Wednesday, June 29, 2005

School started... Blog forgotten...

I feel so guilty. My blog has been neglected by me. *pouts* How could I have been so cruel as to do such a thing like that? Is this really me?

Hahaha... Ignore me, yes. I'm uttering nonsense. I just do not have the inspiration to blog. Some other time, maybe. Ugh. Class is being terrible today. I hate Basic Sciences. It sucks. What the hell is with the Excel sheets and Maths involved?!

Crappy crappy day. I've been "snowing" skin as of late. Utterly disgusting. Now I look like a sun bear. My goodness.

"Hi, I'm the new and deproved Jialing."
Image from PerthZoo



I'm going to shed more skin...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I am so proud of myself...

Hahaha... See the top of the blog? I love the countdown, because I have STM (Short-Term Memory). Hee. I suddenly had this urge to get a reminder for the day Harry Potter and the Half-blood Price comes out, since I was chatting with Terence about the publishers being idiots who publish different book covers everytime a new book comes out. Like the original paperbacks from books 1-3, then hardcover for book 4 (the paperback came out after almost everyone's gotten a hardcover), then the hardcover adult and children's version for book 5. Ugh. Can't get what is going through their sadistic minds. Do they think about people who are actually collecting the books? Can you imagine how we feel when we look at our book collection, same series, but books of different cover types, versions (adult and kids), heights?!

I just cannot stand that untidiness. If I have to collect a set of books, I think I'd rather wait for the later versions to appear. BUT! Alas, woe is me (whatever. don't try to correct me. I say it the way I like it. Laugh all you want. I don't care). I cannot stand suspense. I want to find out all about the story when it just comes out, especially such a hot topic like Harry Potter. Recently, I've seen at Popular bookstores the new adult paperback version of HP. I like that version, but I don't want to buy it. If book 6 does not come in that cover when the book is released, do I have to wait half a year for them to print it in that cover? I hate waiting. That sucks. How do I know for sure that they won't just stop producing that range of covers?

I know that, because alot of the books (series type) I read have different sizes when released, and look real weird on the shelf. Like the Shopaholic series, when suddenly, the book swells to what I think is double the original book size. Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries did the same thing. Just that hers was more subtle. The books just grew in size gradually, price too. Meg Cabot's Mediator series where she used to write under a pseudonym of Jenny Carroll at another publisher, stopped her contract (which meant that cover stopped, too) and wrote under Meg Cabot, again, inducing about 3 different cover types to appear on the shelves. I was really pissed at that. Why can't you just complete a series under ONE name and publisher?!

I'm digressing.


I'm too irritated to do anything, anyway.

The only achievement I feel is that I managed to get the countdown timer from the website. Hah. I love IT stuff.


Have to get up at 9am, and it's already 3am. I'm so dead.

Friday, June 24, 2005

My IQ...

Take the test here.

Wahaha!!! I tried the Tickle IQ Test thingy, and I actually got 135!!! Smart right? Same class as BILL GATES leh!!! Muahahaha~ *ahem* I must be humble. *grinz*

I love my bed! Slept all the way till 6pm today. Yay! *yawnz* I still feel like sleeping. Haha. Anyway, Mum bought dinner today. Guess what she bought? Pizza Hut! *turns a violent shade of green in the face* And the pizza type? Hawaiian and Curry Chicken! Thanks Mum. I just needed the reminder about yesterday. Thanks alot. One meal a day is enough for me, I guess. With all that sleeping, where can I find time to eat? Hee. I love it this way. I better get more time to sleep, because I highly doubt I'll have any chance like this when school reopens once again. But then again, I get to see my friends on a daily basis! Yay! Hahaha.

I'm going back to bed once again...


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Female Justice Bao (Red Version)...

My goodness. I really shouldn't have listened to them, the untannable ones, about tanning. I'm a fully gone case. Really, truly, thoroughly, completely sunburnt. To the extreme, nontheless. I feel so dead. How am I going to face the world (namely my class, lah) from now on?! Die die die.

Anyway, woke up bright and early without help (human help). Wonderful. Sun was shining brightly in the sky. Bad. Well, all I had to eatfor breakfast was a Magnum Almond. Nice. I love Magnum Almond. Anyway, when we got there (Jurong Swimming complex), lucky there were not many people around. I had a bad feeling about this, and I was right. The sun was blazing in the sky. Oh no. And I have not even finished peeling. Yet. Now to add another layer. I want to dig a hole and bury myself. At least it's dark in there. Now my arms and legs are of two different color, and I want only my legs to be tan. Not possible. My face has to be, too. Ugh.

Well, by the time we actually got out of the pool and could find a place (Jurong Point) to eat, it was time for dinner (close to). Ended up eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper in one meal. *bloated* Pizza Hut became occupied by the three sunburnt ones. I seriously doubt that Eunice and Shan would actually change any color even though their faces (nose and cheeks) turned a shade of red. At least their color was white with red, like a blush. Mine was brown (from last week's tan) and dark red. I look like the female version of Justice Bao.

Back at Pizza Hut, we ordered the set for four that consisted of a personal (I think) Curry Chicken pizza, a Stuffed Crust Hawaiian pizza, 4 soup-of-the-days, a pitcher of Pepsi and a plate of I-dunno-whats. Since I didn't know what that plate of things consisted, I ordered another 4 pcs of sweet 'n' spicy drumlets (YUM).

We actually drank all 4 bowls of soup, because we drank the Cream of Chicken, but I wanted to try the veggie one. Haha.

When the plate of what-nots and the drumlets came, we realized that that plate had four drumlets in it. Oops. Additional food for us. Sorry for my folly. =X The Curry Chicken came shortly after. At first look, it seriously did not look like the usual one that we eat, so my conversation started with the waitress:

Me: "Are you sure this is curry chicken?"

Her: "Yes, ma'am. It's curry chicken."

Me: "Erm... And why is there ham inside the pizza? I thought this was curry chicken."

Her: (after going to the kitchen to check) "Yes, ma'am. This is curry chicken."

Hello?! I have eaten years at Pizza Hut, and you tell me I can't recognise my favourite pizza?! Do you think I'm dumb or what?!

This is what it says at the Pizza Hut website:

Spice up your life! Chicken and onions marinated in curry sauce and diced tomatoes."

I wanted to kick that waitress. Ugh.

After eating a slice, I realized that it was Chicken Supreme. Ass of a waitress. I want my Curry Chicken!!! And to think we've all eaten a slice, which meant that there was only half a pan left, when I decided to quell my curiosity. I couldn't believe that waitress actually tried to cheat me. I'm not a kid, okay?!

I called the manager (a guy who was wearing a different type of uniform from the rest, so naturally, I assumed he was the manager, since I saw him giving orders aroung and doing nothing) over, and asked him, "Can I ask you a question? What pizza do you think this is?"

"Chicken Supreme."

"Okay... We ordered Curry Chicken." At hearing this, he immediately removed the pan and said that he would get us an exchange. I realised I shouldn't have done that, since we wouldn't be able to finish the new pan that came along. Bloody hell. Too much food, too little excercise.

Image Hosted by
"I don't want to eat anymore."

Image Hosted by
Eat until headache le...

Image Hosted by
Our leftovers. Half of the Curry Chicken. Lol.

I'm severely burnt. My face started hurting on the way home. Wanted to scratch,b ut forced myself not to, beacuse the consequences would be dire. Ugh. Pain. Can feel heat radiating from my face. Hot! Wonder if my skin will peel twice in two weeks, when it hasn't even finished peeling in the first place.

Image Hosted by
My arm looked like this a few days back. Gross.

Image Hosted by
I used to be of this color. I bet I'll never get back to this, with the two of them dragging me off for a tan every so often.

Image Hosted by
My face feels as thought it's on fire. Pain!

Image Hosted by
My phone cam's too lousy. Can't capture the "redness". Ask Eunice and/or Shan the color of my face. They'll laugh in yours.

Last Saturday, when I met Googoo with Shan to go to church, I tried on her specs.

Image Hosted by
Nice? I like the shape of the specs. Very stylish. So cool. My face was very white because it was freaking bright in the bus. I hate sunlight.

Now I've got an excuse to get one, since Bro broke my specs the day before. Now I'm blind in the morning and at night. It's a must to wear contact lenses, otherwise I'm really truly blind. That's why I prefer staying in bed. No need for specs of contact lenses. I like.

Random Pictures:

Image Hosted by
Bro having a bonding (scratching) session with Thierry.

Image Hosted by
Thierry peeking outside while standing at the top of the chair. Thank God the window is closed.

Image Hosted by
Praying mantis outside my house. It moved from one end of the corridor to the other in 3 days.

Image Hosted by
A moth with nice markings at the stairway to the lift upstairs.

Image Hosted by
A cat downstairs. Sis calls her "Beauty". Her fur is real nice. Scared her awake when I took this picture. Stupid phone camera with the sound when it snaps a picture.

I shall go and soak my face in water. It bloody freaking hurts like never before. I hate the sun.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Skin skin skin!!! Everywhere! Just a small quiz...

My gosh. I'm peeling like there's no tomorrow. I want to dig a hole and hide my face. No. Staying at home would do just fine. Ugh. When I was bathing, I touched my shoulder, felt something, scratched it, then realized that something spread. Bloody hell. Skin. I can actually scrub off skin when I'm bathing. How gross can that get?!

And I'm going swimming with the two untannable ones tomorrow. God Bless me/my skin.

On another note, I created a quiz (again). This time, I don't think it's as lame as the previous' so it should be okay. Just a glitch, there are 20 questions! Be sure you don't fail. Hee.

You can also access the quiz via here. Have fun trying to understand me! Hee!

It's already 1.45am. My goodness. Eunice, please give me a morning call. Thanks.


P.S: I think this quiz is easy, if you read my blog often enough, because most of the answers can be found here... Haha. Have fun! *muacks*

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Home alone? Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

My grandparents went to Vietnam on Sunday. I WANT THEM BACK!!! I can't stand the food our new maid, Jamalia, cooks! And it has only been a lunch so far! The food tasted funny. No grandmother-ly taste. Haha.

Managed to get out of the house after lunch. Felt a teeny weeny bit bad about leaving my bro home with the maid. Nevermind. All he needs is the PS2. Haha. When I got home, he was about to complete the stupid game he was playing when I left the house. Some spy thingy. Crazy fella.

Went to meet Eunice. Hee. Watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith using the free tickets my Sis's friend gave her, which she'd given to me. Saved big time. Haha. There was also this discount on popcorn! The combo for actually $5, and get nachos @ $2 with every combo purchased! Haha. Cheapskate us, but no choice, since I'm a poor student.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ARE BLOODY HOT!!! So sexy!!!

Haha. Very lame storyline, but sparks flew between the both of them. Great actor and actress. Sexy.

Plaza Singapura is too big for my liking. Bloody cinema @ Level 7 (or is it 6?). So far. Thank God for lifts. Escalators are too slow.

On another note, I'm peeling. Have been for the past few days. Peeling like there's no tomorrow, and Eunice dared to ask me to go to the big big swimming complex in Jurong on Wednesday. Thanks ah. Better finish peeling before school reopens, otherwise school will be a messy affair, with skin all over the place. Gross. I know. Live with it. I am who I am, whether I am peeling or not. Hah. Lame.

Just finished watching The Pacifier on DVD. Hah. The one with vin Diesel? Yepp. That's the one. The show is cranky. Very funny. Laughed like mad. Anyway, I found a stack of VCDs and DVDs to watch. Catch up on all the missed movies. Haha. Poor me.

Tata. Head bursting. Not enough sleep.




P.S: I added two entries. 11th June and 17th June.

Friday, June 17, 2005

A day in the sun...

Went to Sentosa yesterday with Shan. She wanted to tan herself, but it rained in the morning, and the sun didn't come out in the afternoon. But we still went anyway. Very fun. Bought a pair of shorts from 37Degrees. Nice. Got to wear my new bikini. Hahaha. The trip there was long and tedious, but at least we got to catch up on news about each other. Real fun. We even bought tanning oil. Hee. No sun, too bad.

I actually left my wallet + phone in the ladies after changing. Only realised it after about 1/2 and hour, when I said I wanted to order pizza. Because the map was together with my wallet. Almost scared the life out of me.

We found a spot under a single coconut tree. Haha. Lucky there were no coconuts on the tree. I have no wish to get hit on the head.

Image Hosted by
Sad Shan. No sun. Lucky me.

Image Hosted by
Me. I look weird.

Image Hosted by
Me and Shan. I like this picture. Hee.

Image Hosted by
Shan's Charles and Keiths and my M)phosis'.

Image Hosted by
Shan waiting for the sun to come out and shine brightly for the day. Hee.

Image Hosted by
Me. (Can you actually see my sunburnt arm?! Because I can.)

Out of boredom, we actually started building a "sandcastle". It looked nothing like one. I thought it looked like a volcano of sorts. Haha. Forgot to take a picture of that, because the beach started filling up with dirty old men armed with cameras tourists, male in particular. We didn't actually felt very comfortable, because we were splat in the middle of the right side of Siloso Beach, with no other girls in bikinis within half a mile radius of us. Not fun I tell you. Wore back our tops. Ugh.

Image Hosted by
See the guys circled in purple? Those "tiko"s (leering old men) were lurking around the beach (Siloso Beach), armed with cameras. *shivers* Stupid people. Can't they just leave the people on the beach in peace? They were going around snapping happily with no care whether or not the person wants to be caught on film. Morons. I managed to snap a picture of them on the pretext of snapping the scenery. Haha. I'm as bad as they are. But not so, because they're fully clothed!!!

Finally, we were left in peace, and got back to playing with the sand. No matter how much I begged or whined, Shan refused to accompany me into the water. No choice. Sun, sand, sea. Have sun, have sand, cannot go into sea. Sad.

Image Hosted by
See my big big feet....

Image Hosted by
no more. Hah.

Sceneries up ahead! All clouds.

Image Hosted by
View from where we sat. Ominous-looking sky, huh.

Image Hosted by
Was lying down when I took this picture. Nice. I like the clouds. Reminds me of cotton candy, I like.

Image Hosted by
Well, I love this picture. Very artsy. I took this while lying on my back, taking the picture with the camera upside down, snapping the sky behind me. Hee. Beautiful, isn't it? It also mean that this picture is upside down. LOL. I don't care. I like it this way!

P.S: I know I posted this a little late, but well, it's up now.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

I can't start getting hurt...

or it'll never end. Bad things come in bulk. Usually threes. I received a major wound on my knee on Sunday night, from the stupid foldable table (those metal types) in my room (I've got about 3 tables in here...). Mum was using my lappie thus I had to sit at that table to read. Ugh. I got the major scratch when I turned, knee grazing the stupid table where the legs (of the table) joins the table-top. It was bloody sharp, okay. And bloody after that.

Anyway, I didn't take much notice since I thought it was just a scratch (but it hurt, of course). After I stood up, walked to mummy's side, talked for awhile, then I noticed that there was something bright red just at the edge of my vision.


The wound had started bleeding profusely.


*Warning* Not for the faint-hearted. Disgusting pictures up ahead.

Image Hosted by
After I cleaned the blood off.

Since my mummy was occupying my lappie, I decided to take a few pictures. Just to remember, since this is about the most major wound I've gotten that actually bled since primary school. Once I start getting scratches or I start falling down or something, the next consecutive few days would be somewhat similar. This fully explains why I hate rough sports.

Image Hosted by
Starting to bleed again within a few seconds.

Image Hosted by
Plaster. Immediate reaction. See the small patch of blood? (I like this plaster. Hansaplast's Aqua Protect. Very nice to use. Ti introduced it to me. Hee)

Image Hosted by
Bled profusely. I'm going to die. Super disgusting. Took this about an hour after putting the plaster.

Well, This is considered nothing, compared to what it actually looked like in the morning (Monday) when I woke up to go to Wild Wild Wet with Eunice. YUCK.

Image Hosted by
This is totally disgusting.

I went to WWW with Eunice with a new plaster on. Hmmm. Guess what? I was right. Bad stuff comes in the bulk. The same left knee got another scratch, just under the major one. It looked like a "T". And that was near to frolicking in the water for 3 hours. I forgot all about the sun.

Image Hosted by
See the new wound? And can you see the lighter area where the plaster used to be? Lucky I removed the plaster and we stayed in the water for about another hour more.


On Tuesday, my class had a BBQ at Sembawang Park (weird place, just went last week). Quite fun. Very different food. Hahaha. Majority of the food were wrapped in aluminium foils. We had cheese prawns, buttered crabsticks, buttered hotdogs, honeyed hotdogs and honeyed fishcake. Benjamin's maid cooked beef and chicken lasagne, his mum peeled rambutans for us. Wow. He lived nearby. Hahaha. And of course, the normal chicken wings and otahs. The fire couldn't start, so we started late (er, that sounded weird).

Image Hosted by
Yay! Fire started! Let's cook!

Image Hosted by
Eliz the "Tai-tai" posing for the camera!

Well, the bad thing was that I fell (again). From Benjamin's super tall mountain bike. And I thought I'm considered tall. See. Bad things come in threes. Lucky the scratch was gone by the next day.

Image Hosted by
Eliz, Reno and Ivan in the bus, on the way back.

Too little pictures. Limited battery life. *sigh*


Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I'm totally burnt. Sunburnt. This sucks hurts like crap. No sleeved shirts for me. And I have to go to Sentosa later. My gosh.

Why do I have to choose to go anywhere near the Sun with 2 untannable idiots?! Eunice didn't even change a shade!!! And my arms look like crabsticks - red on top, white under. My face is actually darker than my neck (how the *toot* do you tan your neck?!). This sucks.

Uneven coloring all over. My gosh. The pain/itch is killing me. And all I wanted was to tan my legs. They didn't change a shade. UgH. I hate my skin. Bloody sensitive. Now I look/feel like a lobster. Eeeew.

I might actually show you some pictures, after I think I can actually look worse than the pictures. Hah.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm simply too lazy to blog.

I can't seem to be able to put my mind to blogging these days. All the posts that are supposed to be done are still in drafts. Maple Story is getting me majorly hooked.

In no mood to blog.

Updates later.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Maple Story...

Finally, I downloaded Maple Story.

Though I doubt I'll actually play much. =X

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I bought a bikini!!! Yay!!!

I finally set my heart to buying a bikini. Hah. Because Shan wants to go to Sentosa on Wednesday and we poor things have got nothing to wear. Anyway, I wanted to buy one aeons ago, just that I did not have the guts to look for one on my own. Haha. Managed to get up and drag my ass down to Orchard to look for one with Sis and Shan. Searched like mad people. Haha. Finally settled at Sheer Indulgence, which has a discount thing going on (because of the GSS, I assume).

"Buy one, get 2nd piece at 50% discount!" They said.

Erm. At first, I was bewildered. Because, to me, buying bikinis are not like buying clothes (I assume, though it's considered a sort of clothing), because I doubt you wear it often. One is enough, isn't it? Why two? Haha. How often do you actually go to the beach? Hmmm. But still, good thing we went, because there were three of us. Minimum purchase of three pieces. Hah. Finally found one I actually liked, and looked good on me (I hope). Wonders of wonders, I chose a new arrival. Just my luck. More expensive. But well, it's definitely cheaper than any Roxy bikini (I saw one that I liked. Gave up all hopes of buying after seeing the price. $75.90. My gosh. I'm still a poor schoolgirl, okay). Haha. I love bright colors.

Shan got an electric blue tube-like with pink strings at the front like a halter, Sis got a Black one with bright blue designs. I got one that was totally bright, quite eye-catching (I have no wish to catch any eyes, though)....

Image Hosted by
Well, bright isn't it? Haha. I love the color. Just not the bottom of the bikini. I feel so fat in it. Ugh.

Image Hosted by
Sis and Shan at the busstop on the way home. Colours are nice here. Hee. So cute.

Image Hosted by
See how Shan sits in the bus?! Haha.

Got to catch some sleep.


Friday, June 10, 2005

Long long break...

Well, I'm back. Does that say much? Nope. Fine. All I can actually say is that there are loads of pictures, but I left behind my phone or the digicam loads of times when I could've taken very very nice pictures. Too bad. Lost memories? Maybe...

As to where I went, I went to stay at my aunt's place. For 4 days 3 nights. Supposedly 3 days 2 nights. Couldn't resist the temptation to stay another day. Forced myself to keep away from the computers. Lucky the internet connection speed there was kind of slow (one of my top hates).

Generally, it feels like a camp. I stank for most of the time and felt lesser than a normal human being, because of their 2 hyper-active and beautiful daughters. They were forever up for a game of catch or to go cycling. My legs almost broke off.

Day 1:
Arrived at about 3-4pm. Because I woke up late (as usual). Uncle William came down to pick me up. Nice.

I keep forgetting to take the digicam out, so majority of the pictures are taken using my phone's camera. I even forget my phone sometime. UGH. So many nice pictures, all wasted. *Note* There are almost no pictures of me, because I was the one carrying the camera. Hee.

Image Hosted by
What a nice big house.

Image Hosted by
Nice flower at the porch. Forgot the name. Hee.

Image Hosted by
Living room. Pretty.

Image Hosted by
Dining room.

Image Hosted by
Fish pond. Lost of weird fishes other than kois can be found. There're sharks, parrot fish, catfish, sucker fish. Weird huh.

They have 2 dogs that I love. Charlie the Spriger Spaniel and Boxer the Boxer (I know. Stop laughing).

Image Hosted by
This is Charlie. I love him to bits. He does love me too, I assume, because when I play with Boxer and not him, he whines. Hahaha. Both dogs are the same, whines when not petted.

Image Hosted by
This is Boxer. He used to be much smaller, and I loved playing with him. He likes to pounce on me. That was before the training. Now he still does that despite his size. I'm a little scared of him now. Too big.

Image Hosted by
See the fridge? All the magnets were collected by my aunt from countries they have visited. How I envy them.

Image Hosted by
I can actually see The Gardens @ Bishan from the back garden!!!

Image Hosted by
Guest room = My room. Yay! Looks like a hotel room, ya? James Lye (Triple Nine) on tv. Hahaha. Bliss.

Image Hosted by
View from the room.

Image Hosted by
Uncle William playing Spider Solitaire. Four colours. Wow. I can't even play two.

Image Hosted by
Auntie Ruby (maid) and Aunt Lydia. Packing. Auntie Ruby went back to Phillipines for a 2 week holiday.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Janice. She just woke up. Hahaha.

Went to the Bottled Tree Village at Sembawang after dinner. The owner imported six such trees at $100,000. WOW. Rich ass. Why not donate to the Janicia Pocket Money Foundation?

Image Hosted by
I was afraid I would forget, so I took a picture. Hee.

Image Hosted by
The 2 main bottled trees.

Image Hosted by
I prefer this 1. It's rounder, cuter.

Image Hosted by
Type of the trees.

Image Hosted by
Janice. Lights too bright (plus she's wearing white), phone camera too lousy. Lol.

Went to Sembawang Beach (is it even considered a beach?) after that.

Image Hosted by
Sembawang Shipyard. Cool.

Image Hosted by
Grace on one of the "dice" stools provided.

Image Hosted by
Grace and Janice after bathing when we got home.

Requirements of a person to live in a bungalow:
- Loud, clear voice,
- Very good hearing,
- Or a very good in-house
paging system.
- Good leg muscles a plus. (for climbing up and down the

Check back for updates. Lazy to type and upload pictures. Check this space for more later!!!