, I was the 1st to reach class today!!!

Was pretty nervous actually, but all's going to be fine in the end. Hope things go uphill from now onwards. Yepp! I believe it to be.