Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Off day with bf! 💕

We both took off today to celebrate our belated 10th anniversary from last week. He had a meeting he couldn't postpone, and I had an upcoming test that was done yesterday! 🙆

He bought these tickets long ago for me! So loved. Hehe. Did you know that the #RobotK figurine has to be bought separately from your entrance tickets?!? Madness.

There happened to be a limited edition version available from the 11h of June, but we only went today, 14th June.

Was still thinking if we should just wait till today and try our luck...

Bf sent me the Carousell link he found and omg he went to deal on Sunday! 😍😍😍😍😍 chop chop decision maker

Tadahhhhh! I sound like a kid but I love collectibles. Especially limited edition or exclusives. 😅😅😅😅

Black Robot K with my Quolomo x Hello Kitty from 2008! Also from bf 😘

Quolomo x Hello Kitty x Kubrick 😍

Action City is having a blind draw for the Be@rbrick Hello Kitty in white and gold, at 100%, 400% and 1000%. I tried my luck with the 100% and 400%, and got the news for them both 100% ytd! So I bought them, obviously. About $32-35 each, for the 100%.

The gold one. Not as nice, but I want them as a pair! Bf said he saw people selling the 100% on Carousell for $100+... 😐😐😐😐 too much.

Please don't let me win the 400% blind draw tyvm. Really take all my money 😱😱😱😱

So we went today to collect the regular white kitties and play the games to get some accessories to dress them up. Koins are mad difficult to earn.

We couldn't even get 200 koins after our first try! Bf sponsored to play another 2x each to hit minimum 650 koins per Kitty (there's an RFID chip inside to store koins from each station), to exchange for the highest tier item. I wanted the rose gold helmet/wings lol. They're pretty! Stop judging me 😅

Lunch at a Korean restaurant! It was pretty good actually. I think the soy marinade was better than the spicy one though. Noodles were good! And the pasta salad was nice. Oh the barley tea? Was very very nice.

Nekkid Robot Ks! Haha they're actually already quite cute like that.

Look what we won after 3 rounds each! The accessory from each tier is randomised using a computer after selection of tier. Got both the rose gold wings from tier 3 and enough leftover to get a rainbow bow from tier 1 😂

Bf went to check Carousell (I think it's his fav app, second to his game) to see if anyone is selling the rose gold helmet or willing to trade, and.... Found that there were people selling the wings for $350, each. What.the.hell?!? Madness.

Rose gold wings

But!!! Nobody's selling the rose gold helmet!!! I shall wait till the event ends this weekend and check again. I don't believe I can't get the damn helmet.

Anybody wanna trade?

Headed to Sentosa after Suntec to go to Underwater World! $9 entry tickets. Veryyyyyyy crowded! It's like a smaller scale SEA Aquarium, but this is the original SEA Aquarium! Haha.

Long queue for the tickets, but it was a pretty fast queue? I do think there's a lack of staff inside the aquarium itself though. Exhibits that you can touch..... People literally just touch/grab the fishes. Bit sad for the amount of stress and dirt they are coming into contact with.

There were these mini pockets sticking out of the tank where the parrot fish can swim out on their own. I suppose it's for feeding? But no more sale of fish food. Sold out everywhere. Bf managed to lure them out a couple of times. Lol. Damn cute

The crowd. 'Nuff said.
Hi Nemo!!!
Stingray 😂😂😂😂
Their movements are so mesmerising. Could watch them for hoursssss

Went to Geylang Serai for dinner! Eh the bazaar this year is so disappointing though. All the fad food, and not much of the traditional stuff. Even our regular (we eat from this stall every year) Ramly burger wasn't as good as last time.

Shared a spicy chicken steak but it wasn't nice. Not hot (as in temperature) and not very spicy/well marinated.

Looks a mess but er it's Potato Cheese? Taiwan style. Been wanting to try this when we were in tw but didn't cos bf doesn't really like cheese then to go there and discover the cheese is the type he don't eat...bit waste time/effort la. So we went to take a look at this. Looks like they use Nacho cheese? Got the potato cheese with ham and corn. Bf approved! He even said it was nice. Hahahaha #achievementunlocked

Didn't eat much of anything else though.

Also, brought Mango out to the park this morning cos we couldn't go anywhere last weekend as I was studying. Ran around a little then he decided to lie in the shade and not come out 🙄

All in all, awesome day! Maybe I should take more off days for days like these. 😂

Friday, June 10, 2016

Custom Pet Paintings

So the paintings arrived! So blessed to have people willing to help me out to get these babies into my hands.

Dozer looking pretty good.
B500/painting for the realistic ones. Didn't get the cartoon ones this time round. Maybe next time? Hahaha. Those are B400 or B450 for the cartoons.

Muffin is superrrrrr round. Guess he did get it right. 😂😂😂😂

Snowball's super duper cute pls.

Quite disappointed with Thierry's though. Makes me question myself if what we see him as vs what other people see him as is different. Because it's not the first time someone got a custom item of him done a little differently than expected. 😅😅😅😅


Let me tell you the long story of how these came about. 

Long long ago in March, I spotted these in a shop at Chatuchak. But it takes 2 hours to be done. And we were leaving. Eunice didn't wanna wait. 😞 so I took a snapshot of the shop and left. Came back to sg and tried finding the shop on fb. Yay! Found! Next up, see who's going.

So N was going to go in May for the PetExpoTH, and interested to order too! Yay! So order tgt. But there were some communication problems with the artist. Also, delivery was a problem, she couldn't lug hers (quite a few) + my 7 back. And the delivery dates were clashing, so there was also the problem with finding a post office. And actually mailing stuff out when there's a communication breakdown. #goodjob #whatdidwegetourselvesinto

So I thought maybe I could ask the lady (Nac) I ordered the dog tags from in Bkk for help. And yay! She's super nice and agreed to help!

So N collected her paintings and paid for everything first. Nac collected mine a few days later and mailed them back to me for about S$30? Including box and registered mail. 

So lucky to have them both helping me out.... So..... who's going to Bangkok again? 😂

Monday, June 06, 2016

Aaaaand.... We're 10!

And we are 10 today!

Dating since...6th June 2006. 

Hahaha sounds long, but it really doesn't feel like 10 years omg.

Chocolate fondue from 10 years back. And the shop is still standing! That outlet at Esplanade 😅😅. We went to Punggol Marina Country Club after that for dinner. 😊 

According to the calendar, it was a Tuesday 😂 no school ah? I can't rmb omg. Maybe we went after school. Should be 😂😂😂😂😂

Time check: 5.15pm

Took time off work to end early cos his meeting ended alr! Yay! On the way home now to get the car. Wheeee let's go watch X-Men!

Another Nightmare *rolls eyes*

These nightmares need to stop lol. Guess what? Someone tried to kill me again in my sleep 😒😒😒

Dreamt that I was at some event thing then some fat rich man wanted my life. Wah lao 我又没有得罪你, why me?! Also, you're rich, how would I even know you?! 😂😂😂

Anyway I was running away and..... Jeng jeng jeng. It was uphill. I rmb thinking that "omg I'm going to die" and "WHY IS THIS UPHILL". It was on a lawn with 2 pathways, one side with trees, the other without.

I was trying to run up the treeless side and then I turned around and saw the man getting into a helicopter. Eh fml. Cannot play fair?!? So I tried cutting across the lawn to get to the trees for cover but eh tiring to run uphill.

Then I woke up. Wtf?! Thanks 😒😒😒😒

Monday, May 23, 2016


One of the worst nightmares this morning/ytd night. Woke up super tired and a little teary. Wtf. Anyway couldn't remember the entire nightmare but just snippets of it....

There were 2 low level buildings for events. Was at building 1's roof for some flea? Then helped an old Dr from my dept to somewhere (he was lost) then had to bring him to building 2. While I knew I was BEING CHASED TO BE MURDERED YO! Dedication to work much 😒

Then I heard that killer was going after Cobie and me so I was carrying her and running/hiding between both buildings. Fml I hate nightmares where someone is trying to kill me wth damn tiring you know?!

So anyway I realised I didn't have my phone w me and managed to borrow from someone and called bf. (Apparently we came to the event tgt wth where was he)

Guess what he said?!

"I couldn't get through your phone so I thought you left alr. I'm at the bus stop now"



Anyway we managed to get to the bus stop then boarded a double decker with help from bf. While we were on the top deck and waiting for bus to leave..... The killer appeared at the stairs. Fml lor? Only 1 exit. And he was a big guy with curly hair (ya v weird image but wth brain?!). Then I kind of woke up in shock. Thanks ah. Right when I thought my fate was sealed 😂😂😂

What if he manages to kill me in the dream?! Will I die?!?! 😱😱😱😱

Seriously wth brain.

Now I'm so damn tired I want to die. Wth is this.

Monday, May 16, 2016


I keep dreaming of the most random things. A few nights ago I remember dreaming about Diane, Shan and Eu. We were kind of house hunting??? Someone in the group wanted to buy a new place. I rmb viewing a flat and a condo tgt. Ahaha and talking about house layouts and furniture w D. Can't rmb exactly but it was a happy dream. Until I woke up. Then I felt sad. Sigh. Why can't that dream be real?

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Fruitful Long Weekend

Had a pretty good long weekend. But back to the grind now. Sigh. How I wish every weekend had an extra day, because I managed to go swimming!!! On my own!!! Not possible on a regular weekend. And ran so many errands. Cobie had grooming on Sat, then we had dinner at Cajun Kings on their last day. Even had Mothers' Day lunch on Sun. And met Nana for dinner. Then Marina Barrage on Monday. Even watched anime and a movie in bed after that. 

Can I just stay at home and 看家??

Swimming in the morning. So fun!

Thierry at the vet's
Cajun Kings. I'm going to miss the lobster roll (or bun).

Tung Lok buffet for lunch with family.

Treehouse at my aunt's new EC.

Korean bbq buffet for dinner.

First time I had 2 buffets in a day. #fatdieme

And we finally met Gaffy!!! 😍😍😍😍 so much love.

Marina Barrage early in the morning with dogs and some kite flying fails. 😂😂😂

Left: Original / Right: Cobie
Tried to draw and do this on Cobie 😂😂😂😂 success?

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Internet

The Internet is getting boring. I have possibly run out of things to surf on multiple occasions now. It's a good way to keep in contact with people, but also not a good way because you end up "stalking" them instead of interacting with them. It becomes a one-way thing sometimes. 

I'm bored. So here's a photo of Thierry and Mango.


Friday, April 01, 2016

Act 一个 Yoga

Our act 一个 yoga.

Much falling over today 😂

Monday, March 28, 2016

PetExpo Day 3

Went back to Pet Expo again ytd with bf and sis, with Mango and Cobie in tow. 😂 there were really a lot lesser people even though we reached at 11. 

Realised that actually, it's half the size this year? Rmb it was 2 halls last 2 times? This time round, only 1 hall. How odd. No wonder we didn't have much to buy.

Bought all these in the end and headed to The Body Shop sale but not much to buy. Bought some body sponge scrub thing that looks like toys 😂

Then to Garden Slug for lunch. 

My Chicken burger was too dry but the rest were good. I like the rib eye steak burger. Bf's roti Johnson was good too. The Nutella banana mush was niceeeee. 

Went to Sun Pet to buy dog food and ended up buying more cat treats 😂 Thierry living the good life.

Maid changed the bedsheets. I got out of the shower to find this. 😂

She didn't even bother to wake up when I took pics.