Wednesday, August 31, 2005

BPSS~ Long long day...

I finally went to school today, for the last UT of the semester. Then, we all skipped the day's module, Basic Science. Don't look down on it because it's name says "Basic", but in fact, IT'S FREAKING HARD!!! Sometimes, university level science stuff are asked. %^!#%%^!!!

On a happier note, WE WENT BACK TO BPSS (actually it's just "BPS", but I hate it when people tell me, "Bishan Primary School?" Don't be such an idiot, please)!!! Went back with Ti and Eunice. Went for breakfast at J8 first. Saw a very interesting thing. You know J8 has 2 McDonald's, right? There's a bigger one at the interchange. There are also some very remote shops around that corner....

Image Hosted by
What the heck?! I bet the owner's a Liverpool fan... d-.-"b

Image Hosted by
My home of 4 years.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
By the time we got there, the concert was already in full swing, with Diane in the lead. Hehe.

Image Hosted by
Me, Fen and Mojo!!

Image Hosted by
"Laoshi!!!! I missed you soooo much..."
Happy reunion of Laoshi and Manda.

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What's the deal with the "Best dressed Male Teacher award"??? Just because the female teachers have it, does not mean that it is compulsory that the male teachers need to have it. A male teacher can only dress in that many types of clothes to school. They all look the same to me. Thier clothes, I mean.

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Ti is bored by the sheer number of prizes they just had to give out.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Mdm Poon! Still as pretty as ever. Best Dressed Teacher!! She always wins.

Left after that. I will miss BPS!!!

Went to Thomson Plaza for lunch. Edo Sushi. Ti went to BK because she couldn't eat sushi. Damn. We should have gone to BK instead. Edo has NUTS. As in nothing NICE. No unagi (currently banned in SG) and no soft shell crab. My day just turned from good to bad. Thanks a lot, Edo.

Image Hosted by
Do we look alike? Haha. No flash, that's why it's blur. If we used flash, with the "mighty power" of the camera, the whole restaurant will know that we're narcisstic. No thanks.

We managed to find one of thos "old school" neoprint machines. Wow. Super "old school". Eunice was hunting around for one ever since she saw it on Xiaxue's blog. She said it brought back memories. Hmm. Me too.

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Old school neoprint machine...

Image Hosted by
and old school neoprints...

Image Hosted by
"How to split for three?"

"Give me all lah"

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Image Hosted by
We became narcisstic once again while Ti figured out how to cut.

Image Hosted by
"See my soft and shiny hair."

"Shuddup lah. I know I have dry and damaged hair."



Proceeded on to Mac after Thomson. Hahaha. Went to Joy Doggy first though. I love Joy Doggy! So many dogs!!! I want them all!!!

Image Hosted by
Blur me. Hehe.

Guess what happened on the way home? Took 162, then when we passed the cross junction of Bishan and Amk, we (Eunice and I. Ti got off the bus already) saw a sign across the road pointing towards "Pet Nursery @ Blk 284". We got off the bus at the Bishan Park stop. Darn. Walked all the way backwards by 4 busstops. Darn. The stop Ti got off. We should have gotten off long ago. But well, it was fun walking back, because there're just so many things to talk under the sun.





Went to buy hair wax instead. Because Sis' smells like concentrated longan syrup. She said the hairdresser told her it was "bubblegum". My ass. So freaking sweet smell. YUCK.

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Disgusting bottle of sweet smelling stuff. Don't get me wrong. I love sweet stuff and this is the only time I discriminate any sweet smelling thing.

Image Hosted by
Bought this.

Do you know that Gatsby's range of hair wax is HUGE??? And they all looked the same to me. That's why we couldn't decide which was better and tok half and hour just to buy one teeny weeny bottle.

Haha. Eventful day.

I want a gerbil.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I've been thinking... and thinking... so much today....

I'm missing the good old days of yesteryear.

I want to relive my primary and secondary school days. Days when I met people I will never forget. People whom are important to me. Changes... Why do we have them? Why do good times not last forever?

I feel that we all get into dilemma when we get older. Especially around Teachers' Day. When we were in kindergarten, all we had to do was to celebrate with our teachers. And we didn't have to travel far. In primary school, we go back to our kindergarten to visit our teachers of yesteryear. The more teachers we have, the more confusing it gets. In secondary school, we only go back to our primary schools to visit our teachers because we assume that our kindergarten teachers will no longer remember us. Then we go on to our higher education.


I'm really stumped. There used to be only my primary school teachers last year. Now, I have to go 2 places. The two schools which hold the happiest times of my life in them. The good ones, the bad ones. Schools are where we all learn. Textbooks, outside textbooks. How I wish I could turn back time, not to undo all the things that I have done and correct them, but to go through them once again, because that's where I have learnt to grow.

Where friends form, love blossoms and enemies lost. A school is a place of respect, love and dreams. I will never forget the times I spent in all my classes. The place where I sat, the things I did, the people I talked to, the jokes we shared.

I miss all my friends. Even those I knew ever since nursery, maybe even earlier. I don't know. I'm confused. I miss so many people in my life now. I wish they were all by my side, wish they all remember the times we shared.

Most of all, I miss the ones who shared with me their knowledge, their love, their warmth. I miss those times when I tried my best in everything just to hear your praises. Just two words could make my day. Two extremely simple words, but important to me nonetheless....

"Good work!"

Happy Teachers' Day.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mood ring...

I haven't seen one of these for quite some time now... Hmmm... They've even got one online! Wow. Is it just random or what? If it can really tell my mood just by moving my mouse over it or what-not, then I can admit that this has taken "technology" onto a whole new level. Impossible.

Your Mood Ring is Magenta


Slept for 15 hours today. Woke up at 7pm. Haha. Ate only dinner. Wow. Nice regime for slimming. NOT. I'm getting fatter. Not good.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

I feel so accomplished...

I just finished spending 4 hours on Eunice's blog layout and actually managed to perfect it!!! I'm sooooooo darn happy. Mum cheated me. Supposed to go out for dinner. Made me come home for nothing. But well, nothing can bring me down because...



Click here to go to Eunice's blog.

Don't tell me "aiyah... so simple... so easy to do..."
Do you have any idea how *toot*ing hard it is to link those bloody words to the box?! IDs are VERY CRUCIAL. Blogger codes are VERY CONFUSING. And you know something?! There is NO SUCH THING as a TRANSPARENT FONT!!! I almost died trying to link those crap. And the amount of trouble we all went throught to perfect a blog. d-.-"b You just don't understand.
But well, I love the layout. It was actually one of those simple open layouts yesterday (I already had a hard time), then Eunice told me that she wanted this stupid format. So well, I came home and changed it. See?! I'm such a wonderful friend. Hahaha. She did the background using Photoshop and wrote the words herself. Hehe. Might ask her to help me design and I do the codes. Need help? Haha. I might just start a business out of this. Just kidding. I don't wish to pull out hair everytime I do it, because I won't relent until it's perfect. Heh. Perfectionist.

Anyway, went to pay for the Genting trip with Eunice and family today. They came to pick me up and well,


It's on the 15th-17th of September!!! MUAHAHAHA... I'm sooooo happy!!! Grandpa paid!!! Makes me even happier. Sometimes he just scares me. I asked for the money ($214 for 2 persons, Sis and I. Cheap right?!) from him yesterday because I couldn't bring myself to ask the past few days. He just intimidates all of us. Anyway, he just stood up and walked to his room, after a few moments he came out and gave me $250!!! WAH!!! How I wish I could do that too. I was actually expecting him to tell me he'll give me the money tomorrow. Hahaha. He almost always manage to shock me time and again.

I love my Grandpa!!!

Haha. Wonder if he'll provide me money when I go.... Heh.

I'm just soooooo happy today!!!


P.S: Looking at the time now (10pm), I just realized that I've not bathed, yet. Hahaha. Better go now. No wish to freeze.

P.P.S (1.40am): Thinking of changing my layout. Now I have to wait for Eunice to come up with a nice background for me to use. Ti changed her background too! Nice.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Do robots have left brains and right brains too???


Hahaha... So many names... Saw it on MrBrown's blog. Cool.

Click here to take the test!

Hahaha... So bored. It's a Friday! So soon. Another week of school and class' going to change! I DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN! I so happen to love my big big classroom nice nice classmates sooooo much!!! It's does take some time to adapt, you know. Now that we're familiar with one another, we have to change class?!! I don't want!!! *throws tantrums* I want to stay this way!!! *pouts* No fair. I better go to school everyday of next week. I don't want to miss any of them (classmates).



Thursday, August 25, 2005

Maple event!

This is sick. MapleSEA had an event earlier on at about 8pm. That was awesome crap.

The story was like this...

Monsters are COMING ! 25/08
Dear Maplers,

Crimson Balrog and his 7 henchmen raided Kerning City boldly on the 23rd of August. No warning was given and many Maplers were caught unawares.

After the surprise attack lead by Mr. Crimson Balrog , The Crimson Unity has released this statement - "We are disappointed that we are unable to avenge the many misdeeds done by Humans," said Mr. Balrog, "Curse Eye's stolen pocket money was not found but we have more clues to the thieves' identity."

Green Mushroom was visibly upset at the mention of Humans and was spotted acting strangely shouting, "Pan Lid... Pan Lid!" over and over.

Mini the dog pretending to be a monster while spying for the GMs overheard Mr. Balrog vow that the Crimson Unity will look out for their fellow monsters, "These Humans are too greedy! Poor Green Mushroom's precious Pan Lids were stolen over and over but they are not satisfied! Enough is enough!"

The Crimson Unity of MSEA has declared war on the humans and will continue to raid random towns across Aquila.

Blackbull has pleaded for Maplers to help defend his house which was painstakingly build and Shumi was still shocked, "The monsters took all my money again when they attacked Kerning City yesterday!" she wailed.

GM MoonRiver was captured and held hostage in the last attack as she valiantly tried to defend Ch 16. Mr. Crimson Balrog demands 100,000 Pan Lids to be returned as ransom or he will destroy all of Aquila.

GMs have advised all Maplers to be on the alert for suspicious monster behavior. Anyone encountering strange monster near towns are to quickly raise the alarm.
- MapleSEA Event Manager

Aftermath of the "attack"

Monster Attack — The Aftermath ! 25/08

Dear Maplers,

With the advance knowledge slyly obtained by Mini the Dog (who cleverly dressed up as a monster to eavesdrop), the GMs were able to stop part of the invasion force. In the fierce combat, GM Trebla gave up his life, single handedly holding off 88 Crimson Balrogs to keep Ch 1 & 2 safe for innocent Maplers.
We shall observe a minute of silence for his valiant spirit.

All out assault by the Crimson Unity of MSEA charged town after town. Brave defenders used all their abilities and held off the horde together.

Chief Stan was grateful, "Thank you all for saving us. I almost fainted when I saw the might of the Crimson Unity... but the heroic guardians wiped them easily and even got some more Pan Lids!"

The invasion tide was turned and the Crimson Unity was successfully pushed back to Orbis where their brothers in arms from Global were waiting. But they faced the wrath of the elite Maplers, lead by the highest level Mapler, and were driven off.

Crimson Balrog was getting desperate and threw all his forces into attacking El Nath to establish a base, henchmen Balrog, Tauromacis and Cargos trampled Rooney's presents into the snow! Missiles and spells covered the sky while stoic warriors held their ground in defiance. Many companions bleed freely but were quickly healed by supporting clerics.

GM MoonRiver took this opportunity to wound Crimson Balrog with dragon roar and escaped his evil clutches. Quickly she turned on the World Defense Systems and prevented any more reinforcements from Global.

Crimson Balrog was hurt and fled the scene warning, "This is not the end of Crimson Unity. Don't think you're strong... we will attack again at unexpected places."

For now Aquila is no longer threatened. GMs thank you for your support! GO Maplers!

- MapleSEA Event Manager

Taken from Here and Here.

Crimson Balrog. Hahaha. The one and only level 100 monster. Lol.

Eunice, Ti and I went in to take a look, being the Singaporeans we are. Haha. Just to join the fun. Shouldn't have done that, but couldn't resist. Wanted to take some screenshots. The bloody place was CROWDED. No. Crowded is an understatment. Filled to the max more like. The whole place was jammed!

I kept getting kicked out because I was too laggy... But well, the 1st time I encountered those things (long after Ti and Eunice did), I was super unlucky. Eunice said they were at the top of the screen, so I went jumping happily up, but because I was laggy like nobody's business, I missed a ledge and fell all the way down the screen. AND GUESS WHAT?! THEY WERE AT THE FREAKIN' BOTTOM!!! I died instantly.

There was just nobody around to save me, much less themselves.


Ti. She's so lucky she managed to take a nice shot. She died a millisecond later. Haha.

Too bad. But well, it was really nice trying. Haha.

Skipped school, again. Twice this week. Argh. Whatever.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Boring Tuesday...

Planned this since last week, but we didn't make it. We (Eunice and I) planned to skip school to go to NUS for a walk. Ti wanted to join us afterwards and go cycling. Hmmm. Guess what? We didn't do any. We just plainly skipped school. Haha. Because this morning when we woke up, all of us just didn't want to get out of bed. Decided to postpone the NUS trip and just go cycling instead. The next time I woke up, it was raining heavily. Hahaha. Just not our day.

Image Hosted by
So bored.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Bored nacisstic me. Heh.

Met Sis at 4pm instead. d-.-"b Time school finishes. Bleh.

Went to Mos for dinner. Haha. I love going out with Sis. She always pays. Planned for Swensen's sundae after. Hahaha. And to think we were already bloated after Mos. Hahahahaha.

Image Hosted by
My ass. If they cared about the environment, they wouldn't be wasting so much paper to wrap their oh-so-clean straws and using non-biodegradable styrofoam to wrap their rice burgers. But... I still love Mos all the same. Heh.

Walked around aimlessly trying to find something to wear for Googoo's wedding which falls on September 11th. Nice date. Saw a green dress from Ness. Hmmm. Green. Nice. But expensive. $70+++

I've been wanting to get one of those long skirts... You know those that are usually white or black? Very light-weight cloth and looks layered. Eliz (my classmate) bought one. I just can't seem to find one that suits me. I didn't realized that there are actually different designs. Hahaha. Hard to choose.

Went to Swensens. Can't remember what I had though. Too full to think.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Peek-a-boo! Retarded

Image Hosted by
I like this picture. I don't know why.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
My sundae. I have no idea why, but our ice-creams looks as though they were prepared beforehand. I don't like it.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Cherries. I hate them. They taste weird.

Image Hosted by
Giant salt and pepper shakes. Just kidding.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

I went for a "rain-tan" today!

Haha. Planned to go to Sentosa today. Managed to go. But... It rained. Heavily. It got heavier and heavier as we neared Sentosa. Sad case. We didn't give up though. We decided to W-A-I-T. Haha. Half of the time was spent waiting. *sobs*

Image Hosted by
The sight that greeted us...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
We waited... and waited...

Image Hosted by
Bleak gloomy sky.

Finally the rain relented and gave in. Managed to find a shelter near the sea. Heh.

Image Hosted by
Yay! A ray of light!

Image Hosted by
Shan waiting for the sun to shine...

Image Hosted by
How do coconut trees grow so tall?!

Image Hosted by
Yay! I tied a plait! On my own head! Hahaha.

Even though the sun wasn't shining brightly, I could still feel some heat. Packed up and left. I bet the amount of time we spent waiting was more than the amount of time we were out in the "sun".

Went to Yoshinoya for dinner. Yum. Loved it.